I Russian music
producer / Sega Genesis independent game developer Sasha Darko returns
with a brand new ethnic techno single "60 Минут" ("60 Minutes"),
featuring vocals from Valeria Samatova, a music producer and singer
from Kazan, known in the past for her ambient / neofolk project
"ВЫПЬ", which is now defunct. It aims to create the claustrophobic
atmosphere presented in movies like Cube, Saw and Nine Dead.

The single is available for purchase and streaming on all digital
platforms, including iTunes, GooglePlay, Deezer, Spotify and Amazon
Music: https://band.link/60minutes
Extended Edition is available on
Bandcamp only:

Darko (ex. Alexander Kibanov) is a Russian music producer, game
developer and writer from Ozersk, a city labeled by Vice as
“Radioactive City Russia Doesn’t Want You to Know About." who is
curently resides in Anapa.
Being a multi-genre artist, since 2007
he had produced 150+ experimental music solo releases using many
aliases, also collaborating with such diverse artists as Kenji
Siratori, Hiroshi Hasegawa, GX Jupitter-Larsen, Komissar Hjuler / Mama
Baer, Cisfinitum, Gorgonized Dorks and TLASILA (Tom Smith + Thurston
Moore + Don Fleming). The albums were published by underground labels
all over the world, from Japan to French Polynesia, using all possible
media formats: cassettes, CDs, CD-Rs, 7″ vinyl records, floppy disks
and business cards.

Marc Urselli

+1 (917) 470 1170

Other sites by Marc Urselli:
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