Flickering Art

Tim Larson to release a pair of bleak folk singles on May 26th from new album, coming Sept. 18th


Tim Larson's calling card is musical diversity. His interest in and creation of music has it’s roots in various branches on the American musical tree (and beyond). The country and blues he grew up with are woven together with dark influences such as The Cure, The Swans and Diamanda Galas. Larson is a multi-tool utility player musically, he is fluent in numerous instruments and a writer of dark observations on everything from lost love to the labor movement. Playing professionally since he was a teenager in his hometown of Chicago, and around the world, gave him a unique worldview with a great deal of empathy for the underdog.

Larson wrote the songs in 2015, after the release of his brutal, unflinching look at personal collapse, Vargar. Larson felt the songs were too harsh thematically. He played them, in Sweden, for former Drovers bandmate, Dave Callahan, who encouraged him to keep the music and rewrite the lyrics. As he refined the songwriting, Larson wanted them to be a little spacier than the original versions. He referenced The Cure’s Pornography Chromatics and Cranes as a way to build out the sound on these tracks, employing baritone acoustic guitar, lap steel, mandolin, a Moog and other instrumentation to create the vibe, which is reminiscent of listening to a singer encased in fog, invisible, yet haunting.

Larson used the Izotope Spire portable wireless studio to make the recordings, giving him the mobility to record by the Chicago River, on his back porch and in the barn behind his parent’s home in Wisconsin.

The record is being released two tracks at a time over the next five months beginning with “Flickering Headlights Illuminate the Way” and “The Field Where I Watched You Ride” on The full record, Flickering Headlights Illuminate the Way, will come out in its entirety September 18, 2020.


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