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GD 001CD VA: GetDarker Presents This Is Dubstep Vol. 1 2CD (GD 001CD) 17.00
Originally only available as a digital-only compilation, GetDarker presents a special expanded 2CD edition of This Is Dubstep Vol.1, featuring 33 massive dubstep anthems from the scene’s biggest artists. The first CD is mixed by DJ Darkside and features some of the biggest and darkest tracks in the dubstep scene. Featured on CD for the first time are 4 extra hot tracks: “Tron” from Bristol’s megapixel-obsessed Joker, the crushing “Beyond” from South Londoner Distance, the massive “Stinkfinger” from Doctor P & Flux Pavillion and the basswise “Burglar” from Truth. Also included is a bonus CD with 15 unmixed tracks. Other artists include Potentz, Tes La Rok, Distinction & Kromestar, MRK1, Benny Ill & Gold Spot Productions, Zed Bias, Pinch, Jakes, Macabre Unit, Hindzy D, Raadz & Waves, Cyrus, Chasing Shadows, and Chimpo.
ASH 8.1CS WINDEREN, JANA: The Noisiest Guys On The Planet Cassette (ASH 8.1CS) 7.00
Cassette only, in an edition of 500 copies. Second edition, with alternate inlay. Recorded by Norwegian sound recordist, Jana Winderen, who also provided the illustration. Winderen writes that The Noisiest Guys On The Planet is “an ongoing investigation into the use and production of sound by decapods.” The decapods or Decapoda (“ten-footed”) are an order of crustaceans within the class Malacostraca, including many familiar groups, such as crayfish, crabs, lobsters, prawns and shrimp. Most decapods are scavengers. As their name implies, all decapods have ten legs; these are the last five of the eight pairs of thoracic appendages characteristic of crustaceans. The front three pairs function as mouthparts and are generally referred to as maxillipeds, the remainder being pereiopods. In many decapods, however, one pair of legs has enlarged pincers; the claws are called chelae, so those legs may be called chelipeds. Jana Winderen researches the hidden depths of the sea with the latest technology; her work reveals the complexity and strangeness of the unseen world beneath. The audio topography of the oceans and the depth of glacier crevasses are brought to the surface. She is occupied with finding sound from its hidden source, like blind field recording.
ATCO 33161HLP REDDING, OTIS: Pain In My Heart LP (ATCO 33161HLP) 14.00
180 gram exact repro reissue, manufactured by Rhino. Originally released in 1965. “This album works on so many different levels, that it’s essential listening for at least three categories of buyer — fans of Otis Redding and Stax Records (natch), and more general soul listeners, and also anyone serious about their devotion to the work of the Rolling Stones and any other British invasion bands that covered American soul. Pain In My Heart was practically a road map to Mick Jagger and any number of other would-be white soul shouters in the UK, not just on the title track but also numbers like the hard rocking ‘Hey Hey Baby.'” — All Music Guide
SD 1518HLP KIRK, ROLAND: Left & Right LP (SD 1518HLP) 14.00
180 gram exact repro reissue, manufactured by Rhino. Starts off with a short but brilliant narrative, “Black Mystery Has Been Revealed,” before proceeding into the, uh, expansive multi-part “Expansions,” an ambitious masterpiece featuring more than a dozen players and a string section. Also, covers of Charles Mingus’ “IX Love” and Willy Woods’ “Hot Cha” make this an extreme, wide ranging masterpiece.
SD 1534HLP KIRK, ROLAND: Volunteered Slavery LP (SD 1534HLP) 14.00
180 gram exact repro reissue, manufactured by Rhino. Originally released in 1969. Side two was recorded live at the Newport Jazz Festival in 1968 and features a 3-part suite tribute to John Coltrane. Vocal backgrounds by The Roland Kirk Spirit Choir push this one over the top. “We are all driven by an invisible whip. Some run, some have fun, some are hip, some tip, some dip, but we all must answer to the invisible whip.”
AUS 1028EP TOURETTES & APPLEBLIM, AL: Lipsmacker EP 12″ (AUS 1028EP) 12.00
The Lipsmacker EP is a collaboration between bass enthusiasts Al Tourettes and Appleblim. Continuing Aus’ trend of fusing elements of traditional house and techno with the sub-frequencies and rhythms of dubstep, this EP is a slice of forward-thinking electronic music. Deadboy’s mix references everything from Scott Walker to early ’90s hardcore in the midst of a rich dose of UK garage and house. Nick Moore aka Linkwood provides a confident mix of ’80s boogie, Detroit techno, house and deep soul.
PTYT 043LP PANSONIC/HAINO KEIJI: Synergy Between Mercy And Self-Annihilation Overturned 2LP (PTYT 043LP) 30.50
Limited LP-only release. Blast First Petite presents a studio collaboration between Finnish electronic technicians Pansonic (Mika Vainio and Ilpo Väisänen) and Japanese guitar shaman, Haino Keiji. Recorded only days after their performance together in Berlin that resulted in the powerful and haunting live album Shall I Download A Black Hole And Offer It To You (PTYT 014CD). Synergy Between Mercy And Self-Annihilation Overturned is a more controlled, even tense, affair, where the participants circle each other like gladiators at the Colosseum. No more needs to be said that isn’t already alluded to with the fabulous, mysterious track-titles. Housed in a lavish gatefold sleeve with spot-varnished lettering and glossy inner sleeves. Deluxe packaging designed by Stephen O’Malley (Khanate, Sunn O)))).
BLP 1530LP HIPP WITH ZOOT SIMS, JUTTA: Jutta Hipp With Zoot Sims LP (BLP 1530LP) 11.50
Exact repro reissue, originally released in 1956. Featuring Jerry Lloyd (trumpet), Zoot Sims (tenor sax), Jutta Hipp (piano, being hot), Ahmed Abdul-Malik (bass) and Ed Thigpen (drums). Hard bop with some worthy ballads (notably “Violets For Your Furs”), all instrumental.
BNR 046EP DJEDJOTRONIC: Bit This Thin 12″ (BNR 046EP) 12.00
With Bit This Thin Djedjotronic delivers a fusion of modern jackin’ house and techno. “Bit This Thin” could have been released in 1991 from Green Velvet if there weren’t big breaks and elements that sound like 2011. “Jerk Off” brings a new look to tech-house with drum programming you haven’t heard before. “Horn Cloud” is the peak-time energy of this EP with a sweet melodic break, and Jesse Rose remixes the title track into a perfect groove.
CA 21065CD SO PERCUSSION & MATMOS: Treasure State CD (CA 21065CD) 19.00
“Treasure State is a startling collaboration between two rogue American groups. So Percussion are renowned virtuoso performers of classical and avant-garde music for percussion. Baltimorean electronic duo Matmos are infamous for turning bizarre sound sources (from plastic surgery to live snails) into shuffling rhythmic pop. They are musique-concrete oddballs, brought into the mainstream by their collaboration with Bjork. Bridging the gap from the conservatory to the laptop screen, Treasure State features a selection of So Percussion and Matmos compositions in which the ensembles reinforce each other’s techniques and methodologies. The core of the record is series of studies based on everyday materials that are not generally used as musical instruments: ceramic planters, pails of water, aluminum cans and cactus needles. The result is a richly diverse yet highly listenable record that flows across a range of genres, sound sources, objects and styles to create an elemental American landscape.”
ST 175LP CORPORATION, THE: The Corporation LP (ST 175LP) 11.50
Exact repro reissue, originally released in 1969. Bluesy fuzz rock from Milwaukee, featuring a near-20 minute cover of John Coltrane’s “India” taking up all of side two.
CAP 21479CD VA: Music From Vietnam 3 – Ethnic Minorities CD (CAP 21479CD) 17.00
1995 release. “Vietnam’s long history at the point of intersection between different political and cultural spheres is reflected by the large number of minorities living in different parts of the country, especially in the highlands to the north and west. Today, these regions present an extraordinary linguistic and cultural mosaic of immense variety. The present CD is a sample from that copious treasury, most of which, regrettably, has yet to be documented. The contents include a number of examples of the fantastic rhythmic music played on tuned gongs by the E De people in the central highlands, as well as other exciting instrumental and vocal instruments.”
CAP 21555CD BIG FIVE: Music From Uganda 3 – Modern Echoes Of Kampala CD (CAP 21555CD) 17.00
1996 release. “James Muwanga, drummer; Giles Warugaba & Ded Majoror, guitar; Master Musicians of Uganda Group directed by Albert Ssempeke. Kampala, the capital of Uganda, is a city that is now throbbing with life again after many difficult years. And once again it has plenty of music, with bars, clubs, discos and hotels rhythmically vibrant with everything from modern rap to traditional folk music. Much of the music is rooted in two of the Country’s many fantastic musical cultures: Baganda, from the south, and Teso, from the northeast.”
CAP 21631CD VA: Music From Guatemala 2 – Garifuna Music CD (CAP 21631CD) 17.00
1999 release. “In a way, one can say that the music on this CD derives its origin from dramatic events that took place more than two hundred years ago. For it was then that the British family conquered the island of St.Vincent in the West Indies and moved by force practically the whole populace. The Garifuna’s music is unique and irresistible, swinging, and characterized by the African heritage and the soft rhythms of the West Indies.”
CAP 21638CD VA: Music From Honduras 2 – Garifuna Music CD (CAP 21638CD) 17.00
2000 release. “Lainiqi Mua; baruda; Farm Boys Trio, et al. Featuring traditional music from the village of Triunfo de La Cruz, as well as the modern dance music ‘punta rock,’ which is a celebration of rhythm based on traditional rhythms. Lastly, West Indian calypso rhythms can be heard to an even greater degree. Music from the English-speaking island of Rotan, located off the coast, is presented by the informal musicianship of the Farm Boys Trio.”
CAP 21642CD STOCKHAUSEN, KARLHEINZ: Zyklus, Kontakte, Klavierstücke V & IX CD (CAP 21642CD) 17.00
2000 release. Performed by Jonny Axelsson, percussion; Frederick Ullen, piano. Featured works: Zyklus (“The piece is composed as a cycle of seventeen periods, characterized by nine dominant timbral groups: marimba-glissandi, guiro, tam-tam/gong, vibraphone, cowbells, triangle, high-hat, snare drum and tom-toms. Each group reaches a climax, and thereafter slowly disappears.”); Kontakte (“Stockhausen worked on Kontakte for piano, percussion and 4-track tape, for more than two years (1958-60) at the West German Radio’s electroacoustic studio in Cologne. The tape part can also be played by itself as a separate composition, which on its own can be seen as one of the greatest technical and artistic triumphs of early electroacoustic music”); Klavierstücke V and Klavierstücke IX.
CAP 21807CD HEDIN & GUNNAR IDENSTAM, JOHAN: Latar II – Swedish Folk Tunes CD (CAP 21807CD) 17.00
“A large church organ with an infinite number of celestial sounds, colours, and moods; a nyckelharpa, this genuinely Swedish folk instrument, as if sprung from the earth — an old being in itself. These instruments, played by two of our foremost conjurors of the instruments in question, in a wild but tender dance where earth meets sky, the ancient meets the brand new, and hardship meets joy. The prominent conjurors in question are of course the nyckelharpa player Johan Hedin and the organ virtuoso Gunnar Idenstam, and this album, Latar II, is the duo’s second — their first album was released in 2004, also on the Caprice label — and is yet another innovative mixture of old Swedish folk tunes and newly written material. Their music is rooted in Swedish folk music but feels brand new, as the music is created and shaped in the encounter between these two innovators; it twists and turns along mysterious paths, dresses up in symphonic clothing, invokes sacred moods, swirls about in danceable polskas, and sings its lyrical melodies. In short, it is an invitation into a fantastic new world, or as the BBC writer Fiona Talkington writes in the album’s liner notes, ‘So step into this world of gothic shadows, baroque elegance, fiery furnaces and frozen summits, broken hearts and laughter, of tunes which were hummed by our grandparents, of sounds which they would flee from, but most of all give yourself up wholeheartedly to this inspired creation and dance and weep along the way.'”
CH 068CD DANNY & THE PARKINS SISTERS: Danny & The Parkins Sisters CD (CH 068CD) 15.50
Chapter Music is proud to resurrect from undeserved obscurity the scratchy beatnik art-punk stylings of early-’80s San Francisco trio Danny & The Parkins Sisters. Surrounded by the classic SF punk sounds of the Dead Kennedys, Pink Section, Flipper and the like, Danny & the Parkins Sisters opted instead to head in a very different direction. Brash Arizona transplant Danny Vinik and chic, alluring sisters Debra and Beverly Parkins strummed on detuned guitars, banged on whatever was close at hand, and declaimed hilarious, incisive lyrics dissecting the scenes and tribes around them in visceral early-’80s San Francisco. Their high-performance shows played out in legendary venues such as the Sound Of Music and Club Generic, with guests including Dead Kennedys drummer DH Peligro. In 1982, the band released an 8-song mini-album on the Modern Masters label, run by Richard Kelly of the cabaret collective Club Foot Orchestra. It included the all-time shoulda-beena classic, “War (Is On Your Doorstep),” a pounding, tribal punk-chant that sums up all the paranoia and posturing of the post-punk era. By 1983, the band were over, with Danny heading to South America and the Parkins sisters to New York, but their brief SF moment shone with a peculiar, musically naive but still knowing charm. Fans of angular post-punk luminaries like the Bush Tetras, The Raincoats or Y Pants will love this CD, which comes filled with bonus demo, live and rehearsal recordings.
