Waiting for the
new album that will mark a decisive evolution in the sound of the
Italian-French artist, Kaouenn returns with a single that is an
unexpected gift!
'Les Hiboux' is an unexpected single: a
track originally included in Kaouenn's self-titled debut album ('S/t'
2016, Ph37 SoundLab) – through which the musician had the chance to
perform in Italy, France, Belgium and Switzerland – the song is a
successful remix experiment by John Delive, producer coming from the
Rotterdam techno/trance scene and currently based in
Accompanied by a psychedelic video by Fabio
Cotichelli – Video Ex Machina (the creator of the previous video for
'Black Owl'), 'Les Hiboux' shows a new obscure, tantalizing and
well-made 'dancing mood', which immediately made a hole in the soul of
the author, always interested in beating unexplored paths from his
other projects in music. A gift for a friend.

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/0yZXLh0R6A8

"Les Hiboux was the first
song composed for my debut album, and, surely, it is one of the most
significant: directly inspired by the poem ‘The Owls' by Charles
Baudelaire – taken from ‘The Flowers of Evil' – highlights the
ambivalent nature of these animals, ancient and mysterious idols,
owning a wisdom from which the common man is excluded, and, at the
same time, maximum representatives of the darkness. Compared to them
man is a fragile shadow.”

Kaouenn is a creature born in 2014
from the imagination of an expatriated Italian musician in France.
Active since the early 2000s in various bands such as Butcher Mind
Collapse, Lebowski and Jesus Franco & The Drogas, the solo project
Kaouenn debuts in 2016 with the eponymous album which is well received
by European critics. At the base there is the need to stage a
multi-sensory and hypnotic show, based on musical and visual
performance, with an oblique approach between genres: psychedelia,
electronic, post-punk, trip-hop, new-wave, exotica,

Credits & Tracklist
Kaouenn | Vocals,
guitars, synthesizers, samples, programming
Remixing and mastering:
John Delive @ Bessel Sound Studio, Barcelona (ES)Recording and
editing: Kaouenn @ Ph37 Soundlab, Nice (FR)
Artwork and layout:
Music: KaouennLyrics: adaptation of the poem ‘Les
Hiboux’ by Charles Baudelaire, taken from ‘Les Fleurs du Mal’,
English translation by William Aggeler (Fresno, CA: Academy Library
Guild, 1954)Video: Fabio Cotichelli / Video Ex MachinaPhotos:
Caterina Fattori

Side A: Les Hiboux Remix
Side B: Les
Hiboux Remix (Video Edit)

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