Moldau – Host
[Janosch Moldau Records/Labels / The Orchard/Sony
Album release date [CD/Download/Streaming – in all stores!]:
22nd November 2019]

The artist who likes to stage himself as
one lost in reverie is famous for being one of the most tenacious and
willful fighters on the electronic dance floors. Throughout the years,
Janosch Moldau has quietly attracted an idolatrously loyal fan base,
celebrating and fawning over the musician and his distinctively
melancholic voice wherever he may appear. The two previous albums –
Lovestar and Minor – and their music clips premiered on MTV/VIVA in
collaboration with the very well known German label Motor Music
(distributed by Rough Trade/Edel AG). The new album follows an
exclusive distribution change to the American colleagues at The
Orchard/Sony Music.


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