April 8, 2019 – LA based Dark Synth artist
THRILLSVILLE has released the debut track off of his upcoming, yet to
be named album, "Second Sleep."

“Reworking and reinterpreting
a song wasn’t a stretch for me. It’s kind of like taking a theme
and varying it when I’m composing for film, TV or video games.
It’s fun to take the same source material and put it in a completely
different musical world. I’ve always loved Stolen Babies’ version
of 'Second Sleep' and getting Dominique from SB to add background
vocals to my version made it really special for me. It wouldn’t have
been right without her. I feel like the dreamy and moody quality of
the original rock version translated even better with this dark dance
version.” – THRILLSVILLE

Check out the video for "Second
Sleep" here:

“Hot off the presses,
Thrillsville has a new single called 'Second Sleep,' and it may be my
new favorite song. Almost impossible to pigeonhole, this track is
equal parts industrial tinged Stabbing Westward and Sisters of
Mercy-esque Goth rock. That’s a poor attempt to categorize what
Thrillsville has pulled out with this song, but wherever it’s
meeting in the middle is a sonically perfect place and I want more of
it. I can only hope that this is a teaser of things to come!” –

hrillsville is the industrial music/ dark wave
solo project of Rani Sharone. Known for his dark cabaret band Stolen
Babies, Sharone has collaborated and performed with Puscifer, Marilyn
Manson, and TV/film composer Tyler Bates. A fellow in the Sundance
Film Composers Lab Sharone also produced music for highly acclaimed
Films/TV Shows including, Samurai Jack, Ray Donovan, American Ultra,
My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea, and more.

Sleep,” the first single off Thrillsville’s upcoming album, is
following his horror themed debut ep, Haunt Music, which spawned the
Claymation videos for “In the Hall of the Chainsaw King,” and
“Lycanthrope” as well as the 3-D animated video for

"Conjuring up tantalizing and warped
soundscapes…Thrillsville’s music sounds like it's been ripped
directly from a melted B-movie VHS tape. It's ghoulish, grizzly, and
just plain great" – Phoenix New Times

"A treasure of an EP …
'Haunt Music' is like watching a horror movie with your eyes closed.
Images of Freddy Krueger, Jason, Michael Myers fill your mind as the
rough guitar tones, the creepy synths, and sinister beats wash over
you." – Victim of Sound

"…manic carnival music" – The
Hollywood Reporter

“Punctuated with a superb eighties
influenced instrumental score from Rani Sharone, […] has an
irresistible charm that sweeps over you” – Biff Bam Pop!



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