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Artist: SKORBUT (@)
Title: Firewall
Format: CD
Label: Sonic-X (@)
Rated: *****
Again released by the small German label Sonic-X, here comes the third full-length of this highly talented German duo. "Firewall" surprises at first from its look and the kind of art – such a "playing" with fake blood by the both protagonists Daniel Galda (vocals) and Jörg Hüttner (machines and compositions) I rather would have expected to see from a Hellektro act like DAWN OF ASHES for instance. Should SKORBUT have left their know way to join the camp of the already massive amount of Hellektro-troops? No, definitely not, although a slight update of the equipment seems to be happened. SKORBUT still present their straight, but clear male vocal performance which sounds a bit like Douglas McCarthy (NEP), and combining Electro/EBM textures with modern sounds and some Techno-inspired filter sweeps. Although offering a classic old-school EBM-kind, they are sounding new, refreshing and far away from minimal structures. This is something multi-layered and widely structured, which in the history only few bands were able to offer, take INDIVIDUAL TOTEM, some early haujobb.-recordings, or the last HEADSCAN works in a mix to get a possible comparison. This album offers 10 new tracks, a remix of "Fragments" done by Boris Black, and a special video edit of the track "9 Years Later" besides the original track, plus it holds as a special bonus the complete video clip for this track on board. "Firewall" works extremely well with some tunes like "9 Years Later", "A Second Of Perfection" or "Antikörper" on the dancefloors, but it holds also stuff which offer the purest enjoyment by using some headphones. "De(ad)cibel" has to be mentioned for its thrilling percussive moments and the cool filter effect manipulations, or "Valium 1" for one of the most action-loaded instrumental tunes I have ever heard by being a constant listener of Electro/Industrial music since 20 years. Or try to catch the wall of massive sound of the stumbling "Getting Colder", maybe the most outstanding track here. SKORBUT’s predecessor "Access All Area" was already an outstanding kind of work, but "Firewall" isn’t any weaker. Congrats to offer an intelligent arranged album showing the millionth of "switch-synth-on-get-hard-be-strong"-artists how to produce a possible guide line. An addictive masterpiece of an album, from which I hope it receives a world-wide recognition.

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