Dear friends of Bleak,

Bleak is very happy to announce its latest release, “This Is Not Your Shape“, a new studio album by Cultural Amnesia, infact the first one in 28 years from a pioneer band from the early 80s UK cassette culture!
Available in various formats, and including the lyrics booklet “Verbose Logging” and an extra video of “Contains” (the first video in CA’s career), it is not only an item for fans, who have been waiting for new material for quite a while, but also for interested listeners of Avantgarde music with a touch of Industrial and Experimental.

We have created a special mini site which contains all the information about the release:

At the mini site, you can stream, download and find more details about the 9 tracks on the album.

Bleak is very proud of the fact that Cultural Amnesia have decided to work with us, so this is a very special release for us.

Other releases news:
PURE will be releasing a 3-track EP on Bleak in the very next days. Pure has been creating electronic music under different monikers since 1992, having releases on Mego, Cronica, Staalplaat and Praxis amongst others.
Midnightmare” – out soon!

Live At Rhiz” – a compilation of live recordings from bands we invited to play in Vienna during the last year – including Thorofon, Geneviéve Pasquier, The On/Off Corporation, Mushy and Drugs For Drunks

Further upcoming releases in early 2012: Josef Nadek, Brownian Motion, Firnwald

Live news:
Cut Hands, the project of Whitehouse mastermind William Bennett, will play in Vienna on January 19th, at the Rhiz. Opening for him will be Mark Crumby of Konstruktivists. Presented by Klanggalerie, Rhiz and Bleak.

For a limited period (December only) Klanggalerie gives out a special Christmas compilation, “Danza De Navidad”, featuring Attrition, Job Karma, Mushroom’s Patience, Scattered Order, Section 25 and many more. For free!

Still fresh:
The Wroclaw Industrial Festival 10th Anniversary compilation on Bleak, with tracks from almost all artists who performed last November.

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