Glitch Mode Recordings is proud to
announce “Tech Noir”, the ninth studio release of Chicago’s part
band, part machine, Cyanotic. The main producer and Science Fiction
superfan, Sean Payne, has been the only constant member of the Band,
and continues the nearly 15 year course of progress offering danceable
chaos and synthetic precision with Tech Noir, a loving tribute to
classic and current cyberpunk/industrial music culture, a nod to the
Tech Noir Film genre and the nightclub featured in The Terminator
Cyanotic continues their genre-bending work, providing
familiarity of past sounds, as Tech Noir offers menacing synths and
cybernated noises in place of guitars. Proven to be adept at
expanding their horizons, Cyanotic has evolved naturally by way of
revived dystopian soundscapes and proper delivery of seasoned and
distorted vocals. The record is a solid mixture of old and new school,
with an effective range of electronic versatility.

The official
release date is September 27, 2017 via Bandcamp at The
album will be available on all other digital platforms within one week
of the initial release. Physical copies of Tech Noir are now available
for preorder at


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