SEPTEMBER 21, 2018

I:SCINTILLA are proud to announce today, Friday, September 21, marks the release of their highly anticipated full-length album, "Swayed", via Alfa Matrix Records! Containing 10 new tracks and 9 bonus tracks showcasing their electronic pop elements with heavy undertones of industrial rock, "Swayed", is available now digitally across all streaming platforms.

Physical copies are also available directly through the band's online shop at

In addition to the standard release, a special edition 2 CD box set including 9 additional remixed tracks is also available, along with a variety of signed CD merch bundles.

I:SCINTILLA are also excited to announce a record release show on Saturday, November 3 in their hometown Chicago, IL with Stabbing Westward at House of Blues. Tickets are on-sale now HERE.  The band was most recently seen performing at Atlanta, GA's annual sci-fi comic convention, DragonCon, and will be announcing more shows in the near future. 

"Swayed" was recorded and produced by Greg Panciera (Sylvia Massy, Alessandro Cortini of Nine Inch Nails, Dave Bianco) and can be described as heavy, dark, atmospheric, edgy, and introspective. Marking their first full-length release since 2010, the band poses several questions – and hints towards just as many answers. The album’s explosive, punk-influenced opening track, "Human", has front-woman Brittany Bindrim asking, “Does this make us human?” It is a fitting initial question when you consider the band’s new sound – a deep studio exploration that favors organic instrumentation over programmed sounds. But that is just the beginning…Throughout the entire album, Bindrim’s lyrics question many aspects of life, reality, and society, she dedicates the last few minutes of the record to just one – have you been swayed?

Bindrim reveals " 'Swayed' is a large step forward in I:Scintilla’s new direction and evolution. We are very proud of this collection of songs and how far we have come as a band. We believe it is our strongest record to date and are very excited to share it with you. Our brief hiatus had really recharged us creatively. In addition to our evolution and renewed passion; introspection, life experiences, meditations on both the cruel and the beautiful aspects of human nature, as well as completely immersing ourselves into the songwriting and recording process – have shaped this album and have transformed who we are as a band.”

Bindrim continues to explain, "The band felt that 'Swayed' was a fitting title for the album; not only because the word itself is quite relevant to the group of songs by definition and in reflection of our current political climate, but ‘Swayed’ is the band’s favorite song on the record. The lyrics were written from the viewpoint of a power hungry figure and almost seemed to be a foreshadowing of the rise of current leaders here in the States; ones who have become intoxicated by power, stagnating progress, leading others to apathy and finger-pointing, and at the same time inspiring more of the same destructive behaviors in others.

"SWAYED" Track Listing:

1. Human

2. Carmena Saturna 

3. Boxing Glove

4. Mercy Screams

5. DFTD (Between the Devils)

6. Nothing But Recordings

7. Pieces

8. Island

9. Seaglass

10. Swayed

"SWAYED" Special Edition Bonus Tracks: 

1. The Art of Excess

2. Human (Angelspit Mix)

3. Boxing Glove (Iris Mix)

4. Mercy Screams (Doganov Mix)

5. Nothing But Recordings (Bounte Mix)

6. Pieces (AL1CE Mix)

7. Island (Diamond Eye Version)

8. Seaglass (S7 Version)

9. Swayed (Greg Panciera Mix)


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