Anapa, Russia – 07.08.18 For
Immediate Release

"An YM2612 Witch House / Industrial album
"GENESIS" by Sasha Darko was released as a free official addendum for
Sacred Line Genesis, a 2015 Sega Genesis horror game developed by the
artist and published on cartridges by Watermelon Corp. An
uncompromisingly grim album published after being 7 years in
development which features a sound of Sega Genesis sound chip,
parallel universe sounds and a song partially written in

The album can be downloaded for free via Twitter:
Game Website:

Darko is a music producer, Sega Genesis / PC game developer and writer
from Ozersk, a city labeled by Vice as "Radioactive City Russia
Doesn’t Want You to Know About."
Being a multi-genre musician,
since 2007 he had produced 150+ experimental music solo releases using
many aliases, also collaborating with such diverse artists as Kenji
Siratori, Hiroshi Hasegawa, GX Jupitter-Larsen, Komissar Hjuler / Mama
Baer, Cisfinitum and TLASILA (Tom Smith + Thurston Moore + Don
Fleming). The albums were published by underground labels all over the
world, from Japan to French Polynesia, using all possible media
formats: cassettes, CDs, CD-Rs, 7″ vinyl records and even floppy
disks and business cards.

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