Music Reviews

Artist: Thuoom (@)
Title: Resonant
Format: CD EP
Label: Textural Healing (@)
Rated: *****
This one is kind of hard to explain. Imagine a mixture of minimalist synth mixed with percussive melodies created by an improvised junkyard vibraphone and you're getting close to what Thuoom is laying down in this short disc. As the press sheet explains, 'For this release, I've only used alarm clock, bird cage, and wine glasses.' The end result, through much processing, sounds far more than the sum of its parts. This is interesting work and pretty good overall. The only one I was not into was the last track ('Glasses'), which goes more for a glitchy feel at times which didn't quite work as well as the other two tracks. Still, you have to like someone who observes, 'I rely heavily on chance in my works.' This disc is limited to 50 copies and comes in a simple handmade paper sleeve held together with Velcro. This album weighs in at around 18 minutes.

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