CH 076CD TULLY: Live At Sydney Town Hall, 1969-70 CD (CH 076CD) 15.50
Chapter Music presents two rare live recordings from quintessential Sydney prog group Tully, including their 1970 performance of Australia’s first-ever rock opera. These recordings capture the band in their first incarnation, before they joined forces with members of revered folk-psych band Extradition to explore more contemplative territory. Formed in late 1968, Tully The First were wild, expansive and unpredictable, their live shows now the stuff of legend. Terry Wilson (vocals), Richard Lockwood (reeds), Michael Carlos (organ), John Blake (bass) and Robert Taylor (drums) employed extended improvisation, spacious dynamics and an intuitive intensity, so impressing Australian jazz icon John Sangster that he called them “the best band in the world at the time.” In mid ’69, Tully became the house band for love-rock musical Hair, recording the original cast album later that year. They also starred in a six-part live-in-studio series Fusions, which premiered on ABC TV in August 1969. “Sights & Sounds Of 69,” from a May show of the same name, is the only live Tully recording to have survived the intervening four decades, and documents a typically far-ranging, mind-expanding performance. Ken Firth (later of the Ferrets) replaced John Blake on bass in December 1969. Perhaps Australia’s greatest living composer, Peter Sculthorpe wrote “Love 200” specifically with Tully and vocalist Jeannie Lewis in mind. The work, commemorating Captain Cook’s expedition to map the Transit Of Venus in 1769, was dismissed by the stuffy classical establishment at the time, but Sculthorpe now calls it simply “one of my best works.” Heard here for the first time since the early ’70s, “Love 200” is an astounding piece, both elegant and jarring, serene and chaotic. After Tully’s 1970 self-titled debut, Wilson and Taylor left the band, which then assimilated Extradition’s Shayna Stewart and Colin Campbell before releasing two more albums, Sea Of Joy (1971) and Loving Is Hard (1972), both markedly different from their fiery and often thunderous early form. Live At Sydney Town Hall, 1969-70 is a fascinating insight into the early work of one of Australia’s most heralded, but least-heard bands.
CH 077CD FABULOUS DIAMONDS: Fabulous Diamonds II CD (CH 077CD) 15.50
This is the second album by Melbourne duo Fabulous Diamonds. This odd duo makes overtly hypnotic music, full of lulling, sensual repetition, but there’s also an edge of irritation, an undercurrent of friction that cuts through the drone and propels the songs forward. Fabulous Diamonds II begins with drummer/vocalist Nisa Venerosa yelling at keyboardist Jarrod Zlatic, as he counts in the first track, but they still start together in perfect unison. It’s this combination of tension and intuitive understanding that makes Fabulous Diamonds so special. They have been playing and arguing together for more than five years now, and their musical bond has grown deeper and more expansive since their 2008 self-titled debut. That album made it into revered UK mag The Wire’s top albums of the year, and got glowing reviews from the likes of Pitchfork and The Fader. But this new record is still a remarkable development. Of its five untitled tracks, two extend well past the ten-minute mark, sustaining a kind of grumpy intensity that never lags. The album was recorded with budding producer Mikey Young of Eddy Current Suppression Ring, and was mastered by Qua’s Cornel Wilczek. Like their first album, it will be released on vinyl by venerable U.S. label Siltbreeze. Fabulous Diamonds toured the U.S. in 2008 with Times New Viking and Psychedelic Horseshit, playing 26 dates in one month. In 2009, they were invited to perform at Belgium’s Kraak Festival alongside Wavves, Kurt Vile and others. They also played in the UK, Holland, France, Switzerland, Portugal and Sweden on their 2009 European tour. In Australia, the band have played with Deerhunter, Yeasayer, Akron Family, Beach House, and many more.
CYH 003EP LAOLU: O Fantasma 12″ (CYH 003EP) 12.00
Geneva boy Laolu takes CYH deeper and presents “O Fantasma,” a tune for the special club moments. Remix by Kadebostan. Fans of Luciano and Villalobos, attention please!
MPCLU 001CD VEAR, CRAIG: Summerhouses CD (MPCLU 001CD) 17.00
Craig Vear is a composer and musician working in the electroacoustic realm. Summerhouses takes us on an acoustic trip through Arctic landscapes. The atmospheric pieces are entirely based on field recordings made by Craig Vear himself. By just modulating these few but rich samples, he created 6 ambient tracks that could hardly be more minimalistic and could hardly be called music. Only the warm and gentle last track “After The Sinking” is based on one (and only one) musical chord, which seems like the lucky escape from the endless, cold, and dark widths of the first five tracks. Play on headphones during your next trans-Arctic flight. Mastered by Ambrose Field. The bonus track on this CD is the published software environment for “Ice Esk.” This enables the performance of the piece by another laptop musician (all rights reserved). Also included is Marcel Wierckx’s Grain Tools, which are released under the GNU General Public License. Limited edition of 1,000 copies.
COR 077EP HEIL, JOHANNES: Freedom Of Heart 12″ (COR 077EP) 12.50
Johannes Heil belongs to the long-term memory of German techno. However, he is equally well-known for continuous musical development. With this present teaser for his eleventh studio album Loving, Heil presents himself as more house-orientated than ever before. With references to both classic Detroit techno and modern high-tech house, “Freedom Of Heart” boasts jubilating strings and piano riffs. With its disco bass line á la John Paul Young and organ accents, “Could This Be” gives you a congenial high-flyer.
The Cocoon label presents a double-hitting 2CD mix compilation from Naples-born DJ/producer Marco Carola and Mannheim’s own Nick Curly. Carola brought Italy onto the map of uncompromising techno with his strictly limited edition releases during the ’90s, but he is also one of the key players in the breakthrough of reduced techno-funk, having released on Richie Hawtin’s Plus 8 label. With his mix, Carola illustrates the perfect party night on Amnesia’s main floor with a sultry, percussive, and always sexy form of minimal funk. In particular, Marco Carola gives a major platform to breakthrough artists, like Kobaalt or Reisak Corporation. The mix builds with a constant intensity and his finale will have you ready to throw your arms in the air with some familiar tracks by Martin Buttrich and Layo & Bushwacka (“The Longest Day,” highlighted here through the Audiofly remix). Curly has already proved himself with his productions for Plastic City, 8 Bit and Cocoon as well as his own label Cécille Records, which he runs together with Marc Scholl. With his impressively energetic set, Curly demonstrates that soulful vocals and solid, hypnotic house make great bedfellows. Ranging from the percussive power house of “Get Your Space” by producer team Phil Weeks vs. Krakatoa through the jazziness of Gorge and onto the dubby excursion of Horacio, there is a wealth of quality on offer here. Butch’s wild-pitch style and Curly’s own brand of new disco funk further add to the richness of the mix, and by the time you reach the closing bars of Burridge And Dekay’s “Wongel,” it is clear why Cocoon were so keen to have Curly on-board. Other artists include: Someone Else, Miguel Colmenares, Furr & Hazendonk, Miyagi & Ronald Christoph, Remerc, Matteo Milleri & Karm, David K, Francesco Farfa, Coletone, Gabe & D-Nox, Joseph Capriati, Tale Of Us, Ittetsu & Jun Akimoto, Youandewan, Michi Vajna, Mihai Popoviciu, Ryan Crosson & Guti, Sascha Dive, Daniel Stefanik, Lauhaus, Remerc, Anthea & Celler, Julian Chaptal, Mark Broom, Tim Green, Peace Division, Francisco Allendes & Marcelo Rosselot, Markus Fix and Lee Burridge & Matthew Dekay.
DAQUI 332041 VA: Payadores Du Chile 2CD (DAQUI 332041) 40.00
“The Payadores are folk poets who improvise their lines accompanied by the guitarrón chileno, a member of the guitar family with 25 playable and sympathetic strings. The performers on this disc — Manuel Sanchez, Moises Chaparro and Guillermo Villalobos — are considered among the most famous exponents of the Payadores style in Chile. The disc was recorded live in Langon, France during the Nuits Atypiques Festival in July 2008. It captures perfectly these unique artists’ fascinating, improvised ‘poetry battles’ and their tight connection with the audience.”
DSM 008LP M.TAKARA 3: Sobre Todas E Qualquer Coisa LP (DSM 008LP) 24.00
“Drummer of the bands Hurtmold, Instituto and São Paulo Underground (with the trumpetist from Chicago Underground and Exploding Star Orchestra, Rob Mazurek), Mauricio Takara, also take control of the samplers, synthesizers, effects and computer on his own solo project call M.Takara 3. M.Takara 3 has been on the international contemporary musical scene for his many tours in countries like England, U.S, Canada, Poland, Tchec Republic, Germany, France, Portugal, Índia and Brazil. Also been working with many artists from Otto, Nação Zumbi, Nana Vasconcelos, Damo Suzuki, Scotty Hard, Vanessa da Mata, Marcelo Camelo, Prefuse 73, Joe Lally (Fugazi), Thavius Beck, Josh Abrams (Bonnie Prince Billy), Rob Mazurek (Exploding Star Orquestra), Jeff Parker (Tortoise), Roscoe Mitchell (Art Essemble Of Chicago), Phil Minton, Veryan Weston, Mark Sanders, Luc-Ex, Nathan Bell, Bill Dixon and many others… or even in soundtracks of short and long movies. On his show he is also accompanied by Rogério Martins (Hurtmold) on percussion and Guilherme Valério on electric guitar. The result is a soundtrack with some points of jazz Brazilian rhythms, experimental electronica, hip hop, and rock.”
DESOLAT 008X-EP SQUILLACE, DAVIDE: What About The Vice 12″ (DESOLAT 008X-EP) 12.00
Desolat are proud to present Davide Squillace. “What About The Vice” is an urgent, bouncy, hissing number to take the dancer deep. “On The Road” goes even deeper with scattered drum samples and water-logged toms. “The Other Side Of Bed” goes into overdrive with a cracking snare, house bass line, and ghostly synth pads, while “Cubism” has a jarred, airy vibe, drum mallets, and a metallic, jangling groove. Pressed on pink colored vinyl with artwork by Florian Pohl.
DES 012CD PHONIQUE: Good Idea 2CD (DES 012CD) 15.50
2007 release. The smart and charming Berlin-based producer Phonique (Michael Vater) returns with his second album, featuring a limited edition bonus CD with 12 more new Phonique tracks in one mix. Good Idea is a twinkling rainbow, teeming with positive vibes and breathing the cosmopolitan creativity of a widely travelled mind. Good Idea can be described as modern electronic music in the broadest sense, it’s difficult to pigeonhole the album as it combines so many influences, ranging from deep- to electro-house, from nu-disco to hip-hop, from lounge to minimal and techno to pop. Phonique and his production partner Alex Krüger join with the talents of well reputed artists like Erlend Øye (Whitest Boy Alive, Kings Of Convenience), Richard Davis, Ian Whitelaw, Shadee and Rodney Hunter of Aphrodelics, Data MC and Marc Hype as well as top electronic producers like Steve Bug, Gui Boratto, Vincenzo, Zoo Brazil, Badmouth (Mazi & Cass) and talents such as Ruben or Liora. The collaboration highlights of the album include “Casualities” (featuring Erlend Øye), which merges uplifting airiness with melancholy in the distinctive Erlend way; the soulful “Worked It Out” (featuring Ian Whitelaw and Meitz) and the powerful “Computer Kidz” (featuring Shadee). But the flow of the entire album makes it difficult to pick out just a few tracks. On the second limited edition bonus CD, you’ll find the more dancefloor-dedicated facet of Phonique’s creativity in a homogeneous and highly dynamic mix by Phonique. Another twelve all new Phonique tracks fall into place perfectly, ranging from deeper to electro to more minimal and techy house tracks. The mix reflects the unique dynamics of a Phonique DJ set. Good Idea is a strong musical statement; fresh, inspiring and innovative.
