Spheric Music presents the new release 

Rudolf Heimann „Die Unendlichkeit des Augenblicks“

Spheric Music SMCD 8306
Release Date: February 1st, 2019

EAN-Code: 4260107470854                    Distribution:  H’Art Musikvertrieb           www.hart.de

Style: Cinematic Electronic 

Die Unendlichkeit des Augenblicks = The Infinity of the Moment

Does God exist? What is infinity? Rudolf Heimann will not answer these fundamental questions for us. But he invites us to pose them and to ponder with them by taking us on a fascinating musical and spiritual journey. “Wem die Stunde schlägt” (For Whom the Bell Tolls) or “Ad Infinitum” encourage us to question the very meaning of life.

Heimann carefully reinterprets the relevance of ancient Christian ideas in contemporary life and society, importantly however, entirely without taking sides.

On his last track “Rede des toten Christus vom Weltgebäude herab, dass kein Gott sei” (30 min.), Heimann goes even further. Set to a lyric crafted in 1797 by German Romanticist Jean Paul and narrated by Roland Paroth, he readily enables us to rediscover our own world of dreams and fantasies. Can we be sure about reality? How can we grasp the eternal?

In this new musical adventure, Heimann takes his signature style to the next level, blending Berlin School synthesizer music with orchestral film score elements in unique and creative ways. Carefully weaving natural instrument sounds such as acoustic guitar, cello and church organ together with thick synthetic sound layers, and occasionally adding surprising rock and spiritual elements (“Niemand kennt Zeit noch Stunde“), Heimann invites us to travel through a rich and ever evolving landscape of sound. Enjoy listening!

Einzeltitel / The tracks:

1. Wem die Stunde schlägt 6:48

2. Ad Infinitum 3:34

3. Monolith 3:54

4. Vanitas 7:45

5. Niemand kennt Zeit noch Stunde 4:50

6. Ewigkeit 9:26

7. Rede des toten Christus vom Weltgebäude herab, dass kein Gott sei 32:02

audio samples: https://youtu.be/8QwX5YIghaQ

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