December 24, 2019 – The
dark electronic band DOGTABLET featuring Jared Louche (CHEMLAB),
Martin King (TEST DEPT.) and Roberto Soave are pleased to announce the
release of their full-length album, Feathers & Skin.

fans of: Coil, Portishead, Pink Floyd, Underworld,

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DOGTABLET’s individual parts
all make sense on their own, but together they should not. Combine the
people involved in Industrial agit-noise disruptors TEST DEPARTMENT
with the baroque-goth figures SHELLEYAN ORPHAN as well as the machine
rock’n’roll pioneers CHEMLAB. Add dashes of THE CURE and some
BEAT GENERATION ghost voices and you’d naturally come out with a
directionless howl of meaningless cacophony.

sound is a rich mixture of thrumming yet down-tempo grooves that
nestle comfortably next to luxurious, grey-skied soundscapes. Their
aching yet driving sounds are never more effective than on their third
album, the newly-released FEATHERS & SKIN. By turns lushly
intimate and brashly sweaty, Martin King and Roberto Soave’s
programming sweeps from delicate to darkly hypnotic, groove-drenched
and disturbed, confidently cycling from threatening to comforting
without missing a beat. Jared Louche, front man for Machine Rock band
CHEMLAB, sings, croons, whispers and shouts throughout much of Feather
And Skin, stretching the boundaries of the music even further with his
whiskey-soaked, Bukowski-Waits-Burroughs delivery.

“Shadowlands”, the opening track’s piano-infused funereal ache,
through the body-positivity chants of “Skin Job” urging you out
onto the sweaty dance floor, straight through to the profoundly
unnerving closing song “Black Hound”, DOGTABLET’s sound blurs
futurist with retro, electronic dance with experimental ambient,
creating a mixture so unsettlingly broad that it defies easy
characterization. With the mellifluous voices of Jenny Bellestar and
Sapphira Vee folded into the expansive mix, DOGTABLET’s Feathers
& Skin is the sound track of heartbreak and laughing catharsis
dancing hand-in-hand at the end of the world.

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