December 26, 2019 – Electro-Industrial Act DEAD AGENT
officially announces the release of their new EP, SGT_SLTR_MLN. 
For fans of: Front Line Assembly and The Prodigy

out "Order Disorder" via YouTube

This album was born of a
collaboration between visual artist sgt_slaughtermelon / Matt Wallace
and producer Funkatron / Ed Finkler.

The only vocals on
SGT_SLTR_MLN, from the track “Frentik,” are entirely generated by
computer. The lyrics are adapted from David Berkowitz’s infamous
“Son of Sam” letters.

All music by Funkatron / Ed Finkler.
All artwork by sgt_slaughtermelon / Matt Wallace

"On first
listening to Dead Agent’s new ep SGT_SLTR_MLN, you can hear how the
casual listener could easily slot his driving yet steely sound in with
such bands as God Mod, Grendel and Aesthetic Perfection. But there
are two things Dead Agent has going for him that set him apart from
the rest of the thumping dance-pack. the programming and the fact that
the music is all instrumental.

The sounds unnerving, the
samples unexpected. His sound is future-facing and achingly
contemporary, but he draws from a deeper, earlier well than either
peers or predecessors. His music’s a collision point between Gary
Numan at his darkest and Cassandra Complex at their chilly, driving
“Moscow Idaho” zenith.

SGT_SLTR_MLN goes further though.
From the moment “Order Disorder” creeps in with its haunted beats
hammering away at your temples, to the last elegiac sweep of the hooky
“New Patterns.” Dead Agent’s music enthralls with both teeth
and antennae, its patterns and songs smooth and sleek yet utterly
threatening, like when you’re in the arcade and Stepping Razor’s
hunting you, sirens suddenly closing in". – Jared Louche

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