DES 013CD VA: Best Kept Secrets 2CD (DES 013CD) 15.50
2007 release. The double album Best Kept Secrets offers a seductive and passionate glance through the keyhole of the “new deep of house music” from Dessous Recordings. Dessous’ Best Kept Secrets follows the favored series Erotic Moments In House and presents a brilliant selection of modern house music with that special, warm Dessous touch, which makes the songs sound perfect for an advanced club night as well as an advanced bedroom. It includes the best tracks from the current Dessous 12″ season with high quality productions and mixes from high profile producers like Charles Webster, Phonique, Ian Whitelaw, Efdemin, FEX, Tanzmann & Stefanik, Will Saul, Mr. V, Clé & Mike Vamp, Steve Bug, Morgan Geist, Anja Schneider, Jori Hulkkonen (Discemi) and Vincenzo, but also from an array of promising newcomers like Simon Flower or Ryo Murakami. Some of the tracks appear in new mixes or versions. But Best Kept Secrets indeed includes some of our best kept secrets in the form of no less than seven songs exclusively produced for this album by Simon Flower, Discemi, Steve Ferrand & Pete Sung, Ryo Murakami, Clé & Mike Vamp and two new tracks by Vincenzo, who also conjured a wonderful, warm and soulful DJ mix for the bonus CD. With a stunning flow, he smoothly guides us through beautiful soundcapes and provides an almost dreamy feel, at the same time keeping the energy of house music up. Other artists: Meitz, Henry & Denis, DJ FEX, Tam Cooper, Two Armadillos, Alison Marks, bgb, Nivek Tsoy and Elmar.
DIRT 043EP LE TOUGH, MANO: Baby, Let’s Love 12″ (DIRT 043EP) 12.00
Mano Le Tough presents a great mix of disco and house — two great, original tracks and two stunning remixes from Jacob Korn and Iron Curtis. A tremendous collection of deep hitters.
DPROM 063LP NURSE WITH WOUND: Huffin’ Rag Blues 2LP (DPROM 063LP) 23.50
Nurse With Wound and Dirter Promotions presents 3 sides of different mixes to 2008’s Huffin’ Rag Blues CD, 1 side with a great Steven Stapleton etching in dirty, dark, opaque blue vinyl. Another spectacular torrent of Dadaist experimental exotica from Steven Stapleton and Andrew Liles, with a suitably scattershot list of contributors and collaborators, including repeat offender Colin Potter (credited with “testicular randomization”) and a host of “proper” musicians and vocalists prepared to undergo the NWW treatment. As with the companion release to this album, The Bacteria Magnet (DPROM 066PIC), Nurse With Wound are currently set on a creative trajectory that dismantles the auditory iconography of the ’50s, marauding through eerie re-renderings of jazz club instrumentals, electroacoustic traffic sounds and skewed torch songs. As NWW albums go, this is probably among the more outwardly approachable releases, but in fact, it’s the very proximity to the language of pop music that makes Huffin’ Rag Blues all the more subversive. Housed in a deluxe full-color gatefold sleeve with a glossy insert with twisted Babs Santini artwork.
Lyapis Trubetskoy is agitpop from Belarus, filling venue after venue in Russia and countries around. They are conquering audiences both with their heavy ska flair as well as with their addictive punk-pop hits. In 2009, they won the RAMP (Russian Alternative Music Prize) and won the Best Alternative Band award. Contagious rock melodies together with lyrics that are filled with dark humor have charmed even Western music critics who, up until now, had rarely given Eastern European rock music a second thought. Lyapis’ video for “Capital” won Best International Video on MTV Portugal, where the band slams the current obsession with wealth and war and portrays defiant dictators Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Saddam Hussein and, of course, Belarus’ own Lukashenko as pseudo-religious icons. The clip was banned from airplay in Belarus and Russia, of course, but won numerous awards everywhere else and is a real hit with the YouTube masses. This is what Ingo Petz, renowned German journalist and Belarus expert writes in the liner notes to this CD: “Lyapis Trubetskoy are balanced well between commercial success, underground credibility and unique expression, which is also accompanied by visually sophisticated video clips and an original image and design brand. The lyrics are still ironic, but now they often boast a new socially critical and political dimension. Capital was the first of three albums, which can be understood as a trilogy, in which Lyapis made agitpop their new trademark. Hence the title of the album, which is a compilation of the best songs from this triology. Their wild concerts have now developed into performances with frontman Mikhalok at their center, a magniloquent ball of energy and creative brain, who agitates and recites poems and slogans, using the language and symbols of Constructivism or Socialist Realism as part of a cultural heritage. I have been hoping for a long time that Lyapis Trubetskoy, one of the most powerful, creative and interesting bands from the former Soviet Union, would finally release an album in the Western world. Now it has finally happened. The fact that Berlin label Eastblok Music has done it makes me even happier, as they explicitly see themselves as musical mediators between East and West. As someone who has been travelling to Belarus for over 15 years, I am even happier that for the first time, a Belarusian band has made it onto a Western label, as Lypais is a band from a European country with a very lively music scene, which we still don’t know much about.” Digipack release with 24-page booklet of translated lyrics and color photos.
EAT 019EP FUNCKARMA: Dubstoned EP4 12″ (EAT 019EP) 12.50
Funckarma take off the gloves and deliver Dubstoned EP4, their darkest and most energetic release in the series so far. Again, the Funcken brothers show us their visionary take on the dubstep genre, blending in acid, techno & industrial sounds. The result is a deep, uncompromising collection of pure dancefloor madness.
EDLX 009EP FIXMER, TERENCE: Comedy Of Menace Pt. 1 12″ (EDLX 009EP) 12.00
As a first glimpse of Terence Fixmer’s upcoming album, Electric Deluxe releases the EP Comedy Of Menace Pt. 1. The EP includes two original album tracks, “Drastik” and “Things Are Over,” and a hypnotizing Planetary Assault Systems remix of “Drastik,” which already disturbed the dancefloor at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival.
BLAZE 178EP PIGBAG: Papa’s Got A Brand New Pigbag 12″ (BLAZE 178EP) 9.50
Fire Records presents a fresh slab of vinyl sporting new remixes of Pigbag’s “Papa’s Got A Brand New Pigbag,” a song originally recorded in 1981 that shot to #3 on the UK pop charts, since becoming a signature at football matches and television shows alike, especially the “Vuvuzela Remix,” with its blast of horns. This classic mix of punk-funk-jazzy-worldbeat-stomp for a new age retains the joyful power of the original while giving you the playful shove you needed to hit the dancefloor.
FK 001CD WOODY: 10 Years Of Fumakilla 2CD (FK 001CD) 20.00
Ten is the magic number with Berlin imprint Fumakilla. 2010 marks its tenth anniversary, and to celebrate, label owner Woody has compiled ten new, exclusive tracks from the roster, including Livio & Roby, Valenzuela & Casarano, Leix & Ronro, Larsson, Alejandro Vivanco, Danny Fiddo, Autotune, and of course, Woody himself. Over the past ten years, the Fumakilla team has been weaving 1s and 0s into intricate patterns, establishing itself as a source for sexy and pumpin’ club tracks with a sophisticated, artful bend (matched by its award-winning record sleeve designs). The dance label has gained a reputation of quality over quantity, with around 40 releases (including sub-label Fumalab) in its decade of existence, allowing creativity to flow at its own pace, striving toward a certain timeless quality. This compilation’s ten hand-picked productions serve as a state-of-the-union of Fumakilla’s international crew, from mellow grooves to galloping jams, deep and techno-house. But wait, there’s more! As you may know, Woody is not just a producer and label owner, but also a distinguished DJ, and for the compilation’s second disc, he’s mixed an audio excursion of additional tracks from Fumakilla’s back catalog. Other artists include: J.Aboga, Felipe Venegas, Jona, Paul Ritch, George G. and The Dose.
FCL 046EP BASANOV, MARIO: Do You Remember 12″ (FCL 046EP) 12.00
Two new mixes of this Balearic beauty from Mario Basanov. The Revenge’s “Drama Mix” is perfect for that big sound system to warm up the crowd and get a few hands going. Then, together with Craig Smith as 6th Borough Project, they take their stripped-back slo-mo house sound and give it a bit more soul. Lots of whirling synths and friendly keys, perfect for your summer sunset playing to a house party or a few thousand festival-goers.
H/E 471CD STONE BREATH: The Shepherdess And The Bone-White Bird 2CD BOX/5″ (H/E 471CD) 26.00
“Limited edition deluxe box set contains 2 CDs, a 5″ record, full lyrics, illuminated booklet, additional art, and more. Stone Breath’s visionary creation of Eastern-influenced rural acid folk finally comes to CD. From fingerpicked acoustics; to clawhammer banjo excursions; to the 20-plus minute exaltation that is ‘The Shepherdess of the Fiery Wheels,’ Stone Breath manifest their best work to date, here in expanded form with the addition of an entire new album in collaboration with The Forest Beggars. They are clear in sight, united in purpose, and shining in the darkness. ‘Cracked perfection…a layered, complex worldview and juddering locked-groove acoustics’ — Jeanette Leech, Shindig Magazine.”
HDH 214LP MELVINS/ISIS: Split 12” 12″ (HDH 214LP) 16.50
“The long running and the longer running. The finite and the perpetual. Two of the last studio tracks from a band now in their final days, and two songs from a band who will potentially outlive us all. ISIS. The Melvins. If you enjoy music of the heavier variety and haven’t heard either of these aural entities you are also probably unaware of other modern developments such as disposable contacts, the internet, and Snuggies.”
IV 028EP AME: Rrose Sélavy 12″ (IV 028EP) 14.00
After exploring technoid territories, Âme are back with a deep house EP. It is very much infiltrated with a Duchamp-esque way of approaching artistic objects: ready-made, self-referencing and perpetuating. So musically, perpetuum mobile (ital. “Moto perpetua” by Niccolò Paganini) elements push forward into mesmerizing loops. The future is nearer than in most contemporary deep house releases. Typically amazing Innervisions die-cut sleeve.
JM 076EP NATURAL YOGURT BAND, THE: Eastern Promise/Psalm 7″ (JM 076EP) 8.00
The Natural Yogurt Band don’t disappoint with another glimpse into their extensive archive of ethereal, esoteric and otherworldly sounds! Percussive polyphonics, transient pulsations and phonosynthetic oscillations massage your brain and ease your senses into a floating world of physiodelic cosmic space throb. Their first album sold out everywhere, quickly, and much was said about the band, much of it rumor and conjecture. Here’s a glimpse of their next record, Tuck In With The Natural Yogurt Band.
JMAN 035CD JACKSON, BOBBY: The Café Extra-Ordinaire Story CD (JMAN 035CD) 17.00
Jazzman Records reissues this private press jazz LP from Bobby Jackson. You won’t find the name Bobby Jackson in the jazz books. Yet here is a remarkable man who did more than anyone to promote live jazz in his hometown of Minneapolis, risking everything to open a venue for jazz lovers and putting on such luminaries as Freddie Hubbard, Roland Kirk and Elvin Jones. In so doing, he rode the wave of financial insecurity, dealt with problems involving drugs, the law and the police, not to mention the issues and temperaments of the musicians themselves. Yet he still managed to keep things together enough to record a truly deep and inspired album with his band — although it took another 8 years before it was finally released, albeit in minimal quantities and with zero distribution! And so, the seventh release in Jazzman’s Holy Grail series tells the story of Bobby Jackson and his Café Extra-Ordinaire. The music is deep, modal and progressive jazz. The story is one of bearded, coffee-drinking jazz-heads, Elvin Jones shedding tears, silver foil backdrops, and Jazzman also reveals what happened when a young man named Prince ventured into the café one day with the intention to sit in on a jam session! The CD also contains a 12-page color booklet with previously-unpublished pictures provided by Bobby Jackson himself. Interviews with Jackson and his band help to make up the extensive liner notes, telling the engaging story of the Café Extra-Ordinaire and all who took part in it.
JMAN 035LP JACKSON, BOBBY: The Café Extra-Ordinaire Story LP (JMAN 035LP) 25.50
LP version, pressed on 180 gram virgin vinyl. Limited, numbered edition of 1000 copies.
SOUL7 017EP HUEY, CLAUDE: Why Would You Blow It/Drifting 7″ (SOUL7 017EP) 11.00
Another northern rarity reissue, fully licensed and restored from the original master tapes in a limited run of only 500 copies worldwide! This one was recorded by Claude Huey and taken from the Fantasy-owned Galaxy label out of San Francisco. “Why Would You Blow It” has been in major demand for some time, renowned for its laid-back dancefloor appeal. “Drifting” meanwhile, is held in equal esteem — a deep-soul ballad of the down and out, no-hope variety.
