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Artist: Sun Color (@)
Title: Parallel Tracks
Format: 12"
Label: S.C.A.P. Records
Rated: *****
I'm not sure the idea behind SCAP Records(according to label's introduction, "to publish in vinyl a series of volumes, each as an autonomous art project and indipendent document in which various concepts and sound explortions are investigated"), the home of Sun Color, the prismatic flip-type mirror by which Barcelona-based Venezuelan Julio Cesar Palacio displays his wide spectrum of electronic and electroacoustic sonic research (manipulation of magnetic tape cassettes, field recordings, feedback morphing, reel to reel and modular synthhesizer covering a wide stylistical range in between acousmatic and GRM-like musique concrete), followed up on its very first issue, whose extremely limited edition (just 30 numbered units) was announced in the end of last year, but this amalgamation of by-products of Sun Color's sound processing that he recorded during many studio sessions are so interesting that it deserves some attention and possibly a follow-up. Named after the parallel bars of multitrack mixer, "Parallel Tracks" consists of two 15-minutes lasting clusters of sounds that Sun Color purposely made or made by chance in amazing moments of serendipity within his recording studio that he tried to organize, even if a certain lack of cohesion could make it just a divertssment for audiophiles.

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