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Artist: dexy corp_ (@)
Title: fragmentation
Format: CD
Label: Black Rain (@)
Rated: *****
One of the leathery boot of the French band Dexy Corp.'s driving its sole into the fertile grounds harvested by some American industrial/rock/metal bands such as KMFDM or Nine Inch Nails, the other one's sinking into the present-day social plot with an enjoyable and polemical tone. "The world has seen the great show of the heal apocalypse [sometimes quoted... ] by cauterizing its wounds" growls the harsh and scratchy throat of Jean-Baptiste Dropsy aka Doctrokrank on the blasting maelstrom unleashed by the majestic walls erected by Denis Malbrancke aka Noisynism throughout his distorted and effected guitars, tank-like smashing trucked drumming by Olivier Pesquié aka AbsynthetiK and propelled by the infectious basslines by Erwan Ropars aka Ersatz and the high-voltage feeded machines of Maxime Brachet aka Nix. These nice folks brought their name from the slang denomination of dextroamphetamine, an isomer of amphetamine largely used in the treatment of narcolepsy and attention deficits, unveiling their "mission": waking up the sleeping consciousness of the listener both by rhythmical noisy fusillades featuring a stylistical piercing of some industrial-metal legends such as Ministry or (the first and maybe the best) Pantera and provocative lyrics, whose target seems to be the totalitarian false belief "homologation-ist" system, rapidly devouring mankind and its more genuine values.

They've chosen a fitted musical language to do it best and some of the most corrosive tracks of this records such as Lie is Life, Anhédonie, Faceless or Death Plastic Surgery (the highlights of this Fragmentation and in our modest opinion, the best in fostering the evoked fragmentation) sound more venomous than trickery oratorical tricks as well!!! You could wonder when listening to the easygoing skill of the whole band in evoking industrial sceneries, an uproar of noisy and poisoned sounds concocting in an almost dramatic way able to graze the thick skin of the most hypocritical contemporary society. You'll enjoy Fragmentation at first glance if you dwell upon details of the artwork (I really appreciated all those references to explanatory notes of a PH-blister, including -!- the decision to write lyrics with a minuscule grey font on grey background... you'll need a lens or maybe a microscope to read them!!!) as well as the ones of their music...

A promising debut album! You'll praise for taking part to one of their energizing live stages after fucking pills (and useless vaccines as well!!) or just look to your financial advisor to buy stock-options and privileged shares of the Dexy Corp.!!!

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