KK 058LP DONNA REGINA: The Decline Of Female Happiness LP (KK 058LP) 15.50
LP version. Cologne-based melancholic electro-pop duo Donna Regina release their sixth album for the Karaoke Kalk label. Günther and Regina Janssen have been around longer than electronica and the term never really fit their music that well. After all, the duo from Cologne are really all about writing songs, not just producing tracks, and certainly not electronica. But you can’t take such categorization so literally. They fit all the characteristics that we attribute to withdrawn and playful electronic music with all its nuances. Donna Regina are masters of reservation, allusion and vagueness. Only they are capable of keeping listeners in suspense in the way that they do. For example, the piece “Vague,” with its really stunning Giorgio Moroder bass-line, creates expectation right from the first note. They knowingly build up tension and consistently hold that level right through to the end without ever letting up. Donna Regina would rather play one note briefly than two for too long. They deliver a wonderful production that is sonically varied and full of ideas. Their sound and their songs are elegant and melancholy, in varying degrees. And for as long as anyone can remember, Regina Janssen has been singing like the great Nico, who after all, was also from the Rhein area. And yet The Decline Of Female Happiness is somehow different. But Donna Regina wouldn’t be Donna Regina if this difference was noticeable at first glance. It seems as if the band, or at least its front woman, is taking stock with this album. Not only in the title track does The Decline Of Female Happiness deal with womanly situatedness and self-reflection. Loneliness, growing old and everyday life are also topics. These songs speak of experience and perhaps also of disillusionment. It’s this sublime aloofness that makes The Decline Of Female Happiness such a special album, and the music sounds equally at ease and experienced. Donna Regina achieves a kind of unity with their songwriting that many strive towards, though few attain. Includes a voucher for a free download of the entire album, including an extra track.
CDA 030CD BOUTHIER, JERRY: Kitsuné X Ponystep CD (CDA 030CD) 15.50
Kitsuné teams up with London’s fashion-style webmag Ponystep for the tenth edition of the Kitsuné Maison compilation series. Featuring Two Doors Cinema Club, Roisin Murphy, Act Yo Age, Das Pop and others, mixed by Jerry Bouthier. On the one hand, Kitsuné, the record label extraordinaire that gave you Digitalism, La Roux and Two Door Cinema Club, is also a fashion label. On the other, Ponystep, the noted fashion-style webmag based in East London has built a global reputation for all things fashion, art and music. It also happens to throw some of the best parties around. No wonder, the man behind Ponystep is Richard Mortimer, infamous for his BoomBox night, which rocked the British capital and shook fashion circles the world over. BoomBox’s electro/pop party brought a breath of fresh air and sense of freedom to club-land and attracted celebrities (Björk, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, etc.) along with London’s fashion elite (Giles Deacon, Gareth Pugh, Henry Holland, Christopher Kane, Marios Schwab, etc). Sealing a vibrant appreciation based on mutual respect, Kitsuné X Ponystep, the ultimate fashion CD, aims at mixing London edge with Parisian chic — two highly stylish and defined worlds, still quite apart from each other. Fusing pop, electro, indie, disco and more, Kitsuné X Ponystep mixes tracks and remixes from some of the hottest names around (French Horn Rebellion, Booka Shade, Aeroplane, Lindstrøm, Munk); a truly international cast that goes as far as Sydney, Perth, NYC, Oslo, Berlin, Munich, Manchester and inevitably Paris and London. So you curious, forward-looking aficionados of uplift and dance beats hold the first Kitsuné-Ponystep collection for the summer season. Bag Raiders, Voltaire Twins, Beataucue, Florrie, JBAG, Louise Prey, Adamski, Freeform 5, D-Pulse, Jupiter, In Flagranti, Rainbow Arabia, Myd, Lo-Fi-Fink, Popular Computer, May 68, David E, Bunny Lake, and Mustang.
AGCG 001EP A GUY CALLED GERALD: Tronic Jazz: The Berlin Sessions Vol. 1 12″ (AGCG 001EP) 12.00
This is part 1 in a 4-part series of limited edition 12″s from Tronic Jazz: The Berlin Sessions (LI 017CD). These tracks reveal A Guy Called Gerald’s vision for techno in its third decade of existence. After so many years of digital anything-goes, you might have forgotten the kind of sounds that are possible with “old” machines. These tracks exemplify the warmth of house and techno, recapturing the ghosts of the past by shrouding them in new, simple garments.
LITA 056LP BARRETT & THE YOUTH FOR CHRIST CHOIR, T.L.: Like A Ship…(Without A Sail) LP + 7″ (LITA 056LP) 19.00
180 gram vinyl version housed in a beautifully crafted gatefold sleeve. Includes a rare bonus 45 single of ‘Jingle Bells Parts 1 & 2′. “One time Chicago pastor and civic crusader T.L. Barrett’s long-forgotten gospel-soul LP Like A Ship… (Without a Sail) is finally getting some much-needed direction – straight to the hearts of music-lovers worldwide. Long revered in the Windy City amongst the flock and fervent crate diggers, this end-to-end burner remains one of the holy grails of gospel soul. Self-released in 1971, Like A Ship… (Without a Sail) saw Jesse Jackson Jr. (Operation Breadbasket) ally Barrett channel his passionate love of music, determination to help keep children off the streets, and wholly engaging preaching (which attracted the likes of Earth, Wind & Fire and Donny Hathaway to his Mount Zion Baptist Church sermons) into a musical offering bolstered by Chess Records’ sax hero/arranger Gene Barge and backed by a cast of music players including Richard Evans, Phil Upchurch and the rapturous vocals of the Youth for Christ Choir. Sanctified grooves, breaks, beats, and spiritual praise, delivered with a righteous and infectious chorus. Once again, we at Light In The Attic are proud to make the best reissue possible: original art, stunning archival photographs, and extensive liner notes from Chicago writer Peter Margasak (Chicago Reader). Like A Ship… (Without a Sail) is a testament to the potential of people to do great things in this oft-troubled world of ours, creating better surroundings for those around them and even creating timeless art in the process.”
MOSDEEP 002EP R-A-G: Beyond EP 12″ (MOSDEEP 002EP) 12.50
Four rough tracks by this new Amsterdam underground jacking crew, consisting of MOS label boss Aroy Dee, G-String, known from the infamous Intergalatic FM and Amsterdam’s best-kept production secret known as Marco Spaventi. Four times pure old school house beauty & energy. On blue vinyl.
MALUCO 043LP VA: Jovem Guarda Golpe Final! LP (MALUCO 043LP) 25.00
Subtitled: Beatfreak & Soul Psych Brasileiro. “Influenced by the American rock & roll of the ’50s and the British Invasion sounds of the ’60s, the Brazil ‘Jovem Guarda’ movement reached its peak at the mid-sixties. Lots of singers and bands appeared, some of them finding fame and fortune and turning into mega-stars during the next decades. This compilation focuses on the lesser known and often overlooked singles that were released during the Jovem Guarda years, especially from the late ’60s and early ’70s, when the movement was close to an end. Here you’ll find a superb mix of Brazilian styled groovy, fuzzed-out, psychedelic, soul-ish and beat sounds. Including famous names like Roberto Carlos, Jerry Adriani, Wanderley Cardoso and obscurities like Jose Roberto, this exciting comp will prove that the Jovem Guarda stars could be as groovy as their Tropicalia counterparts. Remastered sound, liner notes in Portuguese and pictures on back.”
DL 75347LP WISHBONE ASH: Argus LP (DL 75347LP) 14.00
180 gram reissue, licensed to Universal. The second and most highly-revered album from this British rock band, originally released in 1972. Tracks “The King Will Come,” “Warrior” and “Throw Down The Sword” have historically been cited as key motivational tools during legions of AD&D players’ weight loss endeavors.
Limited edition gatefold heavyweight double vinyl version. This is the second album by Nottingham’s The Soundcarriers. 2009’s Harmonium (MELO 059CD/LP) found a lush and spiked musical template; music so inspired and languid, one’s thoughts were drawn to Broadcast and Stereolab and like-minded cosmic travellers. Exactly where The Soundcarriers were really “coming from” was long in debate: Nottingham? The West Coast? Saturn? The sound moves between all three locales. It doesn’t really matter where you land, the atmosphere is always perfect. In Celeste, we find a tighter, more focused group. The same authentic analog warmth pervades, but with the addition of new sounds, playful blips and bleeps suggesting an extended musical canvas. The influence of jazz and Kosmiche music becomes apparent, as the muscular “Last Broadcast” floats from the turntable. What a groove! The bass work of Can’s Holger Czukay is instantly brought to mind, but soon we find ourselves in unexplored space-rock terrain. A denser sound pervades, that feels far removed from the lysergic whoosh of Harmonium. Any thoughts of a tighter sound are mischievously dashed with the arrival of “Rolling On” — a spirited, bouncy shuffle so infectious, one is moved to remove all footwear and dance vigorously. The song provides familiar Soundcarriers’ warmth, blessed with vocal harmonies that echo the magic of Trish Keenan or even Karen Carpenter. Was it not the popular music press who once invented the thorny term “retro-futurism?” The Soundcarriers aren’t retro or futurist. Where they succeed is in tight ensemble playing that really swings. A spirited quartet for the future certainly, but one that holds true to tried-and-trusted lessons from the best phases of music history. Includes a free download coupon.
SR 61309HLP WIZARDS FROM KANSAS, THE: The Wizards From Kansas LP (SR 61309HLP) 14.00
Gatefold 180 gram exact repro reissue, originally released in 1970. This mixes flying, early Airplane psych with some Deadish movements into a great second generation West Coast blur.
SR 61328LP SIR LORD BALTIMORE: Kingdom Come LP (SR 61328LP) 15.00
Gatefold 180 gram reissue, licensed from Universal. “Did you ever wish that ‘Speed King’, ‘Highway Star’ and ‘Fireball’ were the only songs Deep Purple had ever recorded? Did you ever feel that everything Blue Cheer recorded after side one of OutsideInside was unnecessary, including side two of that very LP? Did you ever lament that telling people just how much you love ‘I’m on Fire’ and ‘Atomic Punk’ from Van Halen 1 inevitably made them think you secretly loved later sub-Genesis detritus such as ‘Jump’ as well? Well, search out this album and you’ve got everything you need in one record.” — Head Heritage
SRM 1613LP SIR LORD BALTIMORE: Sir Lord Baltimore LP (SRM 1613LP) 15.00
Gatefold 180 gram reissue, licensed from Universal. Second album from the true original “Heavy Metal” band (as described in a 1971 issue of Creem). Heavy uptempo Zeppelin-esque rock with vocals from one of the greatest singer-drummers of all time.
MOBILEE 068EP STEFANIK/MARCIN CZUBALA, DANIEL: Hi Five Mobilee Part 2 Of 3 12″ (MOBILEE 068EP) 12.00
Part 2 of the limited edition vinyl series from the Hi Five Mobilee compilation contrasts with its predecessor with more hip-swingin’ house vibes. Daniel Stefanik’s style was associated with old school sounds, Detroit energy and Chicago vibes, and “Tripiando Los Colores” shows that he’s still rocking this to full effect. Marcin Czubala gets the dancefloor moving with “Spinning La Roulette.” Straight in with a very funky bass line, playful percussion and a hypnotic groove, it is fun on a plate.
“Gerry Hemingway played in Anthony Braxton’s classic, long standing quartet between 1983-1994, with Marilyn Crispell and Mark Dresser. This historic set documents their first recorded reunion in 12 years. Released to celebrate Braxton’s 65th birthday. These ‘studio’ improvisations were recorded in August 2007 at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, where Braxton is Professor of Music. Each of the four improvisations have their own unique character and instrumental color, lasting approximately one hour each. Extensive liner notes by Graham Lock, who has been writing about Braxton since the late 1980s. This deluxe 4CD set is packaged in a slipcase with a booklet and copious photos of the recording session.”
MONKEY 003EP SIRIUSMO: The Plasterer Of Love 12″ (MONKEY 003EP) 12.00
Modeselektor’s Monkeytown Records presents an EP by Siriusmo — 5 brand-new songs full of catchy moments, funky beats and enough surprises to keep you entertained more than the usual dancefloor tool. With his previous releases, Siriusmo has gathered an impressive fan club. Daft Punk, Justice, Cassius, Boys Noize, Erol Alkan, Sinden, A-Trak and many more have played Siriusmo tracks on heavy rotation and called him one of the hottest newcomers. Enjoy 5 new adventures!
G 963LP UNDISPUTED TRUTH, THE: Law Of The Land LP (G 963LP) 11.50
Exact repro reissue, originally released in 1973. Tracks include “Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone,” “Killing Me Softly With His Song” and — oh, you’re gonna melt — “Walk On By.”
