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Artist: Von Magnet (@)
Title: ElectroFlamenco
Format: CDS (CD Single)
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
Phil Von Magnet has always been a bright, out-reaching, barrier-braking, convention defying musician, and now he is taking all of that to a whole new level with something that is truly unique! In fact, with the exception of German The Brave's 1994 "Fiesta Fatal!" hit, I can not think of any other artist that has managed to successfully and tastefully mix the warm and dramatic world of flamenco guitars and cajon percussions with the digital electronics that Von Magnet is maybe best known for. He did it, and this is but a taste of what his forthcoming album "De L'aimant" will be like. This CDS starts out with a Mimetic mix of the title track, which runs through you like a driven percussive minimal-electronic techno parade where Les Tambours Du Bronx stomp on one truck, Paco De Lucia strums on one next truck and the Young Gods go for their floating electronics on the following one. "How to Breathe" introduces an unexpected theatrical vocal performance in english. "Ma Peine" takes the cajon's beautiful percussive textures, samples them, distorts them and filters them with sweeps, pitching etc, and in doing so creates the perfect sonic and aural support for Sabine Van Den Oever's flamenco guitar and the other ethereal vocal layers. The fourth and last track is a remix by Holeg Spies of "MorirMe" in which the male vocals are back (this time in Spanish) and the electronic soundscapes become more sophisticated and widely embracing.I think it's pretty darn obvious that I really like Phil's latest work, but I must also admit that I was hoping for an even deeper integration and a bigger use of flamenco elements.But now he got me thinking to "De L'aimant" I can't wait to hear the final product.

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