Music Reviews

Artist: Anka
Title: Cocoon Time
Format: CD
Label: I-Rain (@)
Rated: *****
Anka Wolbert is known best to be the co-founder and songwriter for the new wave goth band Clan of Xymox. Like her counterpart bandmate and friend, Pieter Nooten, she left Xymox for music differences also. Now signed on new label I-Rain along with Pieter who helped her by co-producing her debut release. Anka's voice still sound so beautiful, despite her disappearing from the music scene. Her cd is an exceptional with collection of unique and impressive tracks that's indie pop with electronic and guitar dynamic layers, which can be played on mainstream radio stations. A variety of emotions that is sung in a mood setting moment. To listen to the cd will be perfect by sitting by the sea all alone or just go to the park and watch the sky by gazing and thinking. Favorite tracks are "A Storm", "Already In Me", the trip-hop "Seven Slow Hours", the ambient "Crystal Clear", "Elusive" is a beautiful haunting instrumental track with the sound of a melancholic piano, "Dark Dreamer" is a slow reggae composition and "Don't Weigh Me Down" is an hypnotic masterpiece. Anka's songwriting skills has proven to be the best even since the Xymox-era of what she had display.

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