MR-069 Circa Tapes “Love And Venom” LP
MR-072 Marker “S/T.” LP
MR-073 Negative Response “Oblique Angles” LP

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MR-069 Circa Tapes “Love And Venom” LP  $20

Third full length album by Circa Tapes (solo project of Adam Killing of Kill Memory Crash). Following excellent previous releases on Romance Moderne and DKA, this third album displays the evolution of Killing’s spot on ability to masterfully blend dark early 80s synth, industrial and cold wave into a completely new entity. Much heavier and wonderfully darker, this LP will appeal to fans of classics like Skinny Puppy, as well as cutting edge EBM contemporaries such as Broken English Club, Boy Harsher and other cold wave / industrial hybrids.

Order HERE (Come with instant download AND bonus tracks).

MR-072 Marker “S/T”  LP $19

On his debut full-length album as Marker, New Orleans artist Mike Wilkinson eschews traditional pop catharsis for total submersion into a blue, luminous tunnel. Guitar, bass, and Wilkinson’s voice are all treated through a variety of outboard and software effects, gently blurring into one another. Written and recorded between 2012 and 2015, the songs distill themes of isolation and connection, unreliable memory, identity, and the problem of infinite introspection and its relationship with reality. Filled with surprise melodic turns and evocative, vaporous production, “Marker” is an immersive work of otherworldly pop, encouraging its listeners to retreat inside themselves.

Order HERE (comes with instant download)

MR-073 Negative Response “Oblique Angles” LP  $19

Hand-picked selection of tracks by UK’s Negative Response in this initial limited run of 300 discs.  Negative Response is a DIY minimal synth project that formed in 1980. They self-released 3 cassettes from 1981-1983 as well as playing a number of gigs from 82-85. The tracks embody a very melancholy atmosphere reinforced by their arsenal of early electronic analogue equipment. This collection will certainly appeal to fans of early bedroom synth artists such as John Bender and other DIY home recording moguls of the era. All tracks remastered from cassette by Martin Bowes at the Cage, UK.

Order HERE (comes with instant download)


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