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Artist: Hexas
Title: Liberty Nest
Format: MCD (Mini CD)
Label: Hagshadow
Rated: *****
Hexas is the new creature born from the collaboration of Patrick Leagas of Sixth Comm/Godlesstate/Mother Destruction/SchrÄge Musik fame and Gaya Donadio (active as ANTIchildLEAGUE and boss of Hagshadow). "Liberty Nest" is their first release and contains six tracks that are the perfect mix of their past music experiences. The meaning of Hexas in the original Greek form is the number Six, perhaps also Hexe, which in German means "witch", is connected to a continuation of the subject 6. Hexas' aim is not to point the finger indicating what's wrong or else, Hexas is a mirror and it's reflecting back to you images that you'll decode looking at it from the different angles. Besides the fact that we're living in a corporate controlled regime where the crazy dictators can recall you the Reptilian alien Visitors of the 80s show having the same title, musically what we have in this six tracks MCD? Well, as I said Patrick and Gaya musical souls interacted and if Gaya brought in her noisy semi controlled sounds, Patrick merged that with rhythms and a bit of melodies. The tracks differ the one from the other in which way the elements have been balanced. To give you some idea, the opening track is sounding like being under a bombing where between the explosions we hear martial rhythms, dissonant chords and declamating treated vocals. "Reptilian Culture" sounds like a SchrÄge Musik track remixed by Gaya. "Hellborn" is tense, noisy and mix a rhythm which recalls me Boyd Rice's roto guitar sound with feedbacks and Gaya's vocals. At the moment is not important to describe how much noise or rhythms every track contains, because this MCD contains no fillers and it's a really inspired release that I'm suggesting you to check if you liked any Patrick's past one. If you are more into power noise and you knew mostly ACL stuff, well, this is the right chance to check another side of her music!

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