BLOOD RHYTHMS is an ongoing and constantly
morphing collective spearheaded by veteran experimental artist and
Chicago native Arvo Zylo. The unit's new LP, CIVIL WAR began its
conceptual impetus before its vinyl debut, 2014's ASSEMBLY, which was
a layered whale song / locomotive stomp of brass & wind
instruments recorded in a meat locker, released in collaboration with
RRRECORDS. In 2010, after a few years of makeshift group performances
delivering noisy, loop-based industrial drones as a brass ensemble,
and inevitably growing to incorporate a series of damaged synth/junk
metal outings, the group's official debut was met with live
accompaniment from legendary Chicago avant/industrial/gospel giants
ONO. With that, the very beginnings of BLOOD RHYTHMS' new LP, CIVIL
WAR, were set into motion.
From 2010 to 2016, Zylo exhibited
either with BLOOD RHYTHMS or solo, at noise fests, radio stations, or
various venues around the country, themes which evolved exponentially.
Some of these pieces have been performed live close to fifty times,
occasionally with as many as four drummers and a five piece brass
section. Words like “cathartic” and “intense” were regularly
used to describe the often blisteringly loud affairs– with contact
mic'ed heartbeats, aluminum mic'ed masks, sheet metal, belt sanders,
amplified packing tape, and visceral, feedback-laden howls. CIVIL WAR
is a studio culmination of nearly ten years of ongoing work; A
synthesis of Zylo's main focus, and what has come to be referred to by
some as outsider power electronics. The result is something that
retains the meticulousness, nuance, and visionary drive of a reclusive
studio rat, but without relinquishing the rawness and fortitude of a
full group sonic assault.

CIVIL WAR features contributions
from Bruce Lamont (Yakuza, Bloodiest, Corrections House), Mike Weis
(Zelienople, Kwaidan), Wyatt Howland (Skin Graft, Blackfire, Nevari
Butchers), B. Zimimay (T.O.M.B., Dreadlords), Dave Phillips
(Schimpfluch Gruppe, Fear of God), Michael Krause (Death Factory),
Daniel Burke (Illusion of Safety), and Richard Syska (Secret Means of
Escape, Dummy Antenna). It comes on 180 gram vinyl, and there are
standard editions in black, or special editions both with opaque red
vinyl or metallic silver ripple vinyl. It is housed in a thick
gatefold jacket with a full varnish finish, and special editions come
with a 44 page art booklet which includes collaborative contributions
from collage artist Bradley Kokay, and rogue taxidermist Sarina
Brewer. Recorded mainly (initially) at Minbal, Chicago by Brian
Sulpizio (Health & Beauty), and mastered by James Plotkin
(Khanate, Khlyst, NAMANAX). Seven tracks, 38 minutes. Track A3 not for
airplay. Edition of 500 copies: 350 black vinyl (180g), 100 opaque red
vinyl (180g), 50 silver ripple vinyl (140g). Silver copies come with a
unique piece of art.
No download code. No digital.

Marc Urselli
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