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200 010EP RAUCHERECKE: Chordhose 12″ (200 010EP) 13.00
“With their second release on 200 Records, the Cologne-based duo RaucherEcke presents Chordhose — a sophisticated groover with a phenomenally drunken piano. Marcel Janovsky has perfectly remixed this gem with a typical Treibstoff sound. Our beloved B2 is devoted to ‘Gitarre,’ a melancholic guitar smasher.”
ARBOR 111LP RENE HELL/THREE LEGGED RACE: Violin Petal {Auden}/Whipped Secrets LP (ARBOR 111LP) 15.00
“Rene Hell and Three Legged Race investigate the space where classically outsider musical forms begin to intersect with more popular ones. Taking cues from science fiction and early electronic / tape music and translating them through the lens of minimal techno and the personal logic of bedroom recording; both creating something unclassifiable in its hybrid form. Rene Hell’s four part suite Violin Petal {Auden} follows his recent LP on Type with its distinct form of digital synthesis and future-concrète; cyclic music expanding and contracting throughout a cybernetic space. The confusion of communication, control source unknown. Signals crossed along a technological drift. Robert Beatty’s Three Legged Race presents a three part suite, Whipped Secrets. Investigating herein an application of early ‘automatic’ synthesizer music manipulated into linear form based song structure. Developing softly, the first movement sounds like a loner folk recording from a distant future time; complete with vocals, staring sad eyed across an open expanse, contemplating the state of things. Slowly, this form unravels into a more abstract and ‘automatic’ based territory; rhythmic and melodic staccato signals possessed with an almost intelligent logic of their own. Communication shifts from the man to his machine. In an edition of 400 copies with glossy jackets featuring images by each artist and printed inner sleeves and center labels designed by Jeff Witscher. “
ARBOR 138LP CONCERN: Cæsarean LP (ARBOR 138LP) 15.00
“As Concern, Gordon Ashworth has explored drone music through an inspection of the textural components of acoustic instruments and recording processes. On Cæsarean the palette presented is a singularly precise one. Using simple sources (piano, clarinet, banjo, shrutti box, and acoustic guitar), tape processing (1/4″ and cassette), and reverberation, Ashworth crafts delicate tape music through transforming repetitions and obscured fidelity. The emotional and physical presence of Cæsarean is overwhelming; sounding simultaneously natural and alien. The instrumentation and field recordings are both stripped of their defining characteristics; creating a balance between the harmonic characters of both, a pure transformation empty of excess and desire. Time held in suspension. In an edition of 500 copies with black and white reverse board jackets and printed labels.”
ACRE 021EP FANTASTIC MR FOX: Evelyn EP 2×10″ (ACRE 021EP) 15.00
“Polishing off what has been an uber-strong year for Black Acre we have the elusive Fantastic Mr Fox. Recent collaborations and US/UK Tour support with the XX have anticipation building for a fresh dose of FMF’s own unique brand of Sweded Soul. Forsaking the more tear-inspiring melodrama of the Sketches EP, FMF’s recent excursions in heavily-reduced house have lead him to create his own brand of broken RnB. The Evelyn EP is a kick driven, neon clad slice of lazer cannon soul. Big rhythm sections rollout anthemic clipped snatches of long dead chart bound voices. The soundtrack for a party to soothe a broken heart.”
BLACKBOX 007EP SEVEN: Wait/Germs 12″ (BLACKBOX 007EP) 9.00
“With strong DJ support and highly-rated studio collaboration from the likes of N-Type and Youngsta, Seven is building a rep for himself as the go-to guy for tough, hard-edged beats — a rep that’s cemented by this two part EP for Black Box. ‘Wait’ is the sonic equivalent of an unstoppable force, as loose drums and sizzling electric bass get steamrollered by a barrage of hammering 808s — add in some vintage hip-hop cutups and you have the ultimate Y3K B-boy weapon. On the flip is ‘Germs’, a Youngsta exclusive for months at his request but finally available on wax. The tense intro is overlaid with apocalyptic sci-fi samples, heralding the deadly combo of rock hard drums and thunderous sub bass.”
CARGO 017EP SCHATZ, MARKUS: I Am Cabbaged 12″ (CARGO 017EP) 12.00
Berlin-based Markus Schatz is no stranger to Cargo Edition, and the I Am Cabbaged EP perfectly reflects his unique charms. These tracks are deep, yet excellent for DJing and go far beyond the ordinary DJ tools. Schatz collaborated with Markus Homm on “I Need.”
CH 19918CD YOSHIMURA, NANAE: The Art Of The Koto: Complete Edition 4CD BOX (CH 19918CD) 50.00
CD1: “This recording, the first of four volumes reflecting on the history of the koto, brings together five representative pieces from the classical repertoire for the Japanese koto, composed between the mid-17th and mid-19th century. The music on this disc is largely a product of the daimyo, samurai and chonin merchant-class culture of the kamigata region of Kyoto and Osaka. This style of koto playing, known as the Ikuta school after the great master Kengyo Ikuta (1656-1750), also spread to and became popular in Edo and throughout the country soon after its emergence, but the new performance style championed by Kengyo Yamada (1757-1817) from the late years of the 18th century in Edo became extremely popular there, overwhelming the Edo representatives of the Ikuta school. Now the Yamada school is still largely confined to the area around modern Tokyo whereas many Ikuta school players, like Nanae, are also based there, and the Ikuta school dominates the koto-music scene in most other regions of the country.” CD2: “Volume Two of this series, which features the artistry of the koto player Nanae Yoshimura, comprises six pieces ranging from the core classical repertoire of the 17th century to new works composed in the first decades of the 20th. Two great masters stand out: Kengyo (Kengyo meaning master) Yatsuhashi (1614-85), the founder of the tradition of Japanese koto music played by blind musicians, and Michio Miyagi (1894-1956), the great blind musician of the first half of the 20th century who not only embodied that tradition but opened up exciting new possibilities through his new compositional and performance activities.” CD3: “The third volume of The Art of the Koto, which features the artistry of Nanae Yoshimura, takes us into the second half of the twentieth century. It comprises five works written between 1969 and 1989 for the nijugen, a version of the koto with 21 rather than the traditional thirteen strings. This instrument was developed through co-operation between the composer Minoru Miki and the virtuoso koto performer Keiko Nosaka in 1969.” CD4: “As a companion especially to Vol. 3: Works for Nijugen it contains three more compositions for the nijugen-koto, a modern version of the koto with 20 strings (instead of the 13 strings of the traditional koto). This time, however, the focus is on works for nijugen-koto and an ensemble of Japanese traditional instruments, played by members of Pro Musica Nipponia (Nihon Ongaku Shudan). On this disk two compositions by Minoru Miki can be heard: Tatsuta-no-kyoku written in 1971 is one of his earliest solo compositions for the new instrument nijugen-koto which was ‘invented’ in 1969 (Track 7). The other is his Concerto Requiem for nijugen-koto solo and an ensemble of Japanese instruments (Track 1), one of Miki’s most important works written in 1981. Tracks 2-6 include a piece in five movements by the versatile composer Takashi Yoshimatsu (*1953). Originally written in 1998 for nijugen-koto solo and a trio of European instruments, it was newly arranged in 1999 for an ensemble of Japanese instruments to be performed during ‘Pro Musica Nipponia the 156th regular concert’ on 8th August 2000 in Tokyo.”