MR 298CD JOHNSTON, DANIEL: The Story Of An Artist 6CD BOX (MR 298CD) 80.00
Limited edition 6CD box set of the very early recordings by Daniel Johnston, one of the most gifted American songwriters of the last three decades. Includes Daniel’s six cassette-only albums recorded between 1980 and 1983, packaged in individual sleeves, plus a two-sided A2 poster and a 64-page booklet with Daniel’s artwork from those years and extensive notes by music journalist Everett True. “When I first met Daniel in 1985, he was already quite well known. He had been giving away homemade cassettes for months and his live performances were attracting enthusiastic crowds. He had even been on MTV. The cassettes were his business cards and he used them well, with Hi, How Are You, Yip/Jump Music, Retired Boxer, Respect and Continued Story finding their way into the hands of seemingly every band in town. As the attention increased, so did the need to keep making and handing out cassettes. It reached a point where much of his paycheck from McDonald’s would be spent on blank tapes, so I began talking to him about ways to at least break even. By the time Daniel left Austin a year later, things had changed considerably. I was finding national distribution for the tapes, but he wasn’t well, and didn’t wish to continue in the music business. He gave me a couple of tapes I hadn’t heard before throwing most of his remaining possessions into a dumpster. By the time I found out about the dumpster incident and frantically dug through it, trying to salvage any tapes that I could find, it was too late. What was lost in that dumpster is something we’ll never know. The two unreleased tapes he had given me were More Songs Of Pain and Don’t Be Scared (ironically misspelled Don’t Be Scarred). Both were unlike anything I had previously heard. Recorded in the semi-privacy of his parents’ basement in the early 1980s, before he’d moved to Texas, the sound was slightly better than the tapes I was already distributing, and the material so strong that I knew he deserved a place among the all-time great songwriters. Both were and are fully realized masterpieces to my ears … I was able to borrow a tape he had given Glass Eye’s Kathy McCarty titled The Joker — it turned out to be one of several versions of the Songs Of Pain tape that he had given out to his friends in West Virginia before moving to Austin. I knew it had to be the first of the ‘new’ releases, so I began distributing Songs Of Pain in 1987. A few months later, I borrowed another tape he had given to one of his friends. This led to the release of The What Of Whom. In 1988, I released More Songs Of Pain and in 1989 Don’t Be Scared. In 1990, Daniel found some tapes under his bed (!) called The Lost Recordings, and these were released in 1991. Most of Daniel’s early recordings were done on a $59 Sanyo jam box using the cheapest tape he could find. The term ‘lo-fi’ was still a few years away and I never gave the low fidelity of these recordings a second thought. It was about the music and the story of an artist. Songs Of Pain, More Songs Of Pain, The What Of Whom, Don’t Be Scared and The Lost Recordings tell the story of that artist. They may have been ‘just’ cassettes, but Daniel owned his own publishing and these releases led to more songs being published, and ultimately more songs being covered by other bands. I’m very grateful that Munster Records has chosen to package the recordings from Daniel’s West Virginia years as a box set. I hope you enjoy it.” –Jeff Tartakov, Stress Records
MR 298LP JOHNSTON, DANIEL: The Story Of An Artist 6LP BOX (MR 298LP) 113.00
6LP box set version limited to 1,000 copies. Includes individual printed inner sleeves, a two-sided A2 poster and a 64-page booklet with Daniel’s artwork from those years and extensive notes by music journalist Everett True.
ED 289LP VA: Aliens, Psychos And Wild Things LP (ED 289LP) 13.00
Subtitled: Rare & Unissued Virginia Garage 1964-1967. “Dig this giant platter loaded with rare Virginia sixties garage (including seven unissued tracks!) featuring the Satellites, Wild Cherries, Live Wires, Panics, Uprisers and many more Southern savages! Dig the first ever cover of a Velvet Underground song, ‘There She Goes Again’ by the Banana — recorded in Vietnam! Deluxe package howls with band bios and photos! Detailed notes and pix bring new focus to this little known sixties garage hotspot.”
ED 327LP LONESOME DRIFTER, THE: Eager Boy LP (ED 327LP) 13.00
“Seventeen song roundup of Thomas Johnson, the mysterious Lonesome Drifter culled from the vaults of Shreveport’s Ram Records. His 1958 single Eager Boy stands as one of the most sought after records of all time. The Drifter’s haunting vocals and stark instrumentation make him a truly unique figure in rockabilly and hillbilly music. This is real bone chilling stuff! For fans of Hasil Adkins’ Moon Over Madison and Charlie Feathers’ Uh Huh Honey albums.”
ED 328LP ADKINS, HASIL: White Light/White Meat LP (ED 328LP) 15.00
Subtitled: Authentic West Virginia One Man Band Home Recordings 1958-1965. “Celebrate Hasil’s 25 years as a Norton Records artist with fourteen 1958-65 hunchers and weepers recorded in Hasil’s Boone County, West Virginia shack! Insane hard board jacket.”
NORTON 9666EP VA: Their Hispanic Majesties Request 2X7″ (NORTON 9666EP) 11.00
“Double 45 set (in posh non-3D gatefold cover) featuring four mucho loco Rolling Stones songs con carne – sung in Spanish!” Tracklist: Los Peyotes – “Let’s Spend The Night Together” Davila 666 – “She’s A Rainbow” Luis and the Wildfires – “Get Off My Cloud” Los Vigilantes – “Paint It Black”
NW 901LP WAILERS, THE: The Fabulous Wailers LP (NW 901LP) 13.00
2010 repress, originally released in 1998. “The Wailers’ original 1959 Golden Crest material is now on Norton! Thrill to 15 drivin’ instrumentals (includin’ the dynamic hit ‘Tall Cool One’) & three scorchin’ vocal workouts! Dig primo sides from the Wailers original debut LP, rare singles, and the unished ‘Snake Pit.’ These classic sides forged the hallowed Northwest Sound! From original master tapes for maximum whomp!”
NOSMOKE 006LP NGOZI FAMILY: 45,000 Volts LP (NOSMOKE 006LP) 29.00
2010 repress. LP version. “Stunning, rare as hell album from the rich Zambian ‘Zamrock’ scene from the ’70s — have you ever heard of this record before? The Ngozi Family (Ngozi means danger, and dangerous is their music indeed!) were also the band backing for Chrissy Tembo on his now well-known My Ancestors album. They released this one in 1977, and you’ll be amazed when you hear it if you’re somehow into Hendrix, Black Sabbath, heavy psychedelia or Afro psych-rock. Most of the tracks on the LP follow that direction, and the rest enter the Afrobeat sound — but most of it is fuzzy, heavy psych-rock as you can expect.”
OCORA 560223 EN CHORDAIS: Music Of Asia Minor & Constantinople CD (OCORA 560223) 19.00
“For centuries, the interaction between Greek, Turkish and many ethnic groups gave rise, in the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the great cities of Asia Minor, to a musical culture which could be qualified as a perfect example of intercultural integration. The Oriental style called smyrnaika, played on violin, oud, qanun and santoor had a strong influence on rebetiko, today acknowledged as Greece’s national music. This recording by the Greek group En Chordais illustrates to perfection this musical tradition of Asia Minor.” Deluxe oversized hardbound packaging with a 28-page booklet with French and English liner notes.
OCORA 560229 VA: Debaa: The Singing Of Sufi Women CD (OCORA 560229) 19.00
“‘Debaa’ is a term used for the singing of mystical poetry within Sufism, more specifically it grew from the singing of the poems and narratives of Abdurahman al-Dayba, a Yemeni writer from the 15th century. Debaa has evolved on the island of Mayotte, part of the Comoros chain in the Indian Ocean, into a female choral practice, accompanied by drums, bells and tambourines and choreographed with dance movements. Several debaa groups (known as Madarassati) perform on Mayotte, and internationally (including WOMAD 2008). This album presents five Madarassati, which commonly have between 50-80 members each.” Deluxe oversized hardbound packaging with a 36-page booklet with French and English liner notes.
OSTGUT 039EP L.B. DUB CORP: Take It Down (In Dub) 12″ (OSTGUT 039EP) 12.00
British techno pioneer Luke Slater’s L.B. Dub Corp arrives on Ostgut Ton in its latest electronic mutation. “Take It Down (In Dub)” is an extended experiment in dub textures. With reduced club energy at its core, Slater heats up his dynamic onset of sound, slowly unleashing a heavy, twisted funnel of steam and metal. “It’s What You Feel” sustains melody with classic house vibes. This rare L.B. Dub Corp appearance reveals the more esoteric end of Luke Slater’s creative spectrum.
OW 032EP SCHORIES, OLIVER: Archipel 12″ (OW 032EP) 11.00
“An archipelago is beautiful — just like the Archipel by Oliver Schories. Various elements combined to a wonderful ensemble. Just as with Seenplatte or Ostwind Limited Series, Oliver sets crispy beats, soft strings and striking chords. Everything is in place and cuts to the chase. A high area of the Azores which offers unequaled opportunities. Watch out, native fans of Bermuda shorts, ‘Archipel’ will twist your bones with an about-face! A hymn which makes you spill your endorphin and which turns the summer into an unforgettable experience. On the flip, Nils Nilson presents the perfect matching part. A discreet grooving dub piece, rolling down like a trade wind and turning into a giant warm monsoon after the break. A record made for the summer season. Sun, sand and the sea, what could be better?”
OH 011LP TRAORE, ROKIA: Tchamantché 2LP (OH 011LP) 25.50
This is the vinyl version of Rokia Traoré’s Tchamantché album from 2009. Traoré is an internationally acclaimed singer/songwriter and guitarist from Mali. It all started with a sound inside Rokia Traoré’s head. The most adventurous singer-songwriter in Africa knew that she wanted to create a new musical style that was “more modern, but still African, something more blues and rock than my folk guitar.” Then she heard an old Gretsch, the classic electric guitar so beloved by American rockabilly bands back in the ’50s and ’60s, and played by everyone from Chet Atkins to George Harrison. That was the sound she had been looking for, and it has helped to bring a fresh and startling new dimension to her exquisite and adventurous songs. This may be an African album, but it sounds nothing like most “world music” records, and has little in common with work of Rokia’s great Malian compatriots like Salif Keita or Oumou Sangare “who are amazing — but I’m not a Malian traditional singer.” It will appeal to blues fans, though it’s not just a blues album, and it will appeal to fans of sophisticated contemporary rock, though Rokia’s always thoughtful and intriguing lyrics are mostly sung in Bambara, one of the Malian languages, with just two in French. The result is an album that constantly surprises. The only track not written by Rokia is a startling re-working of the Billie Holiday classic “The Man I Love,” which starts as a slow, bluesy track in which Rokia demonstrates her delicately brooding, intimate vocals (in English), and then speeds up to develop into an extraordinary African scat work-out. The backing includes both Gretsch guitar and the n’goni, the tiny, harsh-edged West African lute that has always been an integral part of her sound. Elsewhere, many of the songs are built around laid-back, sturdy and slinky grooves, and Rokia sings with a new maturity, range and quiet confidence. The backing is often sparse, but always original, with sections where another classic guitar, the Silvertone, is matched against subtle percussion effects provided by human beat box and hip-hop star, Sly Johnson, or where the n’goni is played alongside the Western classical harp. Rokia has made dramatic changes to her music, for she no longer uses the African xylophone, the balafon, and has brought in a Western rhythm section, as well as a European production team (the recordings were mixed by Phill Brown, who has worked with Robert Plant, Robert Palmer and Bob Marley). But Rokia insists this is still an African album “because music depends on the person making it, and I am an African. But I’m from a new generation, with a new way of seeing Africa and our music.” Always known for her outspoken lyrics, she tackles the problem of illegal immigration from Africa to Europe in the compelling “Tounka,” and reminds Malians that they should be proud of the glories of their past, in the intimate but gloriously stirring, guitar-backed “Dounia.” Then, in complete contrast, there’s the personal and rhythmic “Zen,” a song about having the courage to do nothing, and the dark-edged, mature and thoughtful “Dianfa.” Now, at last, there’s a new album that marks the latest stage in a career that has transformed Western conceptions of African music. Gatefold sleeve.
PERMVAC 002CD VA: Permanent Vacation CD (PERMVAC 002CD) 15.50
2006 release. This is the first compilation from the superb Munich-based imprint, Permanent Vacation. Mixed and selected by the label-heads Tom Bioly and Benjamin Fröhlich, Permanent Vacation tunes in to a deep flow of cosmic/space disco and Harvey-style Balearic. Praised by Hans-Peter Lindström, Todd Terje and Groove magazine, where it was hotly-tipped as compilation of the month. The label’s consistently captivating spectrum of all things nu-disco, ear-catching Italo, widescreen cosmic warmth and top-down sun-bleached rock started with this collection, featuring Trulz & Robin, Maurice Fulton, Double, Max Berlin, Joakim, Ost & Kjex, Kelley Polar, AN-2, Alexander Robotnick, Tommy Seebach, Parker Lewis, Trulz & Robin, Ilya Santana, Manhead, Six Cups Of Rebel, Antena and Whomadewho.
PERMVAC 012CD ANTENA: Versions Spéciales – Camino del Sol CD (PERMVAC 012CD) 15.50
2007 release. Tom Bioly and Benjamin Fröhlich from Permanent Vacation present Versions Spéciales, a project that reimagines the classic 1983 electro samba/pop album Camino Del Sol by legendary French band Antena. The idea was to track down the album’s classic tracks to give them a more dance-related approach without losing the vibe of the originals. The tracks that make up this release do not simply result in a collection of remixes or a pointless remix CD, but result in a more homogenic longplayer that is compelling to listen to as a full-length release. For this project, Permanent Vacation chose some of their favorite producers, most of them totally aware of the Antena sound and big fans themselves: Nouvelle Vague, Todd Terje, Joakim, Steve Yanko, Escort, Disco Devil, Chromatics, Enne, Lexx, Pink Alert and Phreek Plus One.
