The Estonian industrial rock machine Evestus has announced a new EP, 'Post 18 Depression', set for a surprise release March 1st on Syndicol Music. This new EP will see the band taking their music in a new direction from their previous work, embracing a new approach to the song writing and immersing the listener in an atmospheric, aggressive and emotional release. The EP also includes a cover of 'Mad World' by Tears for Fears, made in collaboration with guitarist Matthew Setzer (Skinny Puppy, London After Midnight, Kanga, Ohgr). 

"This is an impulsive and spontaneous release, some things that I just had to get out of my system right now. Everything I've ever released has been with great planning and immense attention to every detail – for once I wanted to just throw something out there that's raw and fresh – unpolished and uncensored. Most of the material is actually written this year. Inspired by my own Post 2018 depression." – Evestus

The new EP is abailable to stream below. This is an exclusive press only streaming. This is a surprise release scheduled for March 1st, so we would appreciate no announcement or reviews of the EP before March 1st. 


Evestus – Everything In Here

Evestus uses unorthodox textures and haunting melodies to glue together layers of broken beats and aggressive distorted vocals, dealing with personal themes of withdrawal, self-destruction and anger.

Intense, emotional and engaging, Evestus takes the stage like every show was his last one.

The last few years have seen international touring with the likes of Ministry and Youth Code, constant work in the studio and taking their music to the international stage with the Eesti Laul Eurovision contest. 2018 saw them signing to Syndicol Music and they are currently working on a new full length album with producer Ade Fenton at the helm.


The band will be bringing their explosive stage show to UK shores next month for a handful of exclusive gigs to promote the new release:

Mar 1st – The Sussex Arms, Tunbridge Wells

Mar 2nd – Renaissance Festival, London

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