COLOUR 001EP ORANGE MUSE (FEAT. ANIA): Psychedelic Behaviour 12″ (COLOUR 001EP) 12.00
This is the very first release on new label, Colourful Recordings, home of Swedish producer and DJ Tobias Lindén aka Orange Muse. “Psychedelic Behaviour” represents the new sound of Tobias, a driving, hypnotic affair with an electrified spoken-word delivery from Ania. On remix duties, we have Rocco, Quentin Harris and Honey Dijon stepping out of their game! Rocco’s mix is a deep, haunting groove and Quentin Harris and Honey Dijon’s mix is reminiscent of Sound Factory glory.
“Andrew King, along with collaborators Brown Sierra, send forth a follow-up EP to last year’s folk diamond Thalassocracy. The Kraken sounds like a traditional maritime shanty ripped from history’s pages, laced with experimental beauty, electronic hisses, and static. Andrew’s own background as one of the primary members of Sol Invictus (alongside Tony Wakeford) and The Triple Tree mixed with his studies of ancient English folklore forged with Brown Sierra’s epic electronic noise instrumentation make this release one to be anticipated and easily one of the most remembered folk recordings of the past year. Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies.” With insert.
SBOY 035EP KUTZ: Hypno/Itch 12″ (SBOY 035EP) 9.00
“Kutz is a dubstep DJ/producer hailing from the home of the sound — Croydon, and has been rapidly gaining support and acclaim across the board in recent years. Having already released material on labels including Soul Jazz, N-Types Wheel’N’Deal label and Tempa, SBOY035 see’s Kutz debut on Shy FX’s mighty Digital Soundboy imprint with ‘Hypno’ and ‘Itch’.”
DTD 016CD VA: Baby, How Can It Be? 3CD (DTD 016CD) 30.00
Subtitled: Songs Of Love, Lust And Contempt From The 1920s And 1930s. Three CDs of music about love, lust and contempt from the 1920s and 1930s. Three CDs from the 78 rpm record collection of John Heneghan with liner notes by Nick Tosches and several illustrations by R. Crumb. “This is a trove of delights, many of which will be new to even the furthest gone among us … Like the man says, love is a many-splendored thing. Those who have it, had it, or hold vague memories of something like it. Those who have yearned and pined for it. Those who have thrown it away, or cried over it, or are incapable of it. Those who have killed themselves or others or both over it. Everybody knows that what the man says is true. No wonder there have been so many songs about it, going way back, all the way back to the Song of Songs, or the Song of Solomon, or whatever the hell you want to call it, and before that even … As is commonly recognized, or so at least it should be stated for matters at hand, the 1920s and 1930s represented the golden age of the love song. Baby, How Can It Be? Songs Of Love, Lust And Contempt — don’t forget that odi-et-amo angle — From The 1920s And 1930s reflects that age of gold resplendently. Chosen from the collection of John Heneghan, the 66 recordings here are alive with more cooing, kissing, cupidity, cussing, and killing than lifetimes of longing, heavenly and demonic, could ever aspire to. Talk about a handful of young roe and its discontents. As them Hebe smut-hounds of old used to say, you ain’t heard nothin’ yet.” –Nick Tosches, from the liner notes. 3 CDs + booklet in an 8-panel cardboard case.
DTD 017CD JONES, REV. JOHNNY L. ‘HURRICANE’: The Hurricane That Hit Atlanta 2CD (DTD 017CD) 23.00
Dust-to-Digital presents a 2CD collection of archival recordings from Rev. Johnny L. “Hurricane” Jones, culled from more than 1,000 tapes going back to 1957. Every track on this set is available to the public for the very first time. Johnny Lee Jones was born on June 25, 1936 in Marion, Alabama. Growing up, Johnny said he and his brothers were “country boys” — farming, planting cotton, picking cotton, pulling corn, plowing mules, raising cows, chickens, and hogs, but they also had the spiritual life. Johnny’s mother was a very active member of the church, and his father was a deacon. Every Sunday, the family would sing and praise at Macedonia Baptist Church in Howell Crossroad, Alabama. Johnny soon taught himself how to play piano and before long he was appointed the church’s choir director. In 1957, Johnny moved to Atlanta, going from church to church and from place to place, preaching and playing the piano. He hit his stride in LaGrange, a town a little more than an hour’s drive southwest of Atlanta. Johnny claims he had “a lightning spark” while pastoring several churches in the rural town. It was at the Second Mount Olive Baptist Church in Atlanta where Johnny would receive the nickname “The Hurricane.” The nickname stuck, as did the church, and a string of album releases followed Jones’ fiery reputation. Jewel Records released Jones’ last album in 1978. In the years since, those records have gone out-of-print, eventually circulating into used bins and thrift stores where they’ve been picked up by younger listeners unfamiliar with Jones or his church. The records have been rediscovered by a new generation, and now we can hear the recordings Johnny made for his own private use and for his radio ministry. Today, Rev. Johnny L. “Hurricane” Jones is still preaching, singing and playing music every Sunday at Second Mount Olive Baptist. He still does a radio show on WYZE every first and third Saturday of the month. In fact, many of the recordings on these CDs were made to assist Johnny with his radio ministry. The songs serve as church to those who are physically unable to leave their house, and are a calling for those who cannot wait until Sunday to hear “Hurricane” Jones. The reels of tape, which date back to Johnny’s first days in Atlanta, provide documentation of a church across seven decades. The quality is raw and often distorted, yet the sounds are nothing short of heavenly. Housed in a cardboard case with an essay by label founder Lance Ledbetter.