PERMVAC 025CD LE-TAN & JESS, ALEXIS: Space Oddities CD (PERMVAC 025CD) 15.50
2008 release. Continuing in their quest to deliver quality and obscure sought after music, Permanent Vacation goes deeper than ever with Space Oddities, a compilation of rare European library grooves from 1975-1984. Two obsessive French DJs, crate diggers and collectors — Alexis Le-Tan (music journalist and member of the Tigersushi Bass System) and Jess (from the famed French house duo Jess & Crabbe and drummer for punk band 10lec6) — dive into a world of spacey, cosmic, funky and freaky disco-focused tracks from their library discoveries. Library music was produced from the early ’50s by known and unknown composers and talented session musicians. These records were never commercially available; you had to subscribe to the labels in order to get them. Used mainly in films, TV series or commercials, they covered various genres, types of songs, atmospheres and sound effects. Producers, beat dealers and discerning DJs have been hunting down these records for many years and using them as secret weapons. Inspired by compilations like Anti N.Y., Teutonik Disaster, New York Noise, Disco Not Disco from labels like Gomma, Soul Jazz and Strut, as well as the explosion of the nu-disco-balearic-cosmic scene, Le-Tan and Jess reveal their best kept secrets to a wider audience. They also took the time to hunt down all the composers or label owners who had the rights for the tracks, in order to license them properly and give credit where it is due. Slick artwork by designers Check Morris depicts a contemporary take on the design of an old library record, and a booklet includes original illustrations, extensive sleeve notes and descriptions of each track.
PERMVAC 058EP TALABOT, JOHN: Matilda’s Dream 12″ (PERMVAC 058EP) 12.00
John Talabot’s debut on Permanent Vacation gave him instant recognition in the electronic galaxy and James Murphy, Âme and Aeroplane have included his music in their sets. On Hivern, his own label, Talabot released “Sunshine,” which has become one of the songs of the summer and Philip Sherburne included the track as one of the best songs of 2009 on Pitchfork. Finally, here are his new original tracks for 2010. The title track also gets a remix by Runaway’s Jacques Renault.
Midnight Magic releases their first single Beam Me Up, on Permanent Vacation. But who is Midnight Magic? They appear on stage as Tiffany Roth, Morgan Wiley, Carter Yasutake, W. Andrew Raposo, Max Goldman, Nick Roseboro, Caito Sanchez, Jason Disu and Andrew Frawley. They are servants of a secret fire (and some have played in Hercules & Love Affair) — a psychedelic-soul army inspired by electro, funk, and disco from all around the world. Remixes by Gavin Russom, Jacques Renault, and The Loving Hand.
PERMVAC 060EP MIRROR PEOPLE/KOOL DJ DUST: Echo Life/Back To The Future 12″ (PERMVAC 060EP) 12.00
Get ready for a super hot split 12″ by two refreshing new artists: Kool DJ Dust and Mirror People. Kool DJ Dust is a digger/DJ/producer and for his first release on Permanent Vacation, he delivers two heavy, old-school elektro meets Italo disco cuts. Mirror People is the Portuguese DJ and producer Rui Maia. He has a thing for analog synthesizers, which you can hear in his productions of lovely, sun-drenched house music.
NYC’s Adultnapper presents Slowly, a typically spooked-out 2-tracker from the East Coast’s master of the dark and funky arts. The title track is full of the type of crazy textural landscapes that have become synonymous with Adultnapper’s bass-infected sound. Jazz-influenced hooks, sultry vocals and horns-a-plenty, it all makes for an incredible workout. “Gold And Forgetting” is a touch more mysterious, with a floating, Chicago-esque synth theme at its tender heart. Nine minutes of pure and precious metallic sheen.
LPNG 44.048HLP OS MUTANTES: A Divina Comédia Ou Ando Meio Desligado LP (LPNG 44.048HLP) 15.00
180 gram exact repro reissue, originally released in 1970. Licensed to Universal. Third album from one of the most psychedelic, influential, playful and distinctive pop entities to ever come out of Brazil. Essential in the Tropicalia canon.
QUINTESSE 015EP BAAZ: All The Way 12″ (QUINTESSE 015EP) 12.00
After his highly acclaimed Pass It On EP (QUINTESSE 007EP), Baaz is back with more deep vibes. Again, four proper house cutz ranging from more percussive workouts (like “Pean For The Masters”) to slow, deep and dirty tunes (“Are You”) to proper deep house tracks (like “Black Pattern” and “Drive Thru”) — all the way you like ’em.
REKIDS 007CD MR G: Still Here CD (REKIDS 007CD) 15.50
UK production legend, Mr G, releases his debut solo album on Radio Slave’s infamous Rekids imprint. Mr G was once one-half of The Advent (with Cisco Ferreira), producing ground-breaking releases, remixes and albums, and touring the world with their intense, relentless style of techno; selling tens of thousands of records. Mr G went alone in 1999, founding his own label Phoenix G, creating a unique brand of analog, bass-heavy, electronic tech-funk, which immediately attracted props from his peers and the music press alike. In 2006, Mr G hooked up with Rekids and released the fourth-ever EP for the label — E.C.G.’ed, followed by U Askin? in 2007 and Makes No Sense in 2008. Four years later, he releases his debut solo album on the Rekids imprint. “I had known Matt (Radio Slave) for years, via mutual respect for each others’ music, so it was great to work with him. I truly feel that the Rekids crew do it right.” Mr G still uses his MPC and does his cuts and drops for the album LIVE. Mr G loves to take a risk with the analog — how high, how low, will it distort — it’s all part of the Mr G sound.
RINSE 004EP ROSKA: Rinse Presents Roska Number Two 12″ (RINSE 004EP) 11.00
Roska Number Two takes three of the most direct-to-dancefloor cuts from his self titled LP (RINSE 016CD) and packs them into one jack-all-night-long package. The skeletal curveball “Squark” has been hugely requested and received support from Radio1 and Kiss FM. “Tomorrow Is Today” brings light to the grime template, fusing his past as a grime MC with his current path and is a favorite amongst Rinse FM tastemakers. “Hey Cutie,” with its bouncy, summery vibes, rounds off the single.
RB 001CD SULEIMAN, MIM: Tungi CD (RB 001CD) 17.00
Running Back proudly presents Mim Suleiman. The Zanzibar-born and Sheffield-based singer/songwriter/performer made quite a name for herself on the Afro-beat stages of this world with her mixture of East African vocals and percussive traditions. Tungi is Mim Suleiman’s debut full-length, which has her singing and writing in her native tongue, Swahili. Tungi is a mixture of all things ultramodern Afro beat, rhythm trax and futuristic pop music. Starting off with the uplifting vibe and beat of “Hebu,” you will find boogie moments like “Nyuli” or “Bibi Na Mpu” (including a dub version) along the way, as well as quieter moments, like rhythmic adventures called “Flava” or the hi-life guitars of “Mingi” and “Haraka Haileti Baraka.” Music for the world, led by the powerhouse that is Mim Suleiman and her lyrics about love and affection, freedom, oppression, unity and everyday life. Mesmerizing and addictive. Produced by Maurice Fulton.
RH 030EP MRSK: Black Keith/Close To Me 12″ (RH 030EP) 12.50
Just when it was getting hard to bear anymore lo-fi, dub-inspired techno records, along comes producers like Skudge and newcomer MRSK, both from Sweden and now befriended. Both turn said genre into kick-ass, peak-time productions that funk like crazy. “Black Keith” definitely has that drive and swing and groove. “Close To Me” is a little deeper and more classy (Detroit), yet still grooves like a motherfucker. A classic techno release.
RH 111D-EP WILHITE PRESENTS, RICK: Vibes New&Rare Music Part D 12″ (RH 111D-EP) 12.50
This is the fourth release in Rick Wilhite’s Vibes New&Rare Music compilation, and it doesn’t take a genius to work out who was leading the tribe on this one. This 12″ contains a track by Urban Tribe (Carl Craig, Kenny Dixon Jr., Anthony “Shake” Shakir and Sherard Ingram) and the flip contains a Rick Wilhite remix of the classic ’90s Urban Tribe production, D2000 (originally a one-sided 12″on Mo Wax). BIG RECORD.
RH TX5-EP VA: House Of Trax Vol. 5 12″ (RH TX5-EP) 12.50
The fifth release in the House Of Trax series contains more rare tracks from the Trax catalog. There are two mixes of the little-known Gwendolyn track, which originally came out on Precision Records in 1984. This early vocal (house) gem was produced by Vince Lawrence and Jesse Saunders. It comes in two versions, the original and a more dubbed-out version by Farley Jackmaster Funk. Side B features another early ’80s Chicago track, again by Lawrence and Saunders aka Z-Factor featuring Screamin’ Rachel.
RH VD1-EP DEXTER: Not The Only One EP 12″ (RH VD1-EP) 12.50
Rush Hour presents a new series of releases entitled Voyage Direct, curated by Tom Trago: hence the name, which was also the title of his debut double EP. Dexter kicks off this series in a classy style with his Not The Only One EP. The title track is a steady, yet smooth club groove with enough swing to make anyone dance to the music. “Not The Only One” is an infectious vocoder vocal track that will make you smile.
STD 105CD DER DRITTE RAUM: Rosa Rausch CD (STD 105CD) 17.00
Der Dritte Raum is back, and it’s hard to believe that it’s been 16 years since Andreas Krüger released his first album on Harthouse, followed by five more albums and countless 12″s on various labels. With his seventh album Rosa Rausch, Andreas has released another one of his typical musical kaleidoscopes. His distinctive grooves last from the first to the very last bar of the record — sometimes brisk, sometimes subtle; he knows how to fascinate his audience. His deep love for hypnotic arrangements and entrancing synth-lines — derived from the classic machines of the last century — exudes from every moment of this album. Still, the tracks don’t fit the usual labels. The impact of two decades of house and techno merge with solid ambient sounds, electro and swing into a genre-busting amalgam full of musical surprises. Andreas exquisitely manages to transfer day-to-day inspiration into distinct musical positions. Wonderful moments come out of this vintage machinery: pounding and hissing like a steam train, title track “Rosa Rausch” gains momentum on this trip into the countryside. Beats jingle cheerfully like ice cubes in a highball glass. Summery synths convey a feeling of sand beneath your toes. Two other tracks, “Lieblingsloop” and “Blautaut,” also have this spirit of the summer; with a feeling of effortlessness and of the sun shining on your face, the music takes your hand and draws you to the dancefloor. That’s where “Swing Bop” is already waiting to put a smile on all our faces. Der Dritte Raum has other sides to him, too. “Gerät außer Kontrolle” lets loose a crazy percussion session, a worthy reference to old school techno. Soft and warm, the album comes to an end; the descent begins with “Kleine Freiluftschleife,” on “Weitwelt,” we take one last round through the orbit in our little spaceship and dreamily look at Krüger’s sound universe. At the “Landungsbrücken,” the pilot finally drops us off. We stay on the bank for a little while, relive those manifold images of our journey and enjoy the evening sun on our faces. Life’s good.
STRIKE 114EP SOUL CENTER: GE 01 12″ (STRIKE 114EP) 12.00
This is a short and sweet preview of Thomas Brinkmann’s fourth album General Eclectics. Unlike Soul Center’s previous works, the featured music is almost entirely devoid of samples and returns to a deep melange of techno’s richer funk and soul flavors, from “Marmelade” right up to the final hands-in-the-air stomper “Dyr Bul Scyl.” Sure-fire floor fillers. Fun is a hot gun.
NMB 004EP NORTH MANC BEDS: Mancweb 12″ (NMB 004EP) 9.00
North Manc Beds know that there’s nothing as cozy as those low frequencies when you need a power kip, pre-rave. Aside from bobbin’ about in the darker corners of the shady Manc rave scene, much time has been spent skankin’ around the moors, northern mills, power stations and munitions stores and riding the top deck of the GMPTE’s finest. Recent encounters with armed response have pushed them back underground, and this might be the last recording for some time.
SKALD 015LP BOLA: Gnayse 2LP (SKALD 015LP) 16.50
Double LP version, full color gatefold sleeve. Warehouse find of a few copies of this 2004 LP version… “In the scheme of things there are a number of electronic artists now who have, by releasing quality album after quality album become modern-day classic electronic artists. Darrell Fitton (aka Bola), although he’d never admit it, is one of these alongside Autechre, Boards Of Canada, Plaid and Aphex Twin. The reason you probably know little about Bola is that he’s easily the most reclusive of these, though we’d argue that his music is equal, if not better in terms of form and beauty. Bola hails from Rochdale the same northern town as Gracie Fields and Autechre who, incidentally, introduced Darrell to the Skam label (Autechre that is, not Gracie). They also collaborated on another Skam project, Gescom, but where friends Autechre perhaps reflect the industrial heritage of Rochdale in their uncompromising compositions, Bola’s sound is that of the surrounding hills, moors, streams, canals. Something more gentle and thoughtful (an interesting contradiction considering his studio’s in the centre of town). Gnayse is the third Bola album following on from Soup and Fyuti. We reckon it’s the most complete — one of those perfect albums with a beginning, middle and an end, ‘Soup’s a bit naïve to say the least’ explains Darrell of his earlier work. ‘I hope people think I have gone forward, I might be going backwards’. A statement from Darrell that unintentionally sums up the timelessness of Bola’s music in fact he listens to hardly any contemporary music, ‘I’m a jazz head — that’s what I listen to, jazz and classical. I don’t really listen to electronica at all.’ Mind, we advise you not to take Darrell’s advice and if you listen to any electronica listen to Bola.”
