– GLICE – FLEISCH III (NM078  Limited Cassette edition / Download)

– GLICE | COEN OSCAR POLACK – DEAR BODY (NM079  Limited Cassette edition / Download)


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Three years after initiating their FLEISCH-series of cassette/download albums with manipulated live recordings, the Dutch noise group Glice (Ruben Braeken and Melle Kromhout) presents the third and final installment. FLEISCH III takes the process of editing and rearranging concert recordings to new extremes.

With FLEISCH III, Glice achieved an even more dynamic and poetic sound than on their previous record, the sprawling and poetic album CIELO. In the year after the release of that acclaimed album, Glice played numerous shows, including specially commissioned festival performances for Rewire Festival and an opening concert for Ryoji Ikeda’s exhibition in EyeFilm in Amsterdam.

Listen to FLEISCH III here: https://glice.bandcamp.com/album/fleisch-iii

Then there is DEAR BODY, the second collaborative release between Glice and Coen Oscar Polack. This cassette/download album presents two improvised clashes between the layered noise of Glice and the richly ambient-concrète of Coen Oscar Polack. Two years ago, their collaboration started with RACE TO THE BOTTOM and a series of live performances.

In recent years, the cinematic noise of Glice, with its great sense of texture and drama, has opened many ears to a genre that is often perceived as difficult or inaccessible. That makes Glice a perfect match for the work of Coen Oscar Polack, which navigates an unstable balance between electronic textures and field recordings. This release is a captivating document of the collaboration between three original voices in the Dutch electronic underground.

Listen to DEAR BODY here: https://glice.bandcamp.com/album/dear-body

FLEISCH III and DEAR BODY are presented as cassette edition limited to 55 physical copies each and as digital downloads.

Glice in the press:

  • ‘In Glice’s Cielo, the effect is to humanise the cumulative brutalities of bruit – noise – which is not a bad thing.’ – The Wire
  • ‘I love noise, but Glice was really a revelation for me. These guys have a different perception of sound. They hear poetry where nobody does.’ – Alexander Hacke / Einstürzende Neubauten
  • "Fleisch will be haunting your dreams until you give it the full attention it deserves and lay your own opinion to rest." – The Formant

Coen Oscar Polack in the press:

  • ’’Polack works in long form on a big canvas […} His pieces give vastness a texture you can reach out and touch.’’ – Stephan Fruitman, IglooMag

Race to the Bottom in the press:

  • “Truly recommended for all fans of experimental music" – Chain D.L.K

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