­ TROUM news July 2019 ­
­ The very first vinyl release on Transgredient Records is out!   

MONOCUBE & TROUM – "Contemplator Caeli"   LP      (Transgredient TR-14) 
lim. 200 copies on clear "spaced out" coloured vinyl (clear with bits of sprinkled red and blue), numbered ed. with inlay

CONTEMPLATOR CAELI denotes the antique notion and skill of immersing into the (night-) sky, in order to feel connected to the immeasureable dimensions of the universe and the unearthly powers. The celestial spheres and objects are interpretated as living entities, building a shelter for the earth and the humans, reflecting an eternal cosmic order and it's principles. The sky is being watched with deep humbleness, amazement and praise.
Inspired by this old notion TROUM & MONOCUBE wanted to capture it's emotional bearing, understanding the sky also as our 'psychic firmament', the universe that is linked with every single cell in our bodies.
Ukraine's transcension guitar drone project MONOCUBE and German dream atmospherics TROUM collaborated on four long tracks, working with each other's basic material, using acoustic guitars, melodica, accordeon, voice and electronic effects.  The result is this very first vinyl release on TRANSGREDIENT, the initial edition is limited and numbered to 200 copies and comes on multi-"sky"-coloured vinyl and with inlay, feat. a phantastic artwork done by sukkeret.og.pepper studio (Berlin).

Side 1:

Side 2:

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"This has got to be one of the more densely atmospheric works to come along in years." [TJ Norris /Toneshift]
"One thing we can be all sure of – it is bright, beautiful, dark, and dangerous. Just as these four tracks are. " [Psymon Marshall / 1208 Fuller Ave Apt.1]

– "VORBEI DER TOD"  LP project, to be released on Raubbau early 2020
– one LP side contribution to a J.G. BALLARD tribute compilation (do-LP) by The Epicurean named "Time Ends", inspired by the first four novels ("the catastrophe-tetralogy"). To be released early 2020, very likely in conjunction with a new Epicurean Escapism Festival in Berlin.
– vinyl re-issues of both collaborations with RAISON D'ETRE on Cyclic Law
– a third CD collection (after "Symballein" and "Syzygie") of rare / deleted compilations material probably entitled SYNISTÁNAI, for Aquarellist / St. Petersburg – Russia

– currently (this year) on a hiatus, though there could be a special performance in ATHENS end of November 2019. And we should / we hope to be on stage next year 2020 more often again!

here's a collection of reviews that appeared for the TROUM TRANSFORMATION TAPES project (Transgredient TR-13), starting with one of the last texts of DMITRY VASILYEV (R.I.P. our friend): 

"Troum needs no introduction, as the icon of the drone/noise ambient scene, the duo of Stefan Knappe and Martin Gitschel created the impressive body of work completely describing the genre. The story started more than 20 years ago, when they did the first ever concert under Troum name. Celebrating the anniversary of this event, they invited many friends and collaborators to participate in the very special project, which is finally materialised as double CD on their own Transgredient Records: "Troum Transformation Tapes". It's more than just another remix or tribute album, because there were no restriction or rules for participants, who can freely use the existing Troum piece for any recycling or modification, but also composing the entirely new piece inspired by Troum music or just the long time friendship with the band.
More than 150 minutes of music explores quite diverse territories of aural expression – from minimal tonalities of Allseits and ominous post-industrial darkness of [multer] to the dramatic songs of Contrastate and Martyn Bates, from sweet melancholy of Inade and mellow harmonies of Raison d'Etre to rhythmic soundscapes of QST and brooding noisy beats of Reutoff. The glorious return of legendary Vance Orchestra and Dual marks the further peculiarity of this project, as both bands reunited specially for this occassion. The most celebrated names here, of course, are Bad Sector and Cisfinitum – both presented the new material in a very personal approach. For me, the most surprising tracks are coming from Tarkatak, who used the singing voice as one of the sources for the surrealistic balance between music and atmosphere, and enigmatic Markow C. – the name you can always meet in the liner notes for Troum albums but never credited as the author of any music before. The interesting material comes also from V.O.S. (the solo project of Steve Hall/Yen Pox) and Reutoff-related monicker O16 vs. Myrrman.
The CDs are packed in heavy embossed cardboard 6-panel digipak case, beautifully designed and supplied with multiple pages booklet where you can find the detailed essay by Jim Haynes and some writings from many participants, and of course the epigraph from Troum themselves. This milestone is a great possibility to explore the charismatic world of Troum sound, even if the music was assembled by others. I recommend it not only to the fans of this german band, but also to all who enjoy the mental travels into deep ocean of timeless sound, without borders and without prescriptions." [Dmitry Vasilyev]

other reviews (please copy & paste the links):
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– RABEN REPORT (german)
– VITAL WEEKLY (english)
– MERCHANTS OF AIR (english)
– BAD ALCHEMY (german) – print mag! (will later be on their website www.badalchemy.de)
– TONESHIFT (english)
– WESTZEIT (german)
– GONZO CIRUS (dutch) – print mag!
– FREQ (english)
– LUX AETERNA (spanish)
– FEAR DROP (french)
– AFRICAN PAPER (german)
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