DTD 018DVD KING, GEORGE: Ten Thousand Points Of Light: The 20th Anniversary Edition DVD (DTD 018DVD) 21.50
Kitsch alert! Worshipper at the shrine of Elvis, fans of unabashed bad taste, followers of pop culture, take note. Ten Thousand Points Of Light, originally released in 1991 and now available on DVD for the very first time, is a wry, understated and terrifically funny look at The Townsends, a suburban Atlanta family who, every holiday season for eight years, transformed their Stone Mountain area brick ranch house into a meteoric blaze of Christmas lights. Known as both “the Christmas House” and the “the Elvis House,” the Townsend’s home was visited yearly by vast numbers of people, many of whom viewed a trip to the land of a thousand tchotchkes as an annual pilgrimage. George King, who sees the Townsends as TV-addled, mainstream eccentrics who are possessed of extraordinary community spirit, captures some priceless moments, beginning with an early interview in which Margaret Townsend opines: “Christmas and Elvis go together. Nothing will take the place of Christ. But Elvis was a good man; he was good to everybody.” Graceland has clearly had an impact on the Townsend’s aesthetic, as has the Cable Shopping Network and Family Circle-style craft projects. What did the Christmas/Elvis House mean to visitors, and why did they mourn its final season? King elicits some revealing comments from the patient folks who lined up until 10 p.m. on weeknights, weekends till midnight. Ten Thousand Points Of Light could have come across as a bad-tempered, Letterman-style trashing of working-class values and rituals. Instead, it’s a sly portrait, shadowed with hints of the surreal, that strikes a perfect balance between affection and awe-struck disbelief. Housed in a digipak with gold foil stamping on the cover including a booklet containing an interview with the filmmaker from 2010. Length: Program Run Time – 31 min/Total Run Time – 1hour 45min; Stereo Audio; Color; Aspect ratio: 16:9. The DVD is NTSC format, region free.
EF 028EP VILLALOBOS, RICARDO: Zero Set II: Reconstruct Pt. 1 12″ (EF 028EP) 12.00
This is a remix package of the legendary ’80s Krautrock record Zero Set from Moebius, Plank, Neumeier (BB 037CD/LP) which has influenced many artists. Zero Set was produced by half of Cluster Dieter Moebius, the drummer of Guru Guru Manfred Neumeier and acclaimed producer Conny Plank, who worked with Kraftwerk and Ash Ra Temple, to name a few. This first set of remixes comes from Ricardo Villalobos.
EF 029EP PRINS THOMAS: Zero Set II: Reconstruct Pt. 2 12″ (EF 029EP) 12.00
This is a remix package of the legendary ’80s Krautrock record Zero Set from Moebius, Plank, Neumeier (BB 037CD/LP) which has influenced many artists. Zero Set was produced by half of Cluster Dieter Moebius, the drummer of Guru Guru Manfred Neumeier and acclaimed producer Conny Plank. Vol. 2 of the remix package is done by Prins Thomas. Pt. 1 is a psych-out rock disco remix and Pt. 2 is a more playful acid remix.
ERATP 004LP ARNALDS, OLAFUR: Eulogy for Evolution LP (ERATP 004LP) 23.00
2008 release, repressed on deluxe LP. This is the debut release by Iceland’s Ólafur Arnalds and the first North American release for the London-based cinematic music label Erased Tapes Records. Arnalds has immersed himself completely in the world of delicate symphonic composition in a near-weightless orchestral undertaking. Mixing strings with loops, ambience, electronics and beats, Arnalds combines classical instrumentation with an indie-rock aesthetic that draws comparison to Sigur Rós. Eulogy for Evolution is an evocative, orchestral suite that takes the listener on a journey, representing different periods of life from birth to death through slow-building and hauntingly melodic chamber music.
ERATP 008EP ARNALDS, OLAFUR: Variations of Static 10″ (ERATP 008EP) 19.50
2008 release, repressed on vinyl; 10″ version. This is the follow-up EP to Ólafur Arnalds’ debut release for Erased Tapes, Eulogy for Evolution. While keeping the classical foundations of his debut album, on Variations of Static, Arnalds incorporates crackling electronics and the dead voice of a machine; like vague memories of a tradition lost within the digital age we all live in. It comes with a free download voucher for the 11-track Erased Tapes Collection I compilation to celebrate the label’s 1st anniversary.
FF 001LP TEENAGE FANCLUB: A Catholic Education LP (FF 001LP) 31.00
“Originally released in 1990 on Paperhouse, this is their classic debut album and it really catches that pop indie sound that flooded everyone’s headphones in the early ’90s. More raw sounding than their later releases, A Catholic Education doesn’t really fit neatly into any category, being the perfect marriage of the better aspects of Britpop and the swirling dreamy guitars and melancholy pop melodies of the Big Star tradition.”
FF 1610LP GIANT SAND: Blurry Blue Mountain PIC. DISC (FF 1610LP) 35.00
Limited edition picture disc version. “2010 marks the 25th anniversary of Valley Of Rain — the debut album by Giant Sand, the ever-shifting alternative rock band overseen by ‘the Godfather of Alt. Country’ Howe Gelb. With that in mind, the band are celebrating in the only way they know how: with a flurry of great music, including the release of this new Giant Sand record. This special edition is being released in a limited edition of 500 copies on picture disc. Says Howe Gelb of Blurry Blue Mountain: ‘On this album, it happened that every session we were able to record came between workloads that rendered us at that point of sleeping and waking. Like the poppy fields in Wizard Of Oz, we went in and out of consciousness at various times during recording. This is not a bad thing. Nor does it make the record sound like we’re asleep. It has the momentum of that place between sleep and being awake. And in that narrow slip of existence lies a landscape of reason that most of us hurry past in daily lives. This record is planted firmly there. Between the crystal clear focus of your day to day and the luxury of sweet fuzzy sleep, we welcome you to the blurry blue mountain.'”
FF 161LP GIANT SAND: Blurry Blue Mountain LP (FF 161LP) 33.00
Bue vinyl version, limited edition of 500 copies.
FF 163LP GIANT SAND: Ballad Of A Thin Line Man LP (FF 163LP) 31.00
“Ballad Of A Thin Line Man, Giant Sand’s second album, was originally released in 1986 and features the popular single ‘Thin Line Man’ and the addition of Paula Jean Brown, who would become Howe’s wife, as a guitarist.”
FRY 010EP COLE, ANN: Each Day/Have Fun 7″ (FRY 010EP) 8.00
Ann Cole began her all-too brief career with her family’s gospel group The Colemanaires before going on to cut a batch of secular solo singles with the Baton label. From the Baton sides, Fryer has selected “Each Day” for this limited run reissue, a hot little number that swings, bops and boogies accompanied by sultry lead vocals from Miss Ann Cole herself. On the flip, “Have Fun” is a sweet, string-laden ballad-with-a-beat.
HAUNT 003EP HORROR INC.: Aurore 12″ (HAUNT 003EP) 12.00
Montreal micro-house legend Marc Leclair (aka Akufen, Horror Inc.) emerges from the fog to present some of his most prolific work to date. “Aurore” leads things off with a super groovy percussive bubbler that builds up to delayed guitar and strings. “Crepuscule” is a cinematic, moody affair that could easily find its way into a Hitchcock or David Lynch film, and “Dans La Nuit” features spooky child toy-like sequences underlying the entire track. Horror Inc. is back from the shadows.