STS 182CD K-X-P: K-X-P CD (STS 182CD) 17.00
“K-X-P is a drums, bass and synth trio from Helsinki, Finland, born out of the fire and ashes of the seminal Op:l Bastards and The Lefthanded, both of which were led by Timo Kaukolampi. The band is comprised of Timo Kaukolampi (electronics, vocals), Tuomo Puranen (bass and keyboards) and rotating drummers Anssi Nykänen and Tomi Leppanen. The band mixes electronics, Krautrock, noise, and even rockabilly into a hypnotic and minimal motorik groove inspired by Raymond Scott, Moondog and Martin Rev and mindful of Spacemen 3, This Heat, 23 Skidoo, Suicide and NEU!.”
“‘The Sediment Club are a 4-piece No Wave group from New York. Their debut EP puts a modern and youthful spin on familiar post-punk tropes, bringing to mind the deranged and bizarrely catchy innovations of the Contortions and early Pere Ubu. Four songs filled with existential ranting, squirrel-y atonal guitars, and spastic keyboard stabbing atop hypnotic bass lines and propulsive drums. Recorded at N.Y. Hed Studios by Ivan Julian. Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies.’ – Softspot. Excellent new 7″ by four 17-18 year old NYC kids, whoes live set includes covers of the Residents and Rocket From The Tombs. Produced and mastered by Ivan Julian of the Voidoids, the father of singer/guitarist Austin (his mother being Cynthia Sley of the Bush Tetras). Highly recommended!”
SFT 003LP KEBAB: Kebab LP (SFT 003LP) 14.00
“SoftSpot has delved back into the post-punk archives and unearthed another virtually unheard gem. Our first full-length LP features the recordings of Kebab, a short-lived quartet of punk-minded Belgian youths. Inspired by the Crass Records DIY mentality, the burgeoning UK art-punk scene, and their own boredom, Kebab combined anti-political punk diatribes with sharp guitars, plodding basslines, synth gurgles, and spastic electronic percussion. The result is an aggressively sparse take on post-punk that remains fresh and visceral sounding today. Side A compiles all their known studio recordings, including the sought-after Life It’s a Joke 7″ from 1982. Side B features select tracks from their original demo tape, recorded in 1981 and limited to only 30 copies. All tracks have been remastered from the best available sources, and are presented on black vinyl in a full-size poster package containing lyric sheet, rare photos, and a vintage interview with the band.”
SOL 055CD GREIF, RANDY: Alice In Wonderland 5CD BOX (SOL 055CD) 26.00
“Alice In Wonderland, by Los Angeles, California composer and musician Randy Greif, is a gripping and imaginative telling of Lewis Carroll’s classic story. Using electronics and altered acoustic sounds, along with more traditional instruments, Greif creates a dark and beguiling atmosphere that captures the listener’s imagination. The spoken text is deconstructed into indecipherable phonemes, or laid into rhythmic, musical structures roughly approximating songs. At times, the sonic backdrop is used in a cinematic style behind electronically manipulated voices. Running about six hours, the work was created to move within the real-time cycles of a psychedelic experience. Although the original story has many layers of meaning, Greif intends this interpretation to include some that may be beyond the scope of the original, such as a little girl’s shift from childhood to adolescence, and our species’ evolution into technological beings. This is not your father’s audiobook. Unless your father was Timothy Leary. The CDs are presented in a tall DVD case, with an 8-page color booklet. Most interesting to collectors are the Alice In Wonderland trading cards published in conjunction with the release. Sixty different cards have been created, each one corresponding to one of the sixty tracks on the CDs. The image on each card evolves from the last, like the frames of an animated film. The cards have each been printed in different edition sizes so that only 410 complete sets are possible. Five cards are included with each CD box set, but the cards are also sold in packs of 10, in the tradition of collectible trading cards.”
UNITED 401/2CD SHIPP, MATTHEW: Creation Out Of Nothing (Live In Moscow) 2CD (UNITED 401/2CD) 38.00
“Recorded live in Moscow, February 11, 2009 at the DOM Cultural Center. Matthew Shipp (b.1960) has reached the holy grail of jazz in that he possesses a unique style on his instrument that is all of his own. In his collection of recordings, he has generated a whole body of work that is visionary, far-reaching and many-faceted. He is truly one of the leading lights of a new generation of jazz giants.”
SNDW 023CD VA: The World Ends: Afro Rock & Psychedelia In 1970s Nigeria 2CD (SNDW 023CD) 23.00
The World Ends is the latest title from Soundway Records showcasing a wave of guitar-driven and psychedelic groups that sprung up in Nigeria during the early 1970s. Featuring 32 electrifying and funk-laden grooves, this is the sound of a generation attempting to pick up the pieces after the devastation of the Nigerian civil war. Spread over 2 CDs, this bumper collection is brimming with youthful exuberance, fuzzed-out guitar and cosmic organ vibes and owes much to the psychedelic sounds of Jim Morrison, Santana, Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane and James Brown. As the Summer of Love was blossoming in London and San Francisco, Nigeria was imploding into civil war. Also known as the Biafra War of 1967, it was a grisly conflict taking over three million lives, yet at the same time the country was being pulled apart, there was a new world beginning. The tracks featured represent a forgotten chapter in Nigeria’s musical history when the youth threw their varied morsels into the pot, from hard rock to psychedelic soul, when guitars were cherished instruments, symbolic of a new movement, when highlife and Afrobeat played second fiddle to “the beat.” Includes a 44-page booklet packed with rare photos and extensive liner notes.
SR 287LP VA: I’m Going Where The Water Drinks Like Wine LP (SR 287LP) 14.50
Subtitled: 18 Unsung Bluesmen: Rarities 1923-1929. LP version. Sub Rosa presents another volume in their “Fundamental” collection, devoted to rare and lost recordings from the ’20 to the ’60s. While artists such as Robert Johnson, Charley Patton, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Bukka White, Sleepy John Estes, Skip James, etc. became legendary in their lifetime (due in part to their discovery by the 1960s British rock scene), the musicians highlighted here are the ones that didn’t become major figures, either constructed by myth or defined by history. Artists include: Sylvester Weaver, Bo Weavil Jackson, Richard Rabbit Brown, Andrew Baxter, Willard Ramblin’ Thomas, Luke Jordan, Buddy Boy Hawkins, Ishman Bracey, Arthur Petties, Rube Lacey, Tom Dickson, Freddie Spruell, Jesse Babyface Thomas, Willie Baker, Kid Bailey, Willie Blind Joe Reynolds, Henry Townsend, and Noah Lewis.
SR 290CD VA: An Anthology Of Noise & Electronic Music Volume 6 2CD (SR 290CD) 18.00
Sub Rosa presents the sixth volume and penultimate installment of the highly-acclaimed and successful Anthology Of Noise & Electronic Music series. As usual, it culls old historical pieces, little-known gems, and even a few previously-unreleased tracks from the greatest Japanoise bands, a few representatives of the younger generations (from all around the world), and some rare tracks from the ’80s, and it all ends with a lull that lets transpire what may be felt as a kind of indefinable mystery. The avant-garde ushered in the possibility of a new music, then it scattered into small communities whose best-known protagonists are totally unknown to people outside that particular circle. We are facing this fragmentation, and one form of avant-garde ends up scattered into several (not exclusively musical) forms. It is not in avant-garde’s nature to create one elementary form for each individual. Other phrases used include “forays,” “breakthroughs,” “pushing the envelope,” and then, of course, “going too far.” Tracks on this sixth volume comprise more than 2 1/2 hours of music, with many rare and unpublished tracks. Housed in a 2CD digipack sleeve, including a 52-page booklet full of notes and biographical info. Artists include: Tetsuo Furudate, Stephen O’ Malley (Sunn O)))), Pain Jerk, Z’ev, Hijokaidan, John Duncan, Manuel Rocha Iturbide, Robert Piotrowicz, Incapacitants, Sachiko M, Torturing Nurse, Israël Martinez, Ata Ebtekar/Sote, Daniel Menche, John Wiese, Joseph Nechvatal, Henry Cowell, Pain Barrier, Julie Rousse, Dick Raaymakers, Ultraphonist, Tzvi Avni, Else Marie Pade, ILIOS, Bird Palace/Cristian Vogel + Pablo Palacio, and Stummer + Liesl Ujvary.
SF 060LP VA: Saigon Rock & Soul: Vietnamese Classic Tracks 1968-1974 2LP (SF 060LP) 27.50
The long-awaited foray into the Vietnamese rock, pop and soul sound of the late 1960s and early 1970s is finally here. Saigon Rock & Soul delivers the goods international retro collectors have been searching for in vain for many years — and it delivers beyond belief. Every song is a mini-masterpiece, be it heavy acid-rock psychedelia, horn- and guitar-drenched funk grooves, or gripping soul ballads reflective of life during wartime. The tracks that form this collection cut a window into a rich musical Vietnamese music scene that has long been obscured, and for the most part, forgotten. As the scope of electrified Vietnamese music from the 1960s and 1970s begins to be revealed, it becomes evident that this was among the heaviest and most eclectic musical scenes of Southeast Asia at the time. These songs tell of war, love and what war does to love. All of them were recorded in makeshift studios and even U.S. army facilities while the Vietnam War raged — and were issued by a handful of Saigon record companies on vinyl 45s and reel or cassette tapes. Westernized forms of music in Vietnam had appeared during the latter 19th century, and especially during the early 20th century, under the influence of the French colonizers. Tan Nhac (trans. “modern music”) always incorporated both domestic and international sounds, and continued to develop alongside Western musical trends. During the 1960s and 1970s, pulp ballads were being recorded by leading crooners of the time who alternated between modern and traditional forms of regional music. When the electric guitar hit the streets of Saigon, Vietnamese renditions of contemporary instrumental trends such as surf-rock, beat and twist soon emerged, followed by some pretty deep soul sounds inspired by Motown radio hits as well as funk grooves brought on by James Brown and his contemporaries. By the mid-1960s, Vietnam had been ravaged by war for years. American G.I.s had become a standard fixture in Saigon, as did many of the cultural artifacts they brought with them. This certainly included the music. The sounds of rock and roll dominated the radio waves, and Saigon nightclubs were teeming with new sounds. Musically, The Shadows and The Ventures soon gave way to The Beatles and The Rolling Stones as an enthusiastic set of young Vietnamese rockers signed on to the lifestyle, always eager to hear the latest musical trends the G.I.s would bring in on LP or tape. This era saw the birth of a vibrant rock scene, yet rock music and anything that came close was commonly referred to as “soul” in the Vietnamese genre-listings. Like many cultures in Asia, Vietnamese music is recorded, marketed, listened to and disposed of in a relatively quick manner. This level of advanced ephemera ensures a degree of difficulty when trying to unearth and discover cultural histories. Literally, most of the music heard here has been brought back from the dead. Artists featured include some of Vietnam’s most popular at the time: Elvis Phuong, Hung Cuong, Mai Lei Huyen, Le Thu, Thai Thanh, Giao Linh, Mai Lei Huyen and the CBC Band. This limited edition 2LP vinyl release features 70 minutes of classic original recordings compiled by Mark Gergis housed in a beautiful full-color gatefold jacket with extensive liner notes.
SSREC 014EP DEN HAAN: De Brandende Haan EP 12″ (SSREC 014EP) 12.00
Den Haan is a slice of hi-NRG/Italo-fueled dancefloor madness. Playing “Burning Cock Theme” in a techno club is what separates DJs from fashion victims. Ridiculously camp yet simply irresistible. “Increase The Beast” is an extended edit of the most effective DJ weapon ever. Animal noise followed by a 4/4 kick with timpani and male whoohaas. “Afterburner” is an edit of their digital-release exclusive cover version of the Dutch classic “Burn It Up (Mr. DJ).” A vocoder-ridden stomper with anthemic traits.
SFR 022EP SIERRA SAM & MARCUS VECTOR: Things You Do EP 12″ (SFR 022EP) 12.00
Sierra Sam & Marcus Vector are the auteurs of industrial techno and this is an eager little package of tracks with a nod to the past, but with its sight set straight to the future. “Gangsta Pimp Style” echoes techno’s birthcity, driving beats and metallic stabs of synths merging with spoken-word rhetoric. “Things You Do” dominates with an ever-present high string note and a classic sensibility. “Flagboy” is a euphoric track featuring vocals from Rockey Washington with piano stabs and cowbells.
