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Artist: Puin + Hoop (@)
Title: Door
Format: CD
Label: Narrominded (@)
Rated: *****
After the already reviewed release with Hermen Wilken and Coen Oscar Polack, narrominded release this new work of this dutch trio. According to the press release this album "presents a rich trip though sound, encompassing the gray area between improvised music, post industrial drone and glowing synthscapes" and, honestly, this definition well describes the artistic relevance of this release.
This is an album which title seems to suggest that the listener have to go from a place to another, in a sort of musical journey into experimental fields illuminated by a bright dark light.
"Het Wondere Toeval" is a noisy opener for the second track "Bomendocumentaire" that is a mesmerizing loud and heavy drone while "Huidig Tijdsgewricht" is instead a slowly moving and dark description of dangerous situation. "Complotkanaal" took the listener into the heavy atmosphere of the beginning of the record with a final talk between piano and synth. "Ceci n'est pas une Puin + Hopp" is almost an exercise in post-rock structures with clear ideas in mind and a funny joke title. "Zuurstof III" is the last and longest track of this good album and is constructed above a romantic piano juxtaposed on an abstract soundscape with an hypnotic effect.
Even better than their recent live release "de objectieve lach", it's a record of uncommon variety and full of details. A remarkable release. Highly recommended(^_^).
This album is available also as free download @, another reason not to miss it.

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