Portland, Oregon
– SDM Records and Body Shame are thrilled to announce the release of
his second full length cassette, OPEN SORES, now available

Body Shame – OPEN SORES



SORES is an avant-electronic album with experimental, doom metal,
break core, noise, and industrial influences released by SDM Records
late in May of 2017.

Following a random reddit connection made
by local music critic Jason Simpson, SDM Records was urged by Simpson
to contact the artist known solely as segment
(https://segmentsquare.bandcamp.com/). Having worked privately and
anonymously on various forms of electronic music for well over a
decade, he now felt confident in seeking wider reception to his well
honed blend of precise digital sequencing and extreme hardware
manipulation. Expecting a segment album, to SDM’s surprise, the
label was immediately presented with a nearly finished version of an
album by his newest project, Body Shame.

Body Shame's self
titled debut was released, as a participant in Cassette Store Day
2015, to critical acclaim (ranked 8 in the Top Ten Albums of 2015 by
Oregon Music News and number 68 on Tabs Out's Top 200 Tapes of 2015
list) and became one of SDM Records fastest selling releases. Five
months later, Body Shame released a follow up digital EP with SDM
Records entitled You look so under fed, further expanding upon the
electronic brutality of his debut. Having perfected a sought after
live performance style, Body Shame has found himself continually
gigging in the Portland area and has been frequently included in such
popular showcases as Volt Divers, Cult of Volt, Live in the Depths,
and The Creative Music Guild: Outset Series.

presented to SDM Records as a sort of counterpart to Body Shame’s
self-titled debut. Both begin on a spastic note of precise yet
unbridled chaos, however, the most recent album quickly abandons
intensity for what, in the case of Body Shame, could be considered a
lighter, more atmospheric mode. This theme is continued throughout
and is wholly reflected in the contrasting cover art of the two
releases. The foreboding density of the stairs leading down to the
unknown abyss that is Body Shame is juxtaposed by the flesh tones and
pure white lens flare that is OPEN SORES, hinting at a self revealing
humanity behind the shield of machines. This concept is more fully
expressed through the teasing introduction of integrated self vocal
samples on You look so under fed. OPEN SORES is a literal opening in
process and intent. When comparing song titles: 'You Look Like Shit',
'I Don't Feel Good', 'Thanks, Friend.', “Open Sores', 'Prolapse',
'Weeping Sutures' with those of the former 'Taking a Stand Against
Human Relationships', 'Kill Yourself Twice', 'We Will Own You Fucking
Peasants' and 'Humiliate Yourself in Public', one can't help but sense
the slight strain of self-revelation, examination, exhumation and a
sick sort of vulnerability which is held in contrast to the
aggressive, outward lashing of the debut. Again, all relative to the
world that is Body Shame. OPEN SORES acts as a viscerally bliss route
to catharsis through precisely premeditated form of artful self

Critical Commentary Regarding Previous

“You Look So Under Fed is somewhere between a free
jazz freakout, a modular synth workout, a spazz rock opus, a
post-industrial meltdown, all working together to comment on the
societal horror of embodiment.”

Shame – Body Shame is a] cacophony of warped neo-classical strings
and spastic speedcore drumming, Hats and Snares dance like
twitching epileptics at some fucked up rave in the lowest pits of
Hell. Free form Jazz style weirdness and strange time signatures fill
the air in a chaotic mass of aural insanity.”

“Think ZOMBI

“Perfect music
for a deadly, high speed police chase for future cops neath a
radioactive Miami sunset in the year 20XX. Somehow anxious,
frightening and relaxing all at once.”

Traumatic Static

can detect the influence of 80s industrial pioneers like Skinny Puppy
or IDM kingpins like Aphex Twin and Autechre expanse of slowly
desiccating beats, buzzing computer racket, and the occasional
intrusion of what might be a melody — all the better to enjoy the
ride through every unexpected twist and turn and to make sure you
don’t get hurt as the ground crumbles away beneath your

ROBERT HAM, Oregon Music

“…patterns emerge– blaring sonic clusters from synths
fight for space with scurrying outbursts from the drums to create
doomy marches towards oblivion and gleeful rollercoasters meticulously
planned to run slightly off-kilter. Every outsider sub-culture of
terrifying dystopian electronic sounds came together for a love tryst
with free improv, and while the result is an odd spectacle to behold,
there is a certain gravitas to its grim intelligence and
tightly-controlled bombast. [Body Shame] stands out for its harrowing
rawness…[and] takes self-abuse to the level of the
MATTHEW SWEENY, Foreign Accents
(WebPage Expired)

“fragmented, blasted-out, enveloping, and
distressingly beautiful…doom-metal drum hits and concussion-grenade
basslines of industrial music, evoking a delicious collaboration
between Throbbing Gristle and Prurient.”

SDM Records (short for SadoDaMascus Records) was born out of a
collective of Portland, OR based producers and artists collaborating
under the moniker and eventual company Sonic Debris Multimedia. The
label officially launched in the summer of 2012 with a string of
compilation releases focusing primarily on artists from the Pacific
Northwest (almost entirely from a tight knit group of friends and
peers) with common unifying elements in the artists' music including
(but not limited to) the use of digital and analog electronics, a
penchant for experimentation, a lack of reliance on traditional song
structures, free-form or improvisational approaches, an appreciation
of the absurd, a tendency towards the surreal, open ears, boundless
will, and adventurous attitudes.

To date, SDM Records has
released 39 album, of which 22 are cassettes, 11 on CD, and 6 being
strictly digital and has spearhead several themed release series
including: the seasonal , twice yearly Copulation Series, a 9 part
compilation and show event highlighting Portland artists both
established and up-and-coming), the Hotel Series which focused on
limited cassette/video live recordings of town artists performing in
Portland, and the DEC15EMBER Series, a five part limited cassette
showcase inspired by Warp Records' Artificial Intelligence Albums that
presented local electronic music throughout December of 2015 with in
the context of a connected visual and release format.

additions to our deep, varied, and ever evolving catalog include
cassettes from Dr. Burtrum, Electro-Kraken, FAXES, and of course Body
Shame and remainder of 2017 will feature Eaton Flowers' third album on
cassette, Halfbird's second full length as part of Cassette Store Day
2017, Gooo's second full length tape, and cassette debut from ex-Big
Nasty Bill & the Deans member, Dean Leininger.

Past Body


L. Swartz



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