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Jul 04 2009
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Artist: The-Pulsar (@)
Title: Never
Format: CD
Label: Advoxya Records (@)
Distributor: Poponaut
Rated: *****
New album for this Russian trio, which often gets compared as being Russia’s answer on FRONT 242. I wouldn’t completely agree on this, since that Military-outfit and behavior has been always and only the playing field of the Belgian giants in their heydays. But let’s agree that the power and pressure of the sounds THE-PULSAR are capable to awake and press out of their machinery, can be compared in some way with the mighty and fat studio arrangements of 242. This is also the remarkable point in the music of this Russian project: the combination of symphonic and bombastic sounding string and synth-layer sounds offers an unbelievable depth into the music. THE-PULSAR are pretty much based into the veteran sound of some EBM pioneers, although they do not sound dated. The music has of course nothing in common with the overrated Techno/Trance influences of nowadays hypes, but at least also THE-PULSAR show their will to add variations into the strict EBM formula. A bit Dub, a bit 2-Step, a bit Breakbeat thrown in ("Never", "Die For Something", "Blind Vision"), yes, and did I hear here and there some guitar-like sounds? THE-PULSAR seem to have taken the required time to develop in expanding dimensions, none of the tracks is shorter than 5 minutes, some turn to 8 minutes + playing time. Of course, "Never" is their strongest and best work so far, which pushes the band to the top of Russia’s Electro/Industrial scene. With a three-men formation now several live performances seem to be required to undersign this evolution. "Never" is a diverse sounding opus based on an EBM-related foundation, but with several hints to different music styles, which makes it attractive. A wider musically horizon over the normal EBM listening experience of the listener is required for fully satisfaction.

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