Watch & Listen: Mechanimal – "Stolen

"synth punk" act Mechanimal (Giannis Papaioanou, Freddie Faulkenberry)
unveil the first taste from their forthcoming album, Crux. "Stolen
Flesh" arrives with an emotional clip shot and directed by Christos

“Stolen Flesh" follows the single "Holy Punk" which
was a teaser for what's to come. Mechanimal's 4th album is out January
27 via Inner Ear.

Giannis P. says about the song: ""Stolen
Flesh" is dedicated to the loving memory of a dear friend we lost.
It's about how it feels when you lose a dear person: all the love
unveils in its magnitude in a very painful procedure. But we remain
here to keep this love and all memories alive by beautifying every
little crack and detail in our everyday life."

A survival guide in the age of regularity by listening to
electronic music.

"Crux" is an in-depth exploration of the
past, present, and (possible) future of everyday life with the aim of
personal awakening. It focuses on an idea that can account for the
melding of seemingly incompatible musical worlds and theories with
respect to the mechanisms of each one of them. It could easily be
described as the absolute “crossover” album of Mechanimal, or
simply the one where the ideas and obsessions of its members meet at
the heart of the mechanical animal.

"Crux" is the Mechanimal
manifesto. It consists of electronic music, spoken word, cut-up images
and videos, deconstructed slogans, ideas and actions. A
multidimensional collage inspired by the harsh reality, or otherwise
the violent regularity that is "enforced" (by the new music industry
to home entertainment and by "fake news" to climate change), and at
the same time criticized.

Believing that everything is
political and that we are all guilty of what is happening, Mechanimal,
without limitation, use a fragmented sound palette to describe ten
stories of reality deconstructed. From the death-trap of "Ghetto
Level" and the raw industrial resonances of "Easy Dead" and
"Scavengers" and from the pagan techno of "Razor Tube" and "Vanquish"
to the feverish post-punk of "Red Mirror", Mechanimal want, not only
to escape the inherent limitations of each genre, but also to break
down the barriers that do not allow all genres to become

"Crux" recording sessions began in January 2019 and ended
in August at the band's own studio. This album hosts guest musicians:
Jimmy Polioudis (guitars on "Sharon" and "Easy Dead"), Henrik
Meierkord (cello on "Scavengers" and "La Poverina Delle Ossa"),
Vasiliki Mazaraki (violin on "Scavengers" and "La Poverina Delle
Ossa”) and George Theofanidis (guitars in "Red
Freddie Faulkenberry: Vocals
Papaioannou: Electronics & production
Antonis Charalambidis:
Drums on stage
Angelica Vrettou: Album cover & art

1. Ghetto Level
2. Sharon
Stolen Flesh
4. Easy Dead
5. Scavengers
6. Razor Tube
Red Mirror
8. Hospital of the Storm
9. Vanquish
10. La
Poverina Delle Ossa


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