Spheric Music presents

Robert Schroeder – D.MO Vol. 4 (Harmonic Decadence) (1978)

Interpret: Robert Schroeder

Album-Titel: D.MO Vol. 4

Untertitel: Harmonic Decadence

Release date: 08. September 2017

Katalognummer: SMCD 2037

EAN-Code: 4260107470786
im H'Art Musikvertrieb, Marl, Germany www.hart.de


1. Harmonic Decadence Side-A    23:56

1. Harmonic Decadence Side-B    25:19

Duration: 49:15 Min.

Style: Berlin School Electronics of the 70s
Enclosed are the infos.

The first studio recording Harmonic Decadence
now rediscovered in full length on D.MO Vol.4
Since the release of Robert's official debut album Harmonic Ascendant the world of
the EM community has discussed rumours about a recording called Harmonic
Decadence. Before the first official Vinyl-LP-Release (IC / WEA), Robert started his
first studio recording in the same recording studio Panne-Paulssen (Frankfurt/Main)
in 1978, where also numerous European artists such as Klaus Schulze, Ashra
/Manuel Göttsching and Harald Großkopf have recorded their works.
However, these first recording of Schroeder was rejected by the WEA because it was
too "electronic". At first, the debut album should also be named Harmonic
Decadence. After refusing this first recording of 1978, Schroeder went back to the
studio, where the well-known debut album Harmonic Ascendant arose.
In the meantime the first recording Harmonic Decadence was somehow forgotten.
Some extracts have also been used occasionally, e.g. within the INKEYS interview
from the early 80s. But the complete work of this first recording has been published
never before. The tapes went lost in the depths of the tape archives over the time.
The demand for these recordings is still
great. In the year 2017 Robert searched
through his archive ... and found the old
original recordings as a master copy on a
high quality music cassette. The sound is
not up to date due to its age but has its
charme and now been re-mastered. And of
course this material is something what the
fans are waiting for.
In the context of the D.MO-series (old unreleased recordings of the artist), the original
version of Harmonic Decadence will be released in full length on CD at Spheric Music.
A delight for lovers of Electronic Music of the
late 70s. Have much fun.
The new CD comes in Sept. 2017


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