October 15, 2019 – Canadian synthpop artist EVA X
proudly presents her new digital-only EP, Electrowoman.

Electrowoman was recorded and produced by Gaby Marie. It was mixed
by Shane Stephenson and Chris Lacroix, and mastered by Chris Lacroix.
EVA X is delighted to present two remixes as well, one of
"Virtualsexua" l by Edmonton’s Virtual Terrorist, and one of
"Subsume" by Philadelphia-based Silver Walks. The artwork for
Electrowoman was created by Edmonton-based artist Konn

For fans of: Ayria, I Scintilla, Android

Check out EVA X's clip for "Love In Virtual"

"Electrowoman is my first EP
and pretty much my first release as a solo artist/songwriter/producer
ever. I was in a pop-punk band for a few years but wasn't satisfied
with the level of creative input and direction I had. After running
into this in a couple projects, I started writing my own music. The
first songs were almost bluesy, until I was introduced to synthpop and
EBM by a few of my friends who pushed me to learn more about synths
and production. Electronic music represented an opportunity to sort of
own the creative process from start to finish, so I embraced it and
here we are.

This sort of theme of independence definitely
comes up in my writing, most notably in "Subsume", which is pretty
much an entire song about the pressure to compromise on your career as
a young woman to start a family and settle down."
– Gaby

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