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Artist: Twins Natalia / Poeme Electronique
Title: I Avoid Strangers / I Wouldn't Change Me For Anyone
Format: 12"
Label: Anna Logue Records (@)
Rated: *****
Twins Natalia are back after their split 7" with Marsheaux with a new split. This time we have a two tracks 12" with Twins Natalia, with "I Avoid Strangers" and Poeme Electronique, with "I Wouldn't Change Me For Anyone". Always formed by Steve Lippert, Marc Schaffer (Anna Logue Records' boss) plus Sharon Abbott, Julie Ruler and Dave Hewson of Poeme Electronique, Twins Natalia are presenting a nine minutes 'special extended night version' of the track which is coming from their forthcoming debut album "The Destiny Room". "I Avoid Strangers" is a powerful retro electro pop upbeat dance floor killer based on bouncing bass lines, catchy lead solos and rich synth arpeggios. Dave's vocals recall a bit Human League and in the middle of the track you can find an intermezzo which could fit an 80s ebm tune. This song is a hit, no doubt about that! On the AA side, Poeme Electronique present their first track after 25 years. "I Wouldn't Change Me For Anyone" is a really good song about empty glamour lives and behind its upbeat rhythms it has a certain dose of darkness and mystery. Girls' voice are passionate and good as in the past and the track sound just like one of their classic hits. The release is presented in a deluxe package with posters and postcards ( Poeme Electronique's artwork is based on original paintings by German artist Peter K. Endres) and it's also available on digital download.

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