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Artist: Blastromen
Title: Reality Opens
Format: CD
Label: Dominance Electricity
Rated: *****
Available on 2x12" vinyl edition (transparent red with a super size poster or black), digipack CD and digitally at the major stores, "Reality Opens" is the second album by the Finnish electro duo Balstromen. They released their previous album in 2010 always on Dominance Electricity and with this new one, they continue where "Human Beyond" left off. The theme of this album deals with the interaction between human beings and computers, thing which allows us to spread our physical world blending it with computer controlled content. The eight tracks album opens with the short main title introduction. It sounds epic and you can already feel what is about to come as arpeggios, pads and lead solos are there to warm the atmospheres. If you already know the Blastromen, you already know their massive use of vocoder filtered vocals and on the following track, "Vision Control", they are ready to give to the listener their vision of the next to be reality. Augmented reality, software integration, digital manipulated visual perception, everything is part of their lyrics and the track sounds powerful and cinematic. "Infiltrator Unit", sounds menacing and mysterious. Powerful drum beats, many arpeggio layers and syth stubs help into keeping the sound catchy and dancey. The following "Sidtroen" has a spacey feeling thanks to reverbered pads and leads. There's also a chirpy solo, which is really nice. "Sense Of Ears" is really influenced by later Kraftwerk, is less focused on blasting drums and it's really well balanced. With "Glacier Planet" we have a sort of hybrid between 80s and 00s electro with stops and go where the atmosphere is dilated and then, all of a sudden, the beat rules again. "Transportation Nonstop" brings you to a sidereal ride made of hard beats and pads backgrounds. The closing, "Lost Dissent", is fast, breathtaking and precise like a laser cut. All the album contains tons of melodic arpeggios, paced rhythms and cool sounds and if you loved the Blastromen's previous releases, you won't be disappointed. Check here the album's teaser

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