TART 011EP BRANDT BRAUER FRICK: Bop/Piano Shakur 12″ (TART 011EP) 12.00
The German acoustic techno trio Brandt Brauer Frick presents their second EP on Tartelet Records. “Piano Shakur” follows a rough and jazzy approach, featuring a minimalistic piano motif accompanied by sloppy drums, vibraphone and a heavy bass. “Bop” is an epic, polyrhythmic monster that goes beyond all description. Check out the video — Kanye West even posted it on his blog. Remix work is by Peter Kremeier aka Losoul — as hypnotic as house music can get.
TA 005RMX-EP TECHNASIA: Force – 10th Anniversary Remix Contest 12″ (TA 005RMX-EP) 12.00
10th anniversary release celebrating the classic Technasia anthem “Force,” originally released in April 2000. On the A-side, Catalan new talent Dosem delivers a full-on brilliant 2010 remix, sure to cause mayhem on the dancefloor. On the B, remix competition winner, Zadig, sends from Paris an elegant and warm-at-heart complete rework of “Force,” delicate yet bursting with vitality.
T 102HLP DEEP PURPLE: Shades Of Deep Purple LP (T 102HLP) 14.00
180 gram exact repro reissue of the band’s debut, recorded in three days in 1968. They cover The Beatles “Help,” Skip James’ “I’m So Glad” and Joe South’s “Hush,” but the winner is a vaguely pre-“Smoke On The Water” song called “Mandrake Root.” According to the back cover: “From outer space comes a plaintive cry; it echoes off the Himalayas and finds its resting place at home.” Right.
T 119HLP DEEP PURPLE: Deep Purple LP (T 119HLP) 14.00
180 gram exact repro reissue, featuring the full insane Hieronymus Bosch cover art. Recorded with the band’s first line-up — lead singer Rod Evans, bassist Nick Simper, organist Jon Lord and guitarist Ritchie Blackmore) — and the IQ-level is at an all time high. Tracks include a cover of Donovan’s “Lalena” (“…done how we thought Donovan might like to have heard it”), “The Painter” (“recorded live; no double tracking”), “April” (“A sort of 3-part concert about the month of April”) and “Fault Line” (“Recorded when we heard that we were going to be in L.A. at earthquake time”). What a bunch of geniuses.
TYPE 062LP ON (REWORKED BY FENNESZ): Something That Has Form And Something That Does Not LP (TYPE 062LP) 18.00
LP version, limited to 500 copies. This is the third album from French composer/producer Sylvain Chauveau and Chicago-based percussionist Steven Hess (Haptic, Pan American) under their On moniker, continuing their excavation of abstracted experimental sounds. As with the previous records, improvisations were recorded in a studio in Chicago and then handed to a guest musician to rework in whichever way they saw fit. This time around, the guest musician is none other than experimental pioneer Christian Fennesz. Christian’s association with the band goes way back — he performed with them in 2004 as a trio, so it seemed almost inevitable that a collaboration would emerge at some point, but this treatment truly takes the notion of collaboration to another place entirely. Unlike Your Naked Ghost Comes Back At Night (TYPE 050CD/LP) (which was handled by dark-ambient master Deathprod), Fennesz has treated the source sounds with a distinct lightness, allowing them to creak and breathe. Occasionally, you can hear the room itself ticking in the foreground — hands on drumsticks and feet on pedals. The sounds become the backbone of the intense, slow-building dronescapes that Fennesz pulls from the original recordings. We are treated to piercing noise as the album opens with a choir of feedback, but the cacophony gradually disperses to allow pulsing harmony and Steven Hess’ propulsive, metronomic drumming. When we close on the blissful near 20-minute “The Sound Of White,” echoes of Fennesz’s best work drifts through the crackle and pulse of Chauveau’s prepared guitar and Hess’ distant percussion. These hypnotic patterns slowly rise and fall, giving the listener time to truly hear each subtle shift. This is not an exercise in easy listening; rather, here is an album that demands close attention, and one where the beauty truly is in the details.
TYPE 071LP KONER, THOMAS: Permafrost LP (TYPE 071LP) 18.00
Vinyl release. Permafrost was originally issued in 1993 and marked the conclusion of Thomas Köner’s epic and influential trilogy which included Nunatak (TYPE 069LP) and Teimo (TYPE 070LP). Darker and even more subdued and minimal than its predecessors, Permafrost was the album which saw Köner truly strip the sound back to the bare essentials; gone were the hints of harmony found in Teimo and the discernable gong sounds of Nunatak. All that remained were the deep, shadowy resonances, roomy ambience and gaseous drones that would become Köner’s calling card in the “dark ambient” genre. Listening to the record almost 20 years after its original release, the most shocking thing is how little it has aged. Its sound is so otherworldly — the creeping low-end rumbles, distant icy tonal blasts and croaking occidental winds — that it contextualizes the record with little else composed. The restraint Köner shows marks him out from his contemporaries and imitators — there are few other records that have used silence (or near silence) so effectively. Quieter passages are employed to enhance the terrifying thrill of the more abrasive, rumbling peaks and the result is a narrative of unfaltering power. For instrumental music, ambient or otherwise, Permafrost is a foundational album. The word “classic” is bandied about all too often these days, but 20 years after it was first released, Permafrost is just as powerful as it ever was, and still absolutely unmatched in the genre. Cut at Berlin’s Dubplates and Mastering. Strictly limited copies only.
VERVE 3086LP PALMER, BRUCE: The Cycle Is Complete LP (VERVE 3086LP) 15.00
After leaving the Buffalo Springfield because of a drug bust, bassist Bruce Palmer released this 1970 solo album for Verve Forecast. Consisting of only four tracks, The Cycle Is Complete seamlessly explores psych, folk and jazz territories to cultivate a sound that now seems decades ahead of its time. Opening track “Alpha – Omega – Apocalypse” features vocals by Rick Matthews (later known as psychedelic soul star Rick James). An exploratory cult classic.
SUFR 003LP WYNDER K. FROG: Superfrog LP (SUFR 003LP) 29.00
“Cool compilation featuring the best tracks from the two Wynder K. Frog studio albums: Sunshine Super Frog (1967) and Out Of The Frying Pan (1968). Top notch Hammond-fuelled mod-soul instrumental grooves by this British musician related to such big names as Spencer Davis Group, Graham Bond and John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers. Including his killer, club-friendly covers of ‘Green Door’, ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’, ‘Hi-Heel sneakers’, ‘Sunshine Superman’.”
WAP 505CD AUTECHRE: Move Of Ten CD (WAP 505CD) 10.00
“On the heels of their most well-received album in several years, Oversteps, experimental electronic music producers Autechre bring an EP of ten all new tracks titled Move of Ten. The EP is released on digipack CD with exquisite packaging design and artwork from legendary UK firm The Designers Republic.”
WPH 009EP LUV JAM: The Pitch Black EP 12″ (WPH 009EP) 12.50
Luv Jam’s minimal but not minimal style of producing is something that has got to grow on you. And grow on WPH it did, and “Black Panther” and “Black Moon” soon followed to complete the EP. But of course WPH could not let the opportunity pass to add a storming San Soda remix, thus firmly linking this release to the rest of the label’s output with this monster of an oldskool house version.
WPH 010EP MARCO & RAOUL LAMBERT, NACHO: The Cinnamon EP 12″ (WPH 010EP) 12.50
The 10th WPH release presents Belgium’s Raoul Lambert aka Raoul Belmans aka half of Swirl People. “Cinnamon Dreams” is a collaboration with Nacho Marco, during which they apparently ate the whole Spanish supply of Belgian “speculoospasta,” a specialty that cannot be translated in English. “Monaco Right Now” sees Lambert taking the raw, slow, disco-infected house vibe to a new level, featuring a very catchy vocal sample. “Delicate” is Nacho Marco’s exercise in deep and slow late-night house music.
WPH GREEN-EP COOPER, TYREE: Get Up (feat. Tony Davis) 12″ (WPH GREEN-EP) 12.50
Chicago’s Tyree Cooper drops some old school hip-house action on WPH’s ultra-limited color series. This will not be repressed. Features Tony Davis.
WER 6718 CAGE, JOHN: Etudes Boreales/Harmonies/10’40.3” CD (WER 6718) 24.00
Friedrich Gauwerky – cello, Mark Knoop – piano. “The enormous technical challenges presented by Cage’s Etudes Boreales demand careful coordination of fingers, instrument and intellect. On this CD, the work is presented twice, in versions for piano solo and for cello and piano. As in its sister works, Etudes Australes and Freeman Etudes, Cage based his composition on a star chart, in this case, one of the northern sky created by Czech astronomer Antonín Becvár in 1962. Apartment House 1776 for four singers and any number of instrumentalists was written for the American bicentennial. It consists of 14 Tunes, 4 Marches, 2 Imitations and 44 Harmonies. On this disc, Friedrich Gauwerky plays his own arrangements for cello and piano of four of the Harmonies.”
WER 6734 VASKS, PETERIS: The Seasons CD (WER 6734) 24.00
“The Seasons (Gadalaiki) is not program music in the classical sense, but rather an expression of feelings. Vasks says, ‘When I first heard Vestard Shimkus playing I instantly understood — he is just the right interpreter. The notes turned into colors, scents, started to breathe, and The Seasons came into being.’ Shimkus’ performance received the Great Latvian Music Award, the highest national distinction in the field of music.”
WER 6853 MUSIKFABRIK: Vom Himmel Zur Hölle (From Heaven To Hell) CD (WER 6853) 24.00
“This new collection from MusikFabrik focuses on three composers’ imaginings of music from heaven or hell. In the Old Testament, the musical praise of God was imagined as an overpowering roar, a concept depicted in Martin Smolka’s ‘Rush (Hour in Celestial Streets).’ Mauricio Kagel’s ‘Orchestrion-Straat’ celebrates a joyous earthly resurrection while Louis Andriessen’s ‘Racconto dall’Inferno’ (‘Tale From Hell’) proposes that hell has a soundtrack, and anyone caught in its repetitive loops will find it difficult to escape.”
XLR8R 134 XLR8R: #134 July/August 2010 MAG (XLR8R 134) 4.99
“Cover: Robert Hood (The minimal master talks Detroit, Africa, and the apocalypse). Features: Actress; Five Star: Ghosts On Tape; Tensnake; Labels We Love (feat. Wolf + Lamb); De Tropix; The LA Beat Scene (feat. Baths, Shlohmo, Dak); Mount Kimbie; Azari & III; Reviews; Bubblin’; In The Studio: Oval; Artist Tips: Diskjokke; Components & Videogames; Vis-Ed: Give Up Art; Outbox: Solvent.” 80 pages.
ZEDD 007CD JOEY NEGRO AND SEAN P.: The Soul Of Disco 2CD (ZEDD 007CD) 17.00
Reissue of a long out-of-print 2005 Z Records fave. Disco got soul! As all fans of the music know, disco was a musical umbrella under which so much was possible. There were no restrictions on style or tempo — it had to have a beat for dancing… other than that, the only other prerequisite was that it had to be DISCO. Its early commercial successes — records by George McCrae, Gloria Gaynor, Disco Tex and Andrea True were as varied as you like, but there’s no denying where their collective heart lay. Towards the late ’70s, disco became a marketing man’s dream and virtually every other musical form received the disco treatment, usually with disastrous results. A dedicated contingent were, however, more interested in the R&B aspects of the music than its Euro leanings and many disco-influenced soul records appeared (mainly from the U.S.) alongside Euro-disco and pop-disco. The northern and modern soul scenes in the UK were generally good for filtering out a certain style of soulful disco. Records favored on these scenes were invariably more song-oriented, with an emphasis on quality vocals. The more soulful and stylish, the better. On The Soul Of Disco, UK crate-diggers Joey Negro and Sean P. uncover some of the lesser-known, but equally deserving tracks from the disco days, with original 12″ versions and some exclusive DJ re-edits by Joey Negro himself. With the exception of one semi-instrumental, the tracks here are largely bound by an accessible earthiness, rawness, funkiness, and, in the case of a few, downright soulfulness. Disco’s influence was such that, of course, it’s still shaping music 30 years after it broke into the mainstream. The Soul Of Disco attempts to shine the spotlight on the less obvious side of the genre, for today’s listeners… and a few first-timers. This collection spans the years 1976-1982, with an R&B slant and more song-based material, and is intended to show that there were a few more sides to one of the last century’s biggest musical phenomena. Tracks by Tenderness, Jesse G, Disco Fox, Eddie Chiba, Aura, Milton Hamilton, Masterforce, Velvet Hammer, Jeany Tracy, Chain Reaction, Eastside Connection, King Tutt, Jahneen, Sandi Havens, Letta Mbulu, The Sparkles, Laura Greene, Natural Order, Mahogany, The New Yorkers, Sargeant And Malone, Zebra, and Le Frank O.
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