July 11, 2019 – Cajun
electronic/industrial bass artist SINthetik Messiah very proudly
announces the release of their new single, "Black Sheep."

"Black Sheep" features the voice of Hart Fortenbery from the
hit SyFy Channel show, "Deep South Paranormal." Mixing and Mastering
was done by Joe Haze (Lords of Acid) and artwork was done by Rob
Walden Design.

For fans of : The Prodigy, Nine Inch Nails &
Rabbit Junk.

Check out "Black Sheep" Ft. Hart Fortenbery

The concept behind the

"Black Sheep" is a term to describe a family member that
just doesn't belong, the one that took a “different

Hart Fortenbery of SyFy Channel's show "Deep South
Paranormal" and Bug Gigabyte have been friends for many years. They
are even known to have both of their bands do back-to-back sets
together at many benefit shows in the south. A while back while
drinking large amounts of whiskey at Hart’s humble abode, the Swamp
Pop Palace, Hart and Bug started discussing the idea of doing a track

The beginning of “Black Sheep” has a snippet of
that very conversation. Musically, with “Black Sheep” Bug Gigabyte
was trying to describe Hart Fortenbery’s life; minimal yet complex
in a way only a shaman can understand.

Bug also wanted to make
the structure, sound design as well as the meaning of the track an
indirect tribute to THE PRODIGY for their recent loss of Keith Flint.
THE PRODIGY has been a major influence to Bug Gigabyte ever since the
beginning of his musical career.


on the bayous of Louisiana, professional sound designer Bug Gigabyte
has been the main composer, producer and sound engineer for SINthetik
Messiah since the very beginning. Bug is known in Louisiana for
creating Industrial Dubstep under his band name, SINthetik Messiah.
Recently, the band was also named as one of the top rock acts in the
Acadiana area{South Louisiana,USA) by The Times of Acadiana in 2019.
SINthetik Messiah has also received radio play throughout the globe on
physical and digital radio stations.


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