Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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S.A.T.K.A/SEDARKA: Living Twice

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Artist: S.A.T.K.A/SEDARKA (@)
Title: Living Twice
Format: CD
Label: Divine Comedy (@)
Two projects (if I'm not wrong, from the same person) splitting this cd on the French label Divine Comedy (which has also issued H.I.V.+, A Challenge of Honour and Othil – see archive for past reviews). S.A.T.K.A start off with a dark ambient noise track, then switch to rhythmic industrial electronics - really repetitive beats, which reminded me of Esplendor Geométrico or their label-mates H.I.V.+ - then back to a gloomy, chilling ambient track, very horror movie like. Then back to the heavy beats, and so on. I'm glad there are practically no techno or electro hints, but I wish the programmings were a bit more articulate; the ambient tracks are quite good, instead. Sedarka start with a mix of dark ambient and ear-piercing high frequencies (à la Ikeda), then switch to rhythms like their counterpart, but the beats are definitely more interesting and various, with lots of samples (from classical music to massacred d'n'bass to full-on noise) and glitches/click'n'cuts shit going on, and I feel they're actually closer to this experimental current than to boring club rhythms. Good.


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