Music Reviews

Artist: Endif (@)
Title: Carbon
Format: CD
Label: Tympanik Audio (@)
Distributor: Ant-Zen
Rated: *****
Jason Hollis’ debut album "Meta" released 2 years ago on Crunch Pod has been surely one of the highlights for the Harsh Tech/rhythmically Powernoise genre, since it has defined standards. This follow-up album was long awaited, but the message, that Jason would leave the seemingly save haven Crunch Pod to join the relatively new label Tympanik Audio was a big surprise. However, "Carbon" is out and continues in that style, which "Meta" has gone before. "Also "Carbon" is filled with mostly straight and forward-oriented Hard-Tech Noise tunes, which will surely set fire under the dancefloors. Still interesting also for pure Electro/Industrial-fans (...check out "Between Two Worlds"!!!), since Jason once again proves that his arrangements are still filled with diversity and interesting effects, which avoid to cause the impression of a never-ending monotony. "Carbon" is once again the expected masterpiece, although Jason has completely avoided to use vocals for his new compositions. Produced and mastered with the helping hand of the notorious Noise-wizard Justin Brink of PNEUMATIC DETACH (make sure to check out his fine remix work on "Police State"), "Carbon" once again integrates the best elements out of the pure Noise and the straight hi-end Tech sound of nowadays productions. Awesome from the first to the last tune.

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