An instant for a momentary desolation describes a place
devastated by the natural reactions of these days Nature can be as
cruel as beautiful.¡Immense and tenacious!
This album goes through
a path of ambiguity, of how beauty can corrupt us by desecrating  what we love.
"Momentary desolation", "Desecration" &
"Incertae" explain the feeling of despair with a heartbreaking  and
corrosive sound, Lee draws dirty faces with lost looks without finding
“Vulnerable Petal” shows us the fragility of life,
emptiness after the chaos and the uncertainty of what will
Four songs wrapped with exquisite lithographic edition and
numbered interior engravings in a single
print of twenty

Jazz musician, composer of ambient
/electronic music.
Lee has extensive experience working in the
studio, experimenting and creating sounds using field recordings under

different lo-fi generators for further processing and the
simulation of abstract and full of melancholy symphonies.
He has
published works with several labels and collaborated with numerous

Artist: Lee Yi 
Album: An Instant for a momentary desolation
Artist: Lee Yi 
Ref: RM 0045
Date: 16/10/2017
Genre: Ambient / Electronic music
Design by Rottenman Editions
Artcover & Photography by Meneh Peh
Deluxe Edition Interior Engraving by Meneh Peh
Lithographic print at Esteban Senties Studio 
(Valle de Bravo, Estado de México) México

Price: CD €18 Deluxe Edition 
CD €10 Standard Edition
Digital € 7


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