Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Artist: Vladislav Delay (@)
Title: Kuopio
Format: CD
Label: Raster-Noton (@)
Rated: *****
After the appetizer of "Espoo", a sort of sidetrack and bridge between his previous album "Vantaa" and present day, Sasu Ripatti aka Vladislav Delay keeps on feeding his "psychogeographical" sonic series about Finland, his beloved country, by a release named after Kuopio, the second urban area in terms population density after Helsinki. By means of this good album, the mutation of Delay's sound seems to have been completed in the bargain: even if it could sound less irregular and somewhat close to more chewable stuff, Sasu manages to mould a sound, which sound mature and elegant both when he contours more physical sonorities as it happens in the first part of the record in authentic master strokes such as "Avanne", "Hetkonen" or "Osottava", where he almost renders ice, crystal, metal, timber, empty logs or even crumbled stalactites by means of sounds, smoothed with suspended pads and muffled reverberations, and when he tacks towards more bouncing tracks and amazing hybridizations which manage to preserve the typical matchstick structure and modular progressions of his style. There are many gems which seem to be squeezed from Kuopio's spirit - a people-orinted environment, where it seems there's a careful and balanced policy on cultural life, environment, transportation and arts, which probably influences people's mood, as it seems that Kuopio inhabitants are more jovial and talkative and less melancholic and reserved than other Finnish citizens - in order to encrust it on listenable support. I could just recommend to relish and gulp it down like a pleasunt journey with many amazing landmarks such as the puffed telegraphic breakbeat of "Marsila", the floating levitations of "Kellute", the crystalline nibbling and mindblowing sequences of "Hitto", the catchy melting of icy leftover curls of "Kuuluuko", the lukewarm fibrillation of "Hetkonen" and so on... Really yummy record!


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