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Artist: The Ebertbrothers (@)
Title: Engine Eyes
Format: CD EP
Label: Mindwaves Music
Rated: *****
The Ebertbrothers have put out a release entitled 'Engine Eyes' which contains 4 new songs, and 3 remixes from their 2011 effort 'Susten Pass.' The record gives a solid start with the two new songs 'Sunset Car Chase' and 'Rusty Black Bike' which both have a pretty great sound to them. They manage to combine smart, modern beats and rhythms, which extremely chill synths and pads to create these wide open, airy textures. Some of their synths have a bit of a retro feel, but with modern production value. Sometimes they can feel a bit novel, or even ill conceived (synth line in the latter tune), yet despite that they still manage to have a very appealing, and even comforting sound and feel; very strange in a good way. The next set of songs on display are three remixes by Karsten Pflum, Lackluster and Badun respectively. Pflum takes on 'Black String' and offers a less stark, far more funky yet structured approach. 'Feature Film' is reinvented by Lackluster has created a far more chill, yet somehow (occasionally) more sporadic mix, with more of a groove to it. Then Badun sculpts a smooth, spacey rendition of 'Sympathy Changes.' To close the disc two more new songs remain; but are definitely good, but not really noteworthy in comparison to rest of the disc. 'Engine Eyes' treads a lot of different water, but manages to mix it all together in an overall pretty solid record with funky electrogrooves, chill tones and retro synths, and even a moment or two of sweet Massive Attack vibes.

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