Is a Light Within Yourself” is the title of the new debut-EP from
Mathias Hammerstrøm.
The essence of his music lies in its
nostalgic atmosphere, told through his minimalistic lyrical universe
and introvert vocal expression.
Mathias works with distant pads,
murky basslines, and crackling drum beats to create an electronic and
day-dream soundscape on which he introspectively adds his

“I wanted to write an EP about the aftermath of loss,
but I also wanted it to be more like a soothing experience than a sad

Mathias has always been fascinated with exploring and
expanding a mood in his music and no exception on his new EP.
is singing about forgetting yourself, feelings of deficiency, numbness
and ultimately about letting go of the past.

making the music on this EP has been like a therapeutic experience. I
hope it can help someone believe in themselves, to not give up and to
not feel alone.”

Mathias also composes atmospheric
electronica under his alias “Amphior”, having released his
full-length album “Shadowland” on the Dutch label Shipwrec in
September 2017.

“There Is a Light Within Yourself” will be
released May 27th.

1. How Can I Speak
2. My
Face Is Not My Own
3. Hideaway
4. I Never Forgive
5. But I
Don’t Mind
6. There Is a Light Within Yourself

Marc Urselli

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