HEART 043CD YE OLDE MAIDS: God Blesses Us, Mother Dresses Us CD (HEART 043CD) 11.00
Bedroom recording alias of Cold Cave’s Wes Eisold. Expanded CD reissue of the OOP LP, originally released on Art Fag. “This 2006-2008 collection of twenty-four electronic bedroom recordings features previously unreleased songs as well as all tracks from the out of print LP and demo.”
HIGH 086EP DREIER, DANIEL: Black Madonna EP 12″ (HIGH 086EP) 12.00
Daniel Dreier has been one of the most active members of the Berlin techno scene for over 10 years. As a resident DJ at clubs like Watergate and Panorama Bar, he has created his own wobbly minimal funk and delivers beats that keep the dancefloor in a state of jiggling suspense. Little wonder then, that this latest Highgrade release, featuring the tracks “Black Madonna,” “Last Dinner” and “Angeldust” is a record that moves your hips from the very first beat.
JBJ 1009EP BROWN, NAPPY: Coal Miner 7″ (JBJ 1009EP) 11.00
Originally issued in 1961 on Savoy Records and at the dwindling tail-end of Nappy Brown’s initial R&B career, Coal Miner was a huge record. With its honking sax and sleazy bass line, the song probably arrived a little too late in the day to seriously trouble the charts, but nowadays it sounds perfect for the R&B set and is Nappy’s signature record on the mod and popcorn scenes, and beyond. Available in an original and alternate version.
JBJ 1010EP DALE, LARRY: Down To The Bottom/Midnight Hours 7″ (JBJ 1010EP) 11.00
The Texas-born Larry Dale passed away in May 2010, aged 87. Discovered a while back languishing in the vaults of Groove, a long-defunct sub of RCA set up to handle the parent label’s R&B output, these two sides were recorded at New York sessions in the mid-’50s. Both tracks feature the sterling guitar and arrangement skills of Mickey Baker and the handiwork of Jack Dupree on the ’88s. Rolling blues rhumba with crashing piano rolls and suggestive lyrics with some greasy blues. Includes the original Groove label design for this long overdue 45rpm vinyl pairing. Limited run of only 500 copies pressed.
Of all the Holy Grail LPs that Jazzman Records has reissued so far, this is quite possibly the rarest of the rare, with a miniscule 50 copies of the original album having been pressed up 40 or so years ago. It’s a miracle that any copies at all have survived since then, but Jazzman has jumped through hoops to ensure that not only have they faithfully reproduced the original, but they have done it with a quality that cannot be rivaled. Marvin “Hannibal” Peterson will be a familiar name to ’70s jazz enthusiasts, but his career started with the Soulmasters in Texas back in the ’60s. As bandleader and trumpeter, they were a popular outfit around the Texas nightclub circuit with their own brand of funky jazz, soul ballads and Rn’B showmanship. This album manages to squeeze in all three, including the extended funky jazz workout “Our Groove,” the haunting ballad “Five Foot Even” and finishing off with a cracking version of James Brown’s “I Can’t Stand It.” For lovers of soul, jazz, funk and all things in between, this album is for you. Includes a 6-page color booklet with extensive notes, interviews and previously-unpublished photographs.
Deluxe LP version, limited to 1,500 copies. Includes insert with pictures and liner notes.
JMAN 078EP VA: The Jazz Box 3×7″ (JMAN 078EP) 23.50
Subtitled: A Collection Of Enlightening & Liberating Spiritual Jazz 45s. James Spaulding is a jazz flautist and saxophonist who has appeared on countless recordings over the past 50 years. But his recordings as leader are few and far between — a travesty, as the 45 re-released here is as astounding as the beauty of the label of his solitary East 45; why didn’t he make more records under his own name? The Lightmen was a loose group of musicians from Texas led by Bubba Thomas. They recorded several 45s and LPs, all of which remain highly collectible, not just because of their rarity, but because of the sheer quality of the deep, spiritual jazz etched in their grooves. James Tatum is still performing as a pianist with his jazz group and has a great deal of involvement with education and the church. His two highly collectible LPs yielded no 45s, but we are here to put that right. A triple 45 jazz box — three jazz 45s of the highest caliber, with gatefold sleeves, pictures and liner notes and a custom-made foldout cover with original artwork by Ski Williams. Fully licensed and endorsed by the original artists.
SOUL7 016EP WILSON, WALTER: Love Keeps Me Crying/Not Now But Later 7″ (SOUL7 016EP) 11.00
This reissue of Walter Wilson’s awesome two-sider from the Wand catalog is a real lost gem of mid-’60s soul — a Northern dancer from the very top shelf on the A-side, and a real beauty of a mid-tempo ballad on the flip. You can count the known copies of the original on one hand — one copy recently fetched a healthy figure of over $6000 at action. Fully licensed and restored from the original master tapes, with a pressing of 500 copies only worldwide.
KRANK 152CD PAN AMERICAN: For Waiting, For Chasing CD (KRANK 152CD) 13.00
“For Waiting, For Chasing was originally issued in a limited pressing by the Stefan Németh (Radian) curated Mosz label in 2006. This is the first time it is being made widely available in North America and elsewhere. As Mosz eloquently stated at the time of release, ‘…it is not about the process or the media, which have been used. It is about how elements and structures are put in a detailed relation to each other, ending up in a slow-moving, breathing organism. Filaments of percussive elements condense to polyrhythmic elements, layers of sound, instruments and field recordings merge to build up a mystic parallel, not so much fictional world.’ Perhaps the most skeletal and minimal of all of the works in the Pan American canon, it may also be the most compelling.”
2002 release, restocked. “The Ethio Jazz album by Mulatu Astatqé is a jewel of the modern Ethiopian music and a mythical album, since the beginning of Ethiopian music reissues (mainly on Buda Musique). An incredibly groovy Ethiopian record, originally from 1969-1972. Amazing orchestral ‘Ethio-groove’ filled with US soul, jazz, sometimes Latin and the deepest Eastern rhythms, even including some great nasty and dirty fuzz guitars. A true gem of Ethiopian modern instrumental music, which illustrates perfectly this symbiosis of strong rhythms and quality arrangements of subtle yet deep Ethiopian melodies. A must for all ’60s/’70s collectors! In the Ethiopian musical landscape, Mulatu Astatke is a unique musician, composer, arranger. His real contribution consists in his action for instrumental music, in a country where orchestral traditions doesn’t exist. For the last 30 years, he is the leading head of the Ethiopian musical scene. First vinyl reissue and definitely one of the most important Ethiopian music albums.”
