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Artist: 3-1
Title: 13 Horrible Remixes
Format: CD
Label: Basserk (@)
Rated: *****
Released two years after their 12" "Take a picture", 13 HORRIBLE REMIXES is the first album by 3-1 and, strange for a first full length release, it contains twelve remixes of bands they like or they know (some of them are on the same label Basserk) plus a remix of their song "Take a picture". The track list is in balance from bands that have a sound similar to 3-1 (a sort of electro pop with punk attitude and use of distorted synth bass lines) to thing a little more techno or breakbeat (Nid & Sancy, Lilian Hak, Elecphonic or The Moi non plus). 3-1 did a good job by respecting the original tunes and at the same time personalizing them. Check how they changed Hotel's "Fool fool" by adding a cool distorted bass line to their flute/hammond based tune making it turn into a nice dance floor song. 13 HORRIBLE REMIXES is a good album to party with and also a good album to listen while driving, having the city lights as strobe lights. Here's the trackslist:
01. Nid & Sancy - My Rave remixed
02. Lilian Hak - What about it remixed
03. The Moi non plus - Hahaha remixed
04. Lucky Goat - Ooh yeah remixed
05. Fata el Moustache’ remixed
06. Hotel - Fool fool remixed
07. Detroit grand pubahs - Riot 66 remixed
08. three cheers for dirty feat. Blondin - Blonpeepee remixed
09. Krause - Outta yer mind remixed
10. Elle Bandita - New years eve remixed
11. Elecphonic - Freakin on a sneaka remixed
12. Transformer di Roboter - Ultramaximizer remixed
13. 3-1 - Take a picture remixed

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