November 19, 2019 – Industrial bass artist SINthetik
Messiah officially announces the release of a special collection of
unreleased demo recordings. All proceeds go to DAV – Disabled
American Veterans: a leading non-profit organization that provides a
lifetime of support for veterans of all generations and their

Proceeds from The Day After Today will go toward
subsidizing veterans' needs in temporary housing, work programs,
employment assistance, utilities support, transportation to
appointments, hospitals and therapy sessions, and supportive
assistance in dealing with substance abuse and rehabilitation issues.

Click above to stream The Day After Today Via Bandcamp
would like to thank all our Military Veterans. Our country and/or
government hasn’t done enough for you in return. I'm simply just
want to raise awareness of that. My love and respect goes out to the
ones who protect our lives for the greater good.To my international
fans, when your brother,sister,mother or dad serves for their country
and they come back to you, be there for them, help them heal, help
them get back to a normal life.” – Bug Gigabyte (SINthetik

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