LAP 006LP VA: Ethiopian Modern Instrumentals Hits LP (LAP 006LP) 16.00
2003 release. “Ethiopians’ deep-seated ethiocentrism, the legacy of a thousand years of history, has contributed in no small way to their music’s strong national identity, particularly impervious to any African influences. Latin influences, so pervasive in the great musical centers of West Africa and the Congo, have been similarly rebuffed, despite the brilliant attempts of a musician like Mulatu Astatke. He was the first and for a long time the only Ethiopian to have studied music abroad (England and USA). In the late ’60s, he brought back ‘ethio-jazz’, as well as a passion for Latin rhythms that was not readily shared by the Ethiopian audience. As early as 1966, he released a single and two LPs in the US entitled Afro-Latin Soul (and a third LP, Mulatu of Ethiopia in 1972), with his Ethiopian Quintet composed of American and Latin-American musicians (Worthy Records). That was three years before Fela’s first American tour and six years prior to Manu Dibango’s key breakthrough with the release of Soul Makossa in the Western ‘pre-World music’ market. All this goes to show how much the history of the African continent’s musical modernity should be reconsidered in light of the Ethiopian adventure, even though this lone spark bore little relation, musically or ideologically to the musical revolutions initiated most notably by Ghanian highlife, South African jazz, Congolese rumba or, much later on, by Fela.”
LAP 007LP AHMED, MAHMOUD: Erè Mèla Mèla LP (LAP 007LP) 16.00
2003 release, restocked. “The re-release series of original Ethiopian classic vinyl continues — the finest Ethio jazz by Mahmoud Ahmed and his band from 1975 plus two tracks from 1978. The liner notes: ‘Melancholy blues, piercingly minimalist country airs, brassy, danceable urban jazz, heart-wrenching, off-key crooners: a rich and stirring patchwork of sounds, crossing Afro-beat, Latino-swing moves and Eastern arabesques (Anaïs Prosaïc).’ Such were the first — informed and enthusiastic — opinions of the music press when the first strains of modern Ethiopian music sounded on our shores. This was in 1984-1985. Such a positive note, struck about such a country at such a time, created plenty of reverb. The country had been so thoroughly trashed by the media’s feeding-frenzy, which spewed out a mix of horror and pious pity, bitter denunciation and humanitarian appeals, wallet-tickling clichés and refusal of identity. In one brutal swoop, TV-reality transformed Ethiopia into a cursed nation, forsaken by God and by man. In contrast to these tragedies, but in the same hackneyed tones, Mahmoud Ahmed’s life resembles an edifying fairy-tale where destiny, talent and achievement combine to triumph over poverty, fate and the evil eye. Biography, history and legend, with the help of God, infallibly weave the lesson of merit rewarded. But who can argue, in spite of the mockery that celebrities invariably draw, when faced with one of the greatest voices in all of Africa? Once upon a time, there was a street urchin in Addis Ababa, who started off as a shoe-shine boy and went on to become one of his country’s biggest stars, opening the door to Ethiopian music to Western audiences.” –Francis Falceto
LAP 009LP VA: Ethiopian Urban Modern Music Vol. 1 LP (LAP 009LP) 16.00
…Ethiopian Soul and Groove. 2008 release, repressed. “Urban Ethiopian music stands out within the African continent thanks to its creativity and originality. Whatever the shade — pop, blues, jazz or soul — it comes from a fusion of local musical traditions mixed with an echo of Western music. It bewitched Ethiopia during the ‘Swinging Addis’ decade before recently winning the favors of a well-informed audience all over the world. This first vinyl volume of Ethiopian Urban Modern Music presents some of the Ethiopian ‘groove jewels’ drawn from the essential CD Ethiopiques series directed by Francis Falceto and published by Buda music.”
LAP 010LP ESHETE, ALEMAYEHU: Ethiopian Urban Modern Music Vol. 2 LP (LAP 010LP) 16.00
“Alèmayèhu Eshèté is no less than one of the great voices of the heyday of modern Ethiopian music, the swinging sixties which, in this country, went on until the fall of the Emperor Haile Sellassie 1 in 1974. On a par with Tlahoun Gèssèssè, Bzunèsh Bèqèlè or Mahmoud Ahmed, Alèmayèhu is a star at the top level of the constellation that once lit up the wild nights in the capital.”
LAP 011LP VA: Ethiopian Urban Modern Music Vol. 3 LP (LAP 011LP) 16.00
..More Ethiopian Soul And Groove 2009 release, repressed. “A few years ago the world discovered a unique sound coming from the distant Ethiopian capital Addis Abeba. The emotional blow was only matched by the brightness of this original and magnificent discovery. The Ethiopiques series directed by Francis Falcetto and edited by Buda Musique provides a comprehensive landscape of this subtle musical universe where local and western cultures do magnify each other. This new Ethiopian Urban Modern Music release follows the first Soul & Groove installment and keeps revealing some essential parts of the modern Ethiopian puzzle. An unequalled soul funk signature until today.”
LAP 012LP GESSESSE, TLAHOUN: Ethiopian Urban Modern Music Vol. 4 LP (LAP 012LP) 16.00
“Although he is still completely unknown to Western audiences, for Ethiopians, Tlahoun Gèssèssè (pronounced Guèssèssè) is THE VOICE. The first-ever pan-Ethiopian star, he has embodied such nonstop unanimity since the end of the 1950s that is a role-model and a point of reference.”
LDS 015EP MEYER, MATTHIAS: Miss Appre Gate EP 12″ (LDS 015EP) 12.00
Matthias Meyer presents three brand-new stand-out cuts that venture deeper into his extraordinary sonic world. “Miss Appre Gate” recalls the sound that Meyer has become synonymous with: warm, driving and detailed modern house. “Insomnia” is a U.S.-flavored house cut with warm pads and tripped-out vocal elements. “The Rear Window” fuses typically crisp, urgent percussion with a memorable harp theme. Enchanting, haunting and inspiring, this hypnotic rollercoaster says so much, all wrapped up with an unmistakable production sheen.
MINI 022EP SAMUEL, JEFF: False Alarm EP 12″ (MINI 022EP) 12.00
Jeff Samuel has been an activist on all the major labels of the past decade — from 7th City to Trapez and Pokerflat. Minibar is thrilled about these two tracks he produced especially for the label. Sit back, switch the groove receptors on, and enjoy this insane EP.
MFP 052EP MR. STATIK: Lust But Not Leashed 12″ (MFP 052EP) 12.00
This is Mr. Statik’s first 12″ for Mo’s Ferry. On “Come On People,” you can tell immediately that breakbeat is one of Mr. Statik’s roots. Short drum loop slices inconspicuously stacked with the driving hi-hat give this merrily jumping house track a special touch. A varied bass line and talk-box vocals take “Workin’ It Like We Do” to a higher dimension. “Hittin’ The Jack” (feat. Dave Vega) features jazzy drums, a piano and skillfully-used reverb for a trippy closing piece.
