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Artist: Leykam | Mark
Title: Live Extracts 96-98
Format: CD
Label: Frank Mark Arts (@)
Distributor: CD Baby
Rated: *****
1996-1998...for some mysterious reasons I still have vivid memories around the music circulating in those years. For instance I remember in some elitarian sets it wasn't so difficult to listen performances of Buddhist monks while emitting trance-inducing vocals together with eccentric keyboardists and sound crafters dealing with ethnic instruments whereas people sitting in the stalls included someone winking at this musical explorations with libels of some more or less improvised guru in the pocket or on the bedside table nearby a finely chiselled censer and sweet-smelling stick of incense and day-dreaming about any bizarre intersection point between technological progress and spirituality and other groups of radical-chic people feeling a certain nostalgia for their roaring twenties in the 60s/70s and taking a liking to those teenagers spreading rumors about a possible alien conspiracy for anaesthetizing human race througout ambient and trance music and some exotic food in order to conquer and arguably destroy the Planet Earth! I vividly remember a live exhibition of the Buddhist Buthanese monk Lama Gyourme and J.P. Rykiel whereas there was a background sound on the amplified one of snoring dispirited people and pensive aum(or ohm)-like hypnotized ones filling the sound space amidst the audience. These live extracts by the respected cosmic ambient knights Frank Mark and Roman Leykam, issued by the renowned Frank Mark's imprint and recorded in different live-sessions in Germany during those years, partially enucleates that cultural tumor without renouncing to an appreciable sound research as well as to its stage set so that the themes are more or less the same, which even if nowadays could be considered quite old-fashioned used to be the knaves in social scene. There are many nice episodes along this collection , especially those ones where the cosmic and progressive rock vein by Roman Leykam pulsates more intensely by highlithing the mystical pressure of the polished and clean sandpapering on frequencies and the thinning of sounds coming from samples and tapes by Frank Mark, but their style sounds ineluctably influenced by those cultural memes as well as by famous ambient archives of labels emitting in that period (FAX, Silent and even the plenty of selections filled with some classics by composers such as Brian Eno, Hector Zazou, Robert Rich, Steve Roach, Edgar Froese dealing with that unconventional way of treating standards, especially for the substantial lack of melody, supposedly inducing the illusion of floating or cruising or helping introspection...). By the way, some listener

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