Bermuda Cruise (French label dedicated to improvised and
experimental music from Montpellier) is presenting a new release
by Patrice Soletti and Guillaume Jankowski for review. You can
download it through the link below, or we can send you a CD if you
are interested.

Patrice Soletti and Guillaume Jankowski are developing a
collaboration/confrontation between electricity and acoustics,
through a free improvisation duo with an instinctive approach.
Saturation and feedback are mixed with raw attacks of cymbals and
drums, developing a language of textures and abstract colours
backed by a hypnotic feeling.

The album can be downloaded for free through the Bandcamp page :

It is also available as a hand-crafted CD with full artwork by
Guillaume Jankowski.

Patrice Soletti is an autodidact musician. He
has worked with several artists of jazz & improvised music
like Louis Sclavis, Bruno Chevillon, Barre Phillips, Norbert
Lucarain, Gilles Coronado, Philippe Deschepper, Jean-Pierre
Jullian, Serge Lazarevitch, Tetuzi Akiyama, Martin Tétrault…

Guillaume Jankowski is an autodidact
musician, with a background in psychedelic rock venturing with
time to more free territories (free jazz, improvisation,
ambient, freak folk). He is the co-founder of the label
Bermuda Cruise, and also an abstract drawer. He plays or has
played with bands Jankomas, Les Echos Primitifs, Moteur!,
Frank Sabbath.

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