…and so the story goes…

Everything started in Italy in the early nineties: after a couple of years in the punk D.I.Y. scene, musician and music lover Marc Urselli decided he wanted to do something to support the electronic music scene and in 1994 he begun writing letters and getting in touch with networkers, labels, musicians, individuals, ‘zinesters etc…

The name D.L.K. was chosen and in 1995 the first issue came out: 115 copies, xeroxed, cut & paste lay-out done with scissors and glue and texts written and printed with a legendary Commodore 64 computer. The popularity of the ‘zine grew quickly and established new contacts and relationship all over the world so as of issue #2 Marc stopped xeroxing and moved on to professional pressing plants, initially with low print-runs of about 300-400 copies.

D.L.K. had been entirely bilingual. Everything was in Italian and in English in order to facilitate its distribution abroad while promoting the bands of the electronic music scene in Italy. Translating every single article or review became too much work so Marc decided to drop the italian language entirely and to strengthen international distribution by increasing the number of copies printed to 1000.

After some snail mail letters and an introduction through a common friend, original founder Marc Urselli and veteran musician and zinster Maurizio Pustianaz became friends over the course of many and long phone conversations. At that time Maurizio was running a webzine called Chain The Door so the two decided to join forces to create one great magazine and called it Chain D.L.K..

They released their first issue together (#5) and made it in full color. The bar had been risen so the two took it even a step further with #6 by enclosing a CD compilation featuring underground bands from everywhere in the world. Three more issues saw the light, all with a CD compilation attached.

In 2000, after five years and eight issues, Chain D.L.K. ceased all paper-operations and embraced the new internet era by becoming the website you see now.

Today www.ChainDLK.com counts more than 30’000 unique visitors per month, who keep coming back to read up on the pulse of the worldwide electronic, industrial, ambient, dark scene. Daily updated reviews, interviews, news, community forums made Chain D.L.K. the biggest electronic music website of its kind, and growing…

Thanks for reading!