söder mälarstrand

lena andersson »söder mälarstrand«

lena andersson is a fictional character created by berlin-based japanese artist kyoka and irish producer eomac. both met in 2016 during a residency at the stockholm EMS studios. the initial spark of their collaboration was a joint session on the studio's buchla system, later expanding to multiple other sound sources and instruments at sessions in the etopia studio in zaragoza supported by fuga.

during the improvisations, a call-and-response working principle emerged immediately which joins the special talents of both musicians. kyoka's free and experimental approach forms part of the source material that is contrasted with eomac's skillful editing; unconventional reflections face a driving force. from kyoka's extensive field recording collection, an arabesque of disturbing vocal fragments arises that is set against eomac's hard rhythmic framework, as in »das tier«, for instance. »37 years later« or »mystic« live on a vivid texture that has been condensed directly at the mixing console into a kind of dramaturgical capturing of the moment. the immediacy of the collaboration forms the basis for a synergy of the individual production techniques. a strategy that lacks neither absolute creative freedom nor an awareness of musical function.

»söder mälarstrand« thus captures an intuitive cooperation between the two producers, which also refers back to the place of origin through its dialogical, moment-related production principle. the album title is a tribute to the stockholm studios where the project began.

»söder mälarstrand« will be released on the 28th of june 2019 on CD and digitally.

cat#: r-m 187
formats: cd ∙ digital
shop: http://www.raster-media.net/shop/soeder-maelarstrand?c=9


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