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Artist: Matt Christensen
Title: Prowl
Format: CD + Download
Label: TVEI (@)
Matt Christensen’s relatively short solo offering “Prowl” is six polished pieces of high-end sparse ambient electronica in what’s now something of a classic style- echoing pianos and FX, fluid warm chords and tones, crisp lightweight digital percussive sounds and occasional bleeps. Principally the result is ambient, in the “if you like The Orb, you’ll like this” way.

Each track offers one new element into the mix. The title track “Prowl” is among the more upbeat offerings, initially offering acid house-like noises and playing with pace, as different layers shift in time, slowly overtaking one another. “Crasenim” adds faintly glitchy gated synths that drip sound like water off a growing stalectite. “Mountains Of Fire” stands out as the most minimal, “llull me to gentle sleep” music with a softly dark underside, that flows into “Spending It” where light organic rhythm patterns plug away while the ambience floats on top. “Junk Test” adds a gentle arpeggiator and a kick drum-like sound so muted it’s like you’re only listening to its echo, with short track “In Force” a soft outro.

It’s a lush sound, and a neatly segued collection of pieces that form a very coherent 36-minute whole. It’s not revolutionary, but it’s got quality in spades and is certainly worth of attention.

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