The female fronted electro pop
act SIN.SIN finally announces a release date for its debut album. The
release is one which many people are looking out for especially after
the extremely well received singless “Fairytronics” and “Black
List”. Especially the latter did ping a lot of interest.

debut album will be titled “Nobody’s Heroine” and will be
released at the end of October and for the quick ones, 2 album tracks
have now been released to wet your appetite. You can listen to the 2
tracks on Bandcamp or via the pre-order link from the band’s label
webstore (Alfa Matrix).

Included are also collaborations with
the Belgian cult act The Breath Of Life (who made such a folk remake
of “Moving Sands”) and a duet with Helalyn Flowers’ vocalist
n0emi Aurora on the siren noir song “Blacklist”.

the project by Kristell L., known for her work as the lead singer of
the goth rock / industrial metal band Lovelorn Dolls. The album was
produced and mixed by producer Maxx of Helalyn


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