Unsolicited Material Submission Guidelines


First of all we’d like to thank all the labels and bands that believe in us and service us with their promos.
Because we do run Chain D.L.K. as seriously as you run your label/band, we’d like to avoid wasting your or our time providing you with some basic information about our policy on acceptance of unsolicited material. These recommendations will save you both money and time!

  • When you send us something for CD please add a “FILE UNDER” line/section or just write CLEARLY in big bold letters what music it is so that we know that right away!
    In fact the bigger you write that information the better it is! You could write it outside on the envelope or you could add a post-it note on the CD with that information. The BIGGER the BETTER! By doing so your CDs will reach our genre-specific contributors much faster and you will greatly help us manage the enormous amount of mail that we receive.
  • Please save yourself some money and do not send jewel cases!
    Plastic is bad for your pocket (postage will be more), it is bad for nature and bad for our over-stocked shelves and our shipping bills. Just remove the jewel case prior to inserting the CD into the mailing envelope and put the CD between your bio pages or info sheet (you have at least one of those, don’t you?).
  • Yes we DO accept unsolicited material, so you don’t have to email us to ask permission to send material.
    We accept CDs, Vinyl, DVDs and if necessary tapes too (but fortunately we haven’t seen one of those in a really really long time!)
    You may send your material to whoever you prefer (the addresses are in the contact page).
    We do not and will review mp3 files off your website!
  • Please note that we ONLY deal with certain types of music. Take a look at our reviews section to find out what kind of genres we deal with. We will review everything that falls into the categories and subcategories mentioned in the reviews section, including but not necessarily limited to: experimental, industrial, electronics, syinthpop, gothic, dark, ambient, trance, techno, noise, ebm etc. We will also gladly review music that primarily mixes any of the above elements with genres not mentioned in the list (ie: electro-metal, industrial-metal etc). However we will NOT review (nor return) material that we find to be mostly metal (including black metal, death metal, speed metal, heavy metal, progressive metal), rock, blues, punk or hard core (although our diy attitude shares a lot with that scene we have made a commitment to this scene), classical music, pop music etc.
    If you are not sure if your genre fits our categories, go right ahead and do not hesitate to contact us to clarify. If you have a website with mp3 files one of us can check them and quickly give you an answer but we will not review your mp3s!
    If you music sounds like it comes from Mars we can handle that, but if you are the next wanna-be big-pop-sensation, sorry pal, you landed on the wrong planet 🙂
  • Because we think it is in the interest of everybody that material is sent (thus reviewed) by knowledgable staff, please send your release(s) to the correct contact person for your specific music genre, unless you have a direct contact relationship with somebody in our staff. Do not send anything without checking the list of contact addresses first (the link is at the bottom of this page) or your material might not be reviewed or might be received by the wrong person. This will allow the people in our staff to only receive material of the music genre they know the best and deal with the most, which will result in better, more insightful and better written reviews.
  • Because we want to keep our website up to date, please only send us your very latest release(s). Do not send us anything that is older than six months and not do send us the old promos that are collecting dust on your stock’s shelves. Following these guidelines will allow us to keep a fresh website with recent news and reviews of recent releases, that is what we are committed to offer to our readers and to your fans.
  • You may only send "real" copies of your CD. If you send us your CD on a CD-R we will not review it and we will not play it either.
    The only situations in which we will accept CD-R’s are:
       a. if your release is ONLY available as a CD-R and not in any other format (ie: if you run a CD-R label or if your band’s release is only available as a CD-R because you don’t have a record deal).
       b. if the CD-R you are sending us is a pre-release copy or a test pressing of a forthcoming album that hasn’t been released yet.
    If you care to know the reasons of this policy: we put a lot of energy and efforts in reviewing your material, trying to do our job in the best possible way, hence we think that providing us with a real CD is the least you can do to show us your appreciation for what we’re doing (especially considering that we aren’t being paid for and we are a non-profit music magazine). Also, reviewing a CD with its original graphics, packaging, bells and whistles does make a difference, because we get the full picture and it is easier to grasp the artist’s vision. Last but not least being able to refer to liner notes and graphics allows us to write a more precise review.
  • We do NOT accept and will NOT review MP3 files!!! Do not ask! Do not send them via e-mail! Don’t be cheap! We realize you wanna save money on promotion but we think that showing us a little respect is the least you can do. Sending crappy MP3 files that don’t sound good or are so big that they’ll clog up our otherwise busy e-mail accounts is NOT nice and will not make a good impression!
    The only situation in which the word MP3 won’t make our stomach hurt are the following:
    a. if your release is an actual MP3 CD, meaning that you actually sell it as a CD with MP3 files, in which case we expect to receive the CD with your artwork and everything
    b. it has come to our attention that the website mp3.com now offers a custom CD-pressing service where band can have their songs printed on a CD as audio tracks (not as mp3 computer files) and distributed as an mp3-branded "real" CD with artwork etc – that we will accept!
  • Please, I repeat, p-l-e-a-s-e provide us with as much information as possible!!! This is very important because it helps us understand your music and your "world". We wanna do our job right and having info about your release will help us write a better review.
  • We keep all the material. Unless you pay for return shipping, we won’t return any material, not even if it isn’t reviewed (which would only happen due to any of the above reasons).

If you have read all of the above and you need to know where to send the material for reviews or possible interviews please go to the ADDRESSES PAGE to find out WHERE TO SHIP THE MATERIAL. Thank you.