MONKEY 006LP MODESELEKTOR: Modeselektion Vol. 01 2LP (MONKEY 006LP) 21.00
2LP version on clear vinyl, limited to 666 copies. There is no need to write a long introduction about Berlin-based artists Modeselektor (Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary). The albums Hello Mom! (BPC 115CD/LP) and Happy Birthday! (BPC 159CD/LP), the stadium world tour with Radiohead, collaborations and remixes with and for Thom Yorke, Björk, Maxïmo Park, Miss Kittin, Boys Noize, Roots Manuva, and many others are impressive milestones of their career. After the festival season of 2010 ends, it’s time to show a sign of life as Modeselektor. So it happens impressively with the kickstart of a new album series called Modeselektions. Accompanied by carefully-selected events around the globe, Modeselektor invited their current favorite electronic music artists to participate with unreleased and exclusive tracks. The vinyl version features 8 of the tracks from the 18 track CD. Tracks by Apparat, Tadd Mulinix & Daniel Meteo, Digital Mystikz-Mala, Ikonika & Optimum, Siriusmo, Housemeister, Feadz and Cylob.
MBF LTD025 SUR, MARCUS: If The Tiger Eats The Lotus Flower 12″ (MBF LTD025) 12.00
This is Marcus Sur’s first record on My Best Friend. “If The Tiger Eats The Lotus Flower” is alternately seductive and its screeching banshee vocals invoke an immediacy that resonates instantly with listeners. “What We Get Is A Smile” features an uplifting dubby house beat that comes in waves. “My Way” comes in two versions, one by David Keno and one by Marcus himself. The Keno remix is more direct and accessible whereas the original by Marcus is deeper.
NOISE 080LP PUTREFIER: Outer Bounds Of Sound: Solar Dragging LP (NOISE 080LP) 16.00
“The last LP in the Outer Bounds LP series from England’s premiere power electronics noise outfit, Putrefier. Most known for his releases on Broken Flag, this album is intense. Edition of 300 with hand made cover.”
OM 011LP GREEN DOOR KIDS, THE: Muzikal Yooth LP (OM 011LP) 15.50
The Green Door Studio opened its (confusingly black) doors to Glasgow’s vibrant music community at the end of 2007. Set up by three Glasgow-based musicians Emily MacLaren (Michael Dracula/The Lady Vanishes), Sam Smith (Mother & The Addicts) and Jamie Greer (Park Attack), who, sick of using other people’s clinical digital studios and being told by engineers “You can’t do that,” decided to create a musician-friendly space where “Actually you can.” Having filled the studio with the creakiest and crankiest analog gear, the studio splits its time between recording commercial clients — the first album recorded behind the (now-painted) green door was Alasdair Roberts’ Spoils, released on Drag City and voted the 4th best album of 2009 by Wire magazine — and free music production workshops and recording opportunities for young people and unsigned musicians sponsored by The Scottish Arts Council. The recordings on this album are the results of these workshops and are split between The Green Door Kids (aged 10-16) involved in the Youth Music Summer School and their slightly more grown-up counterparts (aged 18-25) enrolled on the Song-Crafters Production Course. The young musicians involved helped to engineer their own sessions and were all involved in the mixing and production. Ever wanted to hear a bunch of kids tearing into The Stooges’ “I Wanna Be Your Dog” and the sublime garage classic “Louie Louie”? Ever wondered what it would sound like if you let an assortment of talented young musicians from some of Glasgow’s finest new bands let loose in a studio to record whatever they liked? And how about two 10 year-old twins from Possil (via Ghana) covering the infectious minimal dance grooves of New York’s finest, ESG? Your wait is over!
ORN 010EP YOUANDME: Close To Me 12″ (ORN 010EP) 14.00
Next vinyl-only and limited Ornaments 12″ by youANDme including a Robert Hood remix. Pressed on marbled vinyl.
OVM 209EP STEVE BUG: My Sweet Vital Angel/As It Was 12″ (OVM 209EP) 11.00
Steve Bug has cemented himself as one of the top DJ/producers in the world. For Ovum, Steve presents “My Sweet Vital Angel,” which is a rocking, straight-up house jam. Great use of vocal sample here, and one that will blow up any prime time set. This has been a secret weapon for Wink all summer. “As It Was” shows Steve’s techier side — once again, Steve shows how minimal can be maximal!
PAPR 1001LP VA: Mindrocker: A U.S. Punk Anthology Volume 1 LP (PAPR 1001LP) 22.00
LP version. With the vast amount of ’60s garage and psych compilations that have appeared from around the world in the last few years, it’s easy to understand why so many fans of the genre have felt overwhelmed by the deluge. There are, however, a select group of compilations that are widely regarded as genuine must-haves for collectors of ’60s singles. Alongside Nuggets, Rubbles, Pebbles, Endless Journey, Chocolate Soup For Diabetics and the Perfumed Garden, Mindrockers stands out as a treasure trove of ’60s U.S. psych and garage music. Widely-applauded for its high sound quality and detailed liner notes, courtesy of Hans-Herman Pohle, Mindrockers is widely-regarded as the launching-point of many a U.S. psych collection as well as an affordable way to locate rare singles by bands which went on to record classic albums for major record companies. Limited edition of 500 copies only. Contains original artwork and an insert with liner notes and rare photos. Digitally remastered. Artists on volume 1 include: The Brogues, Chosen Few, The Au Go-Go’s, Chris Morgan & The Togas, The Knickerbockers, The Tikis, Mark & The Escorts, The Other Half, The Jefferson Handkerchief, Peanut Butter Conspiracy, The Seeds, Fire Escape, The Lyrics, and Fenwyck.
PHP 049EP SOULPHICTION: Some Things Remain 12″ (PHP 049EP) 14.00
Soulphiction’s Some Things Remain contains two funked-up house tools of superb deepness, each telling its own story. Essential!
ASH 3023CD FAR EAST FAMILY BAND: “The Cave” Down To The Earth CD (ASH 3023CD) 17.00
Regarded by many as the first Japanese progressive rock group, the Far East Family Band, whose first album release was under the name Far Out, released “The Cave” Down To The Earth in 1975. Influential in the creation of the band’s distinctive psychedelic sound was keyboard player Kitaro, who went on to establish himself as a major new age artist in the ’80s. Although the band was often categorized as new age too, their sound was distinctly progressive and often brought comparisons with Tangerine Dream and early Pink Floyd. The ethereal, space-rock quality of the band’s music is here in abundance but the centerpiece is without doubt the title track, which starts off in a mellow mood but then becomes a killer guitar jam. For music fans that have yet to discover the delights of ’70s Japanese psychedelic rock, “The Cave” Down To The Earth is a fabulous introduction. Housed in a die-cut sleeve with a printed inner bag. Includes the original LP insert.
PLAY 160EP LOSOUL: Care Remixe Pt. 4 12″ (PLAY 160EP) 12.00
Here is the fourth part of the 12″ remix package of tracks from Losoul’s Care (PLAY 024CD). Brother’s Vibe put his groovin’ hands on “Up The Beach.” Playhouse couldn’t imagine a deeper, more hypnotic and perfect remix. On the flip-side, you can enjoy one more fantastic album track called “To Last.” Mission completed!
PSCD 001CD DYGAS, MARGARET: How Do You Do CD (PSCD 001CD) 17.00
Born in Poland and raised in America, Margaret Dygas releases her first album for Power Shovel Audio. How Do You Do is an imaginative soundtrack for all the things that Dygas loves, inspired by a book she read called Peoplewatching. The album follows somewhat the narrative of a book, combining elements from her own life to create unique characteristics in each track. She was also inspired by ecological awareness and the love for animals. Power Shovel Audio also asked Dygas to take as many photographs as possible in order to create a narrative for the record, adding another layer to the storytelling principle of How Do You Do, which is packaged inside a 36-page booklet with snapshots taken by the artist. Margaret is now one of the most important female artists in the world of electronic music (having worked with the likes of Mika Vainio, Carsten Nicolai, and Ryuichi Sakamoto), producing delicate, avant garde techno works that are sublime and thought-provoking.
REELR 018/20CD DREAMTIME: Double Trouble 2CD/DVD (REELR 018/20CD) 29.00
Dreamtime is an international quintet comprised of Welshman Nick Evans, trombone; American ex-pat Jim Dvorak, trumpet; Italian Roberto Bellatalla, bass, and Brits Gary Curson, alto sax; Jim Lebaigue, drums. Their collective musicality is an infectious display of extroverted composition and energetic jazz improvisation, all wrapped up and torn down in the borderless spirit that is Dreamtime. This is a so-called jazz band that reaches for music “beyond the notes” and succeeds with exquisite panache. CD1 presents a stunning set by the quintet before an appreciative audience at the 1984 Bracknell Jazz Festival, as introduced by compere Lol Coxhill. CD2 lets us experience a rare 1991 recording of the Dreamtime quintet doubled up with friends: Paul Rutherford, trombone; Paul Dunmall, tenor, baritone saxophone; Kevin Davy, trumpet; Marcio Mattos, bass, and Mark Sanders, drums. Here is a powerful capture of music-making as back of the neck hair-raising as you would hope. To bring the Dreamtime into a multi-sensory realm, disc 3 is an all-region DVD of an amateur film made at London’s 100 Club in 2006. Here the sextet, including pianist Keith Tippett, play homage to their late friend, Elton Dean. DVD is NTSC all region; Length: 25 minutes; mono audio; Color. What more can be said for the music? Everything that listening will give testament to! Double Trouble presents three discs with an ear and eye towards an overdue reappraisal of this much-loved band of musical misfits, known today as “the dreamers.” Limited edition of 500 copies. All recordings delicately remastered from original analog tapes.
STS 196CD TORSKE, BJORN: Kokning CD (STS 196CD) 17.00
“Kokning was conceived between the release of Feil Knapp and the beginning of 2010. Through series of studio sessions of experimenting with different sounds; instruments, objects of different textures, whose sounds were played within different spaces of various acoustics. The results were then edited into basic rhythm tracks which then were overdubbed with new series of recordings in similar manner. The album it involves more organic/ acoustic sound basics and less programmed patterns than Feil Knapp. Since Feil Knapp he has been working on a number of remixes for other artists, including Sunburned Hand of the Man, Lindstrøm, Crimea X, Big Robot feat. Conrad Schnitzler etc. Also working with music and soundscapes for a stage production, as well as touring with my own band, Bjørn Torske Band. Kokning starts out beautifully. It’s both melodic and melancholic with a warm, slow ambiance. Soft psychedelics and a Balearic rhythm are introduced before it fades into Torske’s signature skrangle-house and then ends with what can only be described as ‘Moondog disco’ (imagine if Moondog and Count Ossie got together to make disco).”
STS 19812EP LINDSTROM & CHRISTABELLE: Lovesick 12″ (STS 19812EP) 11.00
“Limited to 500, ‘Lovesick’ is taken from the acclaimed album Real Life Is No Cool, included here with an instrumental of the same track, plus a great remix by Four Tet.”
SAB 045CD PIGEONS: Liasons CD (SAB 045CD) 13.00
“Bronx duo Pigeons wade closer to the edge of ambitious pop provocations with their third LP, Liasons. Here we find the band in the midst of an enormous creative leap; the psychedelic chanson moves of previous releases now cohabit with spacious west coast artblues & wistful cosmic folk tunes, invoking Catherine Ribeiro, Brigitte Fontaine, & Opal. Pigeons singular approach to structure, arrangements & production techniques — mirrored by the willful license in spelling Liasons — culminate with Wednesday Knudsen & Clark Griffin lacing their songs with flute, saxophone, echo, drum machines & languid guitar lines. Includes two songs in French, one of which is a take on ‘Laisse Tomber les Filles’ by Serge Gainsbourg.”
SOL 169CD LOVAC: Apes Of A Cold God CD (SOL 169CD) 16.00
“Soleilmoon Recordings is proud to announce Apes Of A Cold God, the debut release by Swedish folk/industrial band Lovac. Lovac is a new band with old roots, having already released a full-length CD of Death in June covers on Douglas P.’s NERUS label under the name Down in June. With a distinctive ‘totenpop’ vision, they re-invented the songs to the delight of both Death In June fans and music journalists who discovered the treasure of Douglas P. songs anew. Lovac’s music evokes a night-of-the-world mood that deftly calls down the nostalgia of romanticism and overlays it with a war machine blowing a cold breeze of death into the dawn. Lovac is part of a larger movement of modern European pop music that draws inspiration from traditional folk music and brings it to new life in a fertile clash with the contemporary minimalistic industrial scene. Analogue synthesizers are layered over electric guitars, supplemented with a variety of acoustic instruments, including military drums and the band’s ever-present Persian santoor, creating the unique music that defines Lovac. Combining this music with text fragments from Karl Marx, Antonin Artaud and Percy Bysshe Shelley, the album Apes Of A Cold God invites the listener to take a deep look into the abysmal underside of civilization. Soleilmoon’s high standards in packaging are found in abundance with this CD, which is presented in a lavishly printed mini-LP style sleeve with gold foil blocking and an twelve page booklet.”
SOL 171CD MERZBOW: Merzbient 12CD BOX (SOL 171CD) 93.00
“Merzbient is a twelve-CD collection of Merzbow’s previously unreleased ambient recordings. The music was recorded in the late ’80s and early ’90s, at a time when Masami Akita (Merzbow) was becoming famous for his live performances, which featured some of the harshest sounds ever heard. The records he released mirrored these performances, and helped establish his reputation as the prime mover in the Japanese noise scene. The electronics he used for his recordings were the same ones he used for live shows. Out of necessity he toured with gear that was small, simple and portable. But all the while he was secretly recording quieter, more atmospheric music, and using a wide variety of acoustic instruments including an impractical monstrosity he describes as a ‘big handmade junk instrument made from a metal box with piano wires,’ which he played with a violin bow. He made hours and hours of recordings, but kept them private and never released them, until they were eventually set aside and forgotten. He recently rediscovered the multi-track master tapes in a box and remastered them for release on CD. And what a discovery they are! These twelve discs represent a side of Merzbow never before heard. The music bears many of the signature styles expected from Merzbow — think of the theme of long-form drones pierced by random bursts of sound, for example — but it’s enticingly different from what we’ve heard before, with spacious sounds evoking prehistoric misty landscapes, desolate abandoned industrial sites, and sci-fi/horror film soundtracks. If the familiar and traditional Merzbow is like a jet plane taking off at full-throttle, then Merzbient is the hanger where the plane was built. Not a violent assault on the ears, but something more interior, more personal, and more gentle. The twelve CDs in this collection are presented in a custom-made, hard-cover box with red foil block printing. Each disc is packed in its own slipcase. When the slipcases are arranged together in a rectangle a large image is revealed. A large and heavy (5 x 11cm, 84 gm) die-cast metal medallion with the Kanji characters representing ‘Animal Liberation’ completes the set, which is limited to 555 numbered copies.”
SUBSF 003CD HECKER, TIM: Haunt Me, Haunt Me Do It Again CD (SUBSF 003CD) 14.00
2010 repress, digipak edition. “Tim Hecker is not be confused with Mego’s Florian Hecker, but is rather the alter ego of techno maverick Jetone. As Jetone he has released a full length for Pitch cadet as well as the album Ultamarin for Force Tracks. There are certainly similarities to the likes of Angelo Badalamenti, Fennesz, Gas and Oval, but overall the sound is incredibly unique. Tim Hecker has managed to create some of the most memorable ambient music in the last few years. Much like the Austrian guitar/lap top experimentalist Fennesz, Hecker has perfected the art of catchy experimental ambient music. The recording is comprised of 17 tracks that blend seamlessly into one another, making it perfect for headphone listening or as background music. At times glitch-based minimalism, but also capturing the drama of post rock. Incredibly sad, yet hopeful music that sticks in your head for hours.”
TSQ 2431LP TYLER, WILLIAM: Behold The Spirit LP (TSQ 2431LP) 14.00
LP version, limited to 500 copies. “William Tyler is a native of Nashville, Tennessee and a guitarist who has spent the last several years recording and touring with Silver Jews and Lambchop among others. In addition he has contributed to albums by artists as diverse as Charlie Louvin, Candi Staton, and Wooden Wand, as well as taking part in a large ensemble piece by composer Rhys Chatham. He also contributed a track to Tompkins Square’s acoustic guitar compilation, Imaginational Anthem Volume 4 : New Possibilities. Behold The Spirit reveals an astounding array of talents. In addition to his beautiful playing, Tyler is also an ace arranger, augmenting complex textures and various instrumentation with his lyrical compositions. A stunning, beautiful and varied guitar album for the ages.”
TS 062EP SIS: Bimi 12″ (TS 062EP) 14.00
SIS is an in-demand artist who shouts quietly at the world, “I’m here to stay!” With this 2-tracker, Tuning Spork proudly presents two deep and lusciously warm tracks that will find their way into your set, whether in a house or techno setting.
Single from the album Gold On Black, originally released on FFRR Records in 1990. Contains the club mix, radio mix, and dub mix of “And I Loved You,” plus “And I Dreamed You.” Produced by Frankie Knucles & Satoshie Tomiie.
PRCL TROY BEGINNING OF THE END, THE: Funky Nassau/When She Made Me Promise 12″ (PRCL TROY) 10.00
The title track from Funky Nassau, originally released on Alston Records in 1971, and “When She Made Me Promise.”
4 46079EP GOLDMANN, STEFAN: Remasters Vol. 1 12″ (4 46079EP) 12.00
These two tracks by Stefan Goldmann were produced in 2001 and became the key works of his early years. Long out-of-print, they have been sought-after classics ever since. Remastered by D+M’s Rashad from the original DAT source and cut to a whole 12″ side each, they are finally available in unprecedented quality. “Missing Days” predated the recent huge deep house revival by several years and “That Ghost” sounds like the original prototype to much of today’s other big tendency: totally stripped-down, drum-centered house.
VL 901028LP ERICKSON, ROKY: The Holiday Inn Tapes LP (VL 901028LP) 24.00
“On December 1, 1986 Patrick Mathè from the French label, New Rose, met Roky at the Holiday Inn in Austin, TX to record the first ten tracks on this album. Due to the fact that these tracks were recorded in a hotel room, the sound quality is not superb, but still very acceptable. The thing that is superb about this album, however, is the fact that listeners get a chance to hear Roky alone in an extremely intimate setting with his acoustic guitar, playing his own material and two inspired covers by fellow Texan musical genius, Buddy Holly. The final four tracks on the album are taken from the rare and demon-ridden 1977 Sponge Records EP, recorded shortly after Roky was released from a mental institution.” 180 gram vinyl.
VL 901103LP SAINTS, THE: Spit The Blues Out LP (VL 901103LP) 24.00
“2002 release by the Australian band whose 1977 debut single, ‘(I’m) Stranded’ became one of the anthems of the original ’77 era of punk rock. While The Saints abandoned punk rock circa 1980, and the only remaining member from the original line-up is singer/guitarist Chris Bailey, this album of down and dirty blues rock is punk in its own right, if you define ‘punk rock’ as a way of being instead of a musical genre. A kind of tribute to a time when rock & roll was still dangerous, and ironically more akin to the kind of music that many American and particularly British bands were making just prior to the advent of punk.” 180 gram vinyl.
XLR8R 136 XLR8R: #136 November/December 2010 MAG (XLR8R 136) 4.99
“America’s definitive electronic music magazine, #136. Cover: Four Tet. Features: Nguzunguzu; oOoOO; Chancha Via Circuito; Oriol; Funkineven; Brian Eno vs. Bryan Ferry; Teengirl Fantasy; Terror Danjah; Building An Iconic Sound (featuring Squarepusher, Moby, Cocteau Twins, Portishead, Mala, Einstürzende Neubauten); Subculture Club (Brooklyn photographer Grant Willing ponders nationality, strength, and loyalty amongst secessionists and Burzum fans); Reviews; Bubblin’; Components & Videogames; Outbox: Mary Anne Hobbs.